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The first rules governing English football were codified in 1863. Considered football’s home, England’s rich football heritage includes the establishment of the world’s first football club (Gymnastics Society of London) and the oldest knockout competition (the FA Cup).


2 times. They won it in 1950-51 and 1960-61 seasons.
MICHAEL Owen was born in Manchester he doesn't support man u or man city he supports Liverpool! and he said he always has if u don't believe me there's a video on youtube where he says it! Don't know about a Mark Owen
It can hold , that is stamford Bridge , about 54 thousand people.
For there hobby take the example of david bekham
hi...... ronaldo how ar u? my name is cristianojames ok thank you bye
There is high possibility of Nottingham forest getting promotion to  the premiership at the end of the season
In English football the record is shared by Roy McDonough and Steve  Walsh which is 13 red cards. Not sure internationally though.
landon donavon is playing for la galaxy he retires at the end of  the season.
It got over 3 years ago
after the january transfer window
Financially they are in a big mess, with huge debts.
Yes, of course you can wear your 3D glasses but you have to do a little bit of work before that. Simple just call up James Cameroon and ask him to convert the game from 2D to 3D then telecast it on TV. Then what, wear your 3D glass and enjoy the arsenal vs Man u game in 3D.. all d best..
No. He Is 59. He was born on November 30,1955.
Paul Gascoigne was born in Newcastle and managed kettering fc for  over ten years
Use iSoccer to get down your touch then try stopovers, scissors,  the Croife, and Pullbacks. Even come up with a few of your own!  Good luck little prodigy! :)
2 years ago against man united 
Former Liverpool player Luis Garcia joined Spanish team Racing de Santander on 11-Aug-2009. As at 4-Feb-2010 he had made 8 appearances.
Yes Paul gascoigne has retired long ago.He played in the 1990 world cup in Italy.
The current Leeds United manager is Simon Grayson.
 Raheem Sterling, Liverpool   Nacer Chadli, Tottenham Hotspur   Diego Costa, Chelsea-2 weeks in a row   Frank Lampard, Manchester City   Edin Dzeko, Manchester City   David De Gea,Manchester United   Sergio Aguero, Manchester City   
1955, they won the FA Cup over Manchester City. They also won the  Championship (division 1) in 2009/2010 but most Newcastle fans  don't count that as we shouldn't have been relegated so ;-)
Alan Shearer Andy ColeRobbie FowlerTeddy SheringhamLez FerdinandMichael OwenJimmy Floyd HasselbainkDwight YorkRobbie KeaneFrank LampardIan WrightDion DublinEmile HeskyMatt Le TisserThierry HenryRyan GiggsWayne RooneyNicolas Anelka
£125.000 one hundred and twenty five thousand pound A WEEK.
The current captain of Liverpool FC is Steven Gerrard.
its unlikely but it is a possibility he will more than likely either stay at Liverpool or go to Chelsea
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u search recent clubs he has been with (which might only be  Manchester united) and click on full squad
He has a son called Zac and a daughter called Liberty!
Any channel in your living country
Christian Abbiati, Demetrio Albertini, Mohammed Datti Aliyu, Massimo Ambrosini, Roberto Fabian Ayala, Ibrahim Ba, Oliver Bierhoff, Zvonimir Boban, Francesco Coco, Alessandro Costacurta, André Cruz, Roberto Donadoni, Maurizio Ganz, Federico Giunti, Andres Guglielminpietro, Thomas Helveg, Jens...
a lot have scored more than 20. Some soccer players have been  playing for like 18 years at the most and if a striker who has been  playing for 18 years hasn't scored more than 20 goals, he must suck  big time. And u swallow.
Fernando Torres signed as a professional footballer with Atlético Madrid in 1999 when he was aged 15. His first appearance for the full team was on 27-May-2001 when he was 17.
Port Vale and Stoke have met a total of 51 times in their history. There have been 17 draws, Stoke have won 19 and Port Vale have won 15.
His first buy was Josemi from Malaga for £2,000,000 on 26th July  2004. He was a defender who made his debut in the champions league  against Grazer AK on 10th August 2004. He made 35 appearances for  the club scoring 0 goals.
Chelsea and England Captain John Terry used a "super injunction" to prevent publication of stories about his affair with the girlfriend of his team mate.
  == Wembley Finals ==   Yes, it can. FIFA have to choose it as a designated venue but Wembley will be able to hold all major Association Football games - Champions League Final, World Cup Final, etc.
The league generates approx 2.2 billion pounds yearly.
Yes Michael Owen does play for Manchester United,he joined them from NewCastle united on a free transfer.
If you are asking about his shoe size then it should be number 9.
It was built in 1880 when football was first played there.  Newcastle United FC moved there in 1892. it was expanded between  1998-2000 from 36,610 to 52,405.
Liverpool is the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom with area around 43.2 sq mi (111.84 km2)
Arsenal won 1997-1998 season. Manchester United won the 1998-1999 season.
Manchester United . England . 1998-99 . Premier League , FACup , UEFA ChampionsLeague . Barcelona . Spain. 2008-09 . LaLiga , Copa del Rey , UEFA ChampionsLeague . Internazionale . Italy. 2009-10 . Serie A , CoppaItalia , UEFA ChampionsLeague . Bayern Munich . Germany. 2012-13 . Bundesliga , ...
if you mean which players sell the most jerseys, then they are Van  Persie, Rooney, Di Maria, and Falcao
John Barnes, Sir Alex Fergusan, Kenny Dalglish, Greame Souness,  Hanrik Larson
chelsea has played 43 matches and won 14 and lost 13 and drawn 16
Chelsea has played 43 matches and won 14 and lost 13 and drawn 16  against the Man U
van persie, agerio, kane, rooney,mcgeady,oscar,yaya toure,david  luiz when he played for chelesa
  They won it for the first time in the 1929-30 season. they beat huddersfield town
Launched in 1888 by the The Football Association as the Football  League, the competition gave way in 1992 to the Premier League,  whose official name is the Barclays Premier League since 2004.
Manchester United has won thrice the league titles 1998-2001 and  2006-2009
  il joue au football pour Manchester United 
I know 3 player : Mark Hughes , Pique and Cruyff
Peter Schmeichel (Aston Villa vs Everton) Brad Friedel (Blackburn vs Charlton) & Paul Robinson (Tottenham vs Watford)
well it depends which part you live. The major ie big club team choices are : Aston Villa Westbromich Albion Birmingham City I say you should support Aston villa but I'm a little bit biost