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This topic includes questions about all the drama about teen dating and questions about how to deal with your feelings, such as falling in love with your best friend, good dating skills, and more.
Give her small hints, make sure you are comfortable too. If you are  shy and just cannot say it straight up write her a cute note.
just go for it tell her how you feel and go with the flow
bring roses...or w/e her favorite flower is! show up at her door like prince charming. she wont think its stalking...it will be really romantic <3
Well, your not right? so just prove that to her! be extraa sweet and do some charity work...ask her to help you :) and dont go to jail
Even if a muslim boy did like you in school, he is unable to act upon it due to religious restraints.
it can mean either you really like him or u might becoming desperate, try not to do that as much and if it starts to get worse, talk to your friends about it or even, maybe talk to ur bf about it.
yes, it probably means he is attracted to you. if you have the same  feeling with him, just give him a sign to see what will happen  next.
Well I'm 19 and honestly spending time with my girlfriend is one ofthe greatest gifts of all but I know you want actual gift ideas soI can't tell you exactly what to get him because I dont know himbut evaluate his interests, what he likes, cars, anime, obey hats,etc. and get him something that...
The boy probably wants reassurance that you like him. He probably doesn't have much confidence in himself. He thinks you're too good for him. You should be flattered if anything. If he asks you why you touched him say "I like you and I want to be closer to you." He'll usually like that.
Whether this mate of yours is a guy or a girl I wouldn't care.  What matters is he is with YOU, not your mates. 
You wouldn't know because he's hiding it lol. If the guy likes you, you'd usually catch him looking at you, then you exchange waves, and you look down only to see him still kind of staring. Try watching him from the corner of your eye next time(without being obvious) because chances are, he's...
You have to do things and take risks to see if you really like him like that much. You need to know him like in talking and communication. Watch to see if he makes moves on you and also see if you two have the same hobbies and interests. One of you will ask each other out probably and remember...
Well, technically its bad. But you should wait a while to see where things lead up to. Maybe things can be fixed but if you see that nothing seems to change then its best to walk away from the relationship. Remember you cant force anyone to be with someone they dont love.
your 14 you shouldn't get married even if he got you pregnant
He is probably nervous (: its okay though. just kisss him already!!!!! <3333333
by saing nice things about him in the love note and saing stuff how u feel about him and it depends how old u are and tall are u   Answer   You don't. You just enjoy hanging out together and let your friendship deepen. You could invite him over or out with your family for pizza or something...
Well, if you like reading, pick something from a book. Or, you could use a name like Sheyanna, or something.
It doesn't mean anything, it just means that you have hormones and maybe you think the person is hot. Liking someone else, or being in a relationship with someone else, doesn't mean that your hormones shut down, it means that you like the other person so much more that you don't act on your hormones...
Some do, some don't. I personally don't, but I've seen guys with ponytails with girlfriends, so someone must obviously be attracted to that.
if we stare at a girls lips, it means that we either like them and they look juicy like we want to kiss you or they are chapped or something and were like uhh ew.i hope i helped
…u shouldn't be asking that on here if ur ready for that sure  that's ur descisio not ours
Well that's a tuff one but really shes happy know with her boyfriend so what you should do is be her friend and then when they break up you can ask her out like nothing ever happened before. But if she doesnt want to be friends then just fry to be nice to her no matter what happens
Honestly, there is no ACTUAL way you can convince a girl to like you. All you can do is be yourself and just wait. There is someone out there that likes you for you. If you act as someone that you're not, then that relation will be a fake.
who said you couldn't i know an 11 year old who dates so im pretty sure a 14 year old can!
Now in days no one wants to be seen as scary, everybody has some thing to prove to one another. In these cases its best to walk away from a fight in order to live to see another day. If that person wants to fight you tell someone: principal, parent, police, ect. whoever it takes to get that person...
He's probably wanting to kiss you, Dopey. He may just be thinking about how good that lip gloss would look on him. Either way try the first, if that isn't it, then you may want to gift wrap him some make up, pick out a pretty dress for him, and make your next date a night out at ye ol Chip and Dales...
well you say how are you and if she ignores you comment her on shoes or purse and walk away then she'll come over and say you just commented me on my purse/shoes and just walked away? then you will say yeah then say do you want to go out sometime? if that doesn't work then say what you really feel...
date rape. And I suggest you tell your parents and report this to the police.
He is probably getting tired of you because you are not doing the things he likes. Try doing something new or ask him what he likes.
I have a boyfriend and there are guys who want me. There are girls who want my boyfriend. Our relationship is strong enough that, while we can't help but be a little worried that the other has options, we're still together and don't even consider those other people. If you're that interested in the...
The pokemon move. ( It's super effective)
They should be, but not everyone treats them equally.
That's something you'll have to decide for yourself. And depending on the type of girl she is, but if you two have been close then go for it. Go slowly though, go about 90% of the way and let her decide if she wants to go the rest of the 10. That way it gives her a choice.
You don't. Get a new one. Or be cheesy and say "This will be my heart if you say you won't be mine."
If you aren't sure who to date, tell the person your going out with that you need a little time to yourself or that you aren't sure about going out with him. In other words take a little time off from your relationship. Then get to know this other guy. If you like the other one better after you've...
You never really know when he will ask you out until he actually asks you. If you want to go out with him and are getting impatient, then you ask him. He will probably think that you are very confidant with yourself and admire you for it.
you could maybe get him something like his favorite candy or something something simple but it still lets him know you care(:
well you just dont tell your parents any thing and go on a date at school like go out side school and kiss or talk or something but you still should not do it
"Smash" is a slang term for showing you a good time sexually. This  could be a good or bad thing depending on the person.
he is probably either looking at your test and trying to get some answers, or he likes you, or he's just daydreaming maybe. when a guy looks at you in that situation don't jump at it and thin "OH he likes me"! A guy likes you if he: stares at you, smiles to you alot, looks at you in the hallways at...
im there. wait honey. depending on how close he is to your brother it could ruin his relationship with him...you would hate it if you and your best friend fought..brother are overly protective and if his mate goes out with his little sis..and he know thatt his mate is touching her/hooking up and...
  == Go for it!! ==   If she likes you then you should talk to her cause if your shy then she is probably more shy then you and forget about your friends cause if it ends up working out then your friends will think of you as a god and if it doesn't then they should still think that it was...
dont do it, stay strong and dont fall into pure pressure.
Hun, you don't have to be skinny to get a boyfriend.. just try and find a guy who likes you no matter what your weight is. He's not worth your time if all he cares about is whether your skinny or not.
i really dont see the connection unless of coz u slept with him or sumthin! Did u?
Could be anywhere around 12 or even in your mid teens; it really depends on how fast you mature.
  It was to Mizner Park (town center) and we ate, sat by the fountain, stayed out late. My date wasn't offensive ...in fact they were emotional and romantique.
it means that you don't really have any feelings for your current boyfriend if you don't inform your current boy Friend of this guys advances towards you .... it also means that this guy really likes you if he is willing to possibly take a beating from your current boy Friend or he just likes the...
It's best to establish an acquaintance before actually taking the plunge and letting him know. That way he will at least know your name and not be freaked out at a proclamation of admiration from a random.tell him when you think he might like you and when you have a good friendship before you try to...
She might get a bit fidgety when you're near her, try to show off, look really interested in what you have to say
tell your friend how you feel an let your friend know that your  still supporting his first girlfriend an him
Make sure all of your dates are outside his home. Be his friend and allow him to talk to you and you be a good listener. Offer him emotional ties outside the home. But be aware that he will almost certainly always have a close connection to his mother. Remember if you make him chose, you most likely...
Not much you you can do at the moment except for accept the fact that he's taken. If he decides that he likes you more than the girl he's with, then great; just don't try to make them their break up or it could all end in tears.
They would usually mess with girls that don't like them because...a) They like the girl and are trying to hint that to them, but boys aren't very good flirters so you will have to try and guess or...b) They are obnoxious twirps and are full of themselves so are trying to get the prettiest girlfriend...
If you have an amazing friendship, you could tell her how you feel. She may get what you are saying and dump her boyfriend, on the other hand you could be mean and start dating someone who would make her jelous, then she would probably come springing back. You could take her to a special place such...
Talk to your friend and tell her how you feel about him/her. If she/he is not to upset about it, ask the boy/girl. If he/she say's YES good on you!
Im pretty sure it means that he still has a crush on you and is quite shy in front of his friends or other people incase they make fun of him. He may be waiting for you to ask him out if you aren't already going out, he may even be building up courage to ask you out. If its really annoying you you...
From a chemical Point of view: Men have much more raging hormones like testosterone which induce these traits in character. From an evolutionary point of view: Women were born to choose the best man to give them the best offspring while men were born to inseminate as much women as possible (that's...
It may depend. Is it just a little crush, or is it "love"? If he likes you back, there is no reason that you shouldn't be together, although you must think about your best friend's feelings. He or she could find it awkward, feel happy for you, or be totally ticked off at you, but no matter what...
Kissing, well a first kiss, is something that is very special to one. Especially girls, which they tend to remember for the rest of their life. Some teenagers say that when they kiss the one they like it feel sparks and feel awesome inside.
We are different then guys I don't know why we are just more sensitive. We're more mean and tough than guys (believe it or not) but don't hurt us...we can get mad very easily. Or sad. Sensitive=girls. People with no hearts=guys.
If he knows and your still attracted to him just chat to him on  facebook or something, get to know him a bit more and he may start  to have an interest in you, or he may do all ready, you never know  until you speak to him. You could speak to him in person about it  however i would try to get...
  == Answer ==   Good luck man you're going to need it. a couple of weeks and she still hasn't given you an answer. are you sure you're in love with this one? It seems like she might not be returning the feelings. If she hasn't said yes yet, that means she probably never will. But if you want...
the best characteristic is to be confident and love yourself and not care what other people say that are mean to you.... just dont get self centered
The first step of any relationship is interests find a commoninterest between the two of you. Plan to do something involvingthat interest with current friends and ask him/her if they'd liketo join if they do then great and if not you still get to hang outwith your friends doing something you enjoy!
  Maybe just start smiling at her and saying "hi." If she smiles back, maybe start a small conversation with her. Ask if she wants to go to Starbucks after school one day with you to do homework or something. See if you click.
Well, once girls and boys grow up, in their jobs the will need to be with different genders. So if you start them early, they will get used to it a lot easier.
It depends how close you are to your friend and don't worry about it! :)
OMG you guys are totally in love maybe you don't have sports in common but I'm sure you have lots of other things in common once you get the guts talk to her more then if your heart tells you to ask her out the next week
The only way a girl can get pregnant is if the boy ejaculates inside the girl's vagina and the little sperm finds its way into an egg of hers. Don't be silly.
Well Tbh If Your Ex Truley Loved You And You Truley Loved Him Then Your Always Going To Have Some Sort Of Feelings For Him? May Not Be Love But Still Something , Right?Why Do You Ask Such A Question? - Only You Will Know If You Still Love Eachother? My Ex Hates The F*** Out Of Me, Telling Me To Die...
Oh, yes. In fact, when I was in sixth grade, I had a huge crush on an eighth grader. I'm in seventh now, and my bff has a crush on an eighth grader (who likes her back, we think :D!!!!!!!!!)
Yes of course :) dimples are wonderful and acne is normal !
The perfect time of the year to ask this question! With Valentines day approaching you should probably ask her to be your Valentine.Be brave, take the risk. Girls like that quality in guys,even if she rejects,atleast you started talking to her and will later take it on day by day,step by step.
From original answer: Yes, she is a minor so her parents have the right to allow and not allow her to do certain things.
let him pick it he might pick his friend but when he does never talk to him that let you know he never liked he just lied if he picks you u will know he is the one for you an will hopfuly be with you for the rest of your life
This phrase is one of two family mottos for the O'Connor name. Its often seen on coats of arms written in different ways ("ah" or "an" instead of "aon", "cabhair" or "chaibhair" etc.). The original is "O Dhia gach aon c(h)abhair" The one in Latin is "nec timeo nec sperno" and translates as "I...
1 get close to the person2 hold them3 look them in the eyes4 lean in (slowly turning ur head)5 and i guess u no the rest☺☺☺
  == Answer ==   Just be yourself!  People can tell when you are being fake.  Being yourself is much more attractive.
you could tell if she's getting touchy and super flirty and just checking you out big time
you keep in touch talk send gifts to each other and just do that and send email messages send each other video messages or use webcams or stuff like that.
Well just TALK to her find out if she likes you back but before that make sure you know it wont ruin your friend relationship
  Ok i hav the same prob the BEST and absolute thing to do, trust me on this, is to ask her out. TRUST ME no matter who u r or wat u look like she will say yes! I promise u she will im a girl whos dated many guys and so i kno wat its like to b at the bottom and the top and no matter wat u look...
have sex with him and then after you guys are all sweaty and making out, tell him that you guys are not going out no matter what. then he will really want to be with you and he wont be interested in anybody else.
An 11-yr old girl is in an age between still being a girl, and becoming a teen. Many girls this age would like:A hand-made or store bought card.A teddy bear or other soft "huggable".A stuffed-animal with "Valentine Heart" attached, such as a bear squeezing a Valentine heart.Costume jewelry, such as...
The best thing to give a friend to make him or her like you, is something that he or her like best. If you are referring to a emotional kind of thing, then give him or her a kiss, or a hug. If you are referring to a object kind of thing, get him or her that you know they will enjoy.
if your ready to take it to the next step: i love you if your not ready to take it to the next step: bye. see you tommorrow. can't wait(sometimes)
I know it sounds stuck up but what most guys looks for first is appearance. Pretty girls get boy friends quite easily. Then when you go out for a date you need to show them that you are interesting and you have cool hobbies, that you are kind, you and fairly intelligent and have a great personality....
No not at all in less it is in a good way like betting on you saying your the prettiest girl in the room?