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Slavery is the practice of taking ownership of another human being. All questions about slavery in history, the effects of slavery, or slavery in the modern world can be asked here.
You could say that the Romans had slaves since they came into existence. Slavery is as old as mankind and every civilization, both ancient and modern had slaves. The Romans along with other ancient peoples had a slave based economy and many aspects of civilization are due to not only a slave's...
Granville Sharp (10 November 1735 - 6 July 1813) was one of  the first English campaigners for the abolition of slave trade. He  also involved himself in trying to correct other social injustices.  Sharp formulated the plan to settle blacks in Sierra leone, and  founded the St.George's Bay...
Late 1960's black people where given equality by the Jim Crow laws banning segregation (or separation of race) although the slaves were released long before this sadly they where free but still treated like a load or sh#% for another hundred so years
The concept of reparations can be traced back at least to James  Monroe's effort to repatriate freed slaves in Africa, which created  the country of Liberia, starting in 1816.
Many of the poor Irish emigrants protested the proclamation,  leading to riots when the Union instituted the draft. It gave the  Union the moral high ground so that: diplomatically, it prevented  England, France, and Spain from recognizing The Confederacy as a  sovereign nation, preventing them...
Slavery exist in the U.S since the mid 1600s .   NEW RESPONDENT.   The first twenty Black slaves were brought in Virginia by a Dutch  privateer in August of the year 1619.
Because the conditions were so brutal and European diseases so  virulent that native American populations were decimated. The  Spanish and Portuguese turned to Africans who were much more  resistant to these viruses and conditions.
From the Scottish plantation (and slave) owners.
Slaves started the underground railroad to help slaves escape from slavery. It was a step towards rebelling. The underground railroad consisted of safe houses where escaping slaves could hide and earn money until a safe time to hopefully go back home.
slaves begin with black people cuz white people didint like them and they were force to work.
Much of the economy of the early US, especially the southern states, depended on slavery.
Basically he he made the decision that apartheid needed to be reformed, he dismantled petty apartheid laws and then announced the end of apartheid altogether. He released leaders of the black resistance, including Nelson Mandela. In addition, he signed the Pretoria Minote.
"If you try hard enough, you can succeed in anything." I Found This In A Biography
They were used to make money for their owners.
kill them all so they don't need to be slaves.
Abolitionists were worried that the Emancipation Proclamation was  nothing more than a war measure. They feared it would carry no  weight after the American Civil War ended.
his challenges are he was a slave   
If you mean from the TV show-Queens, NY
The Middle Passage − straight from Wikipedia
Yes there was slavery in Panama. The Spanish tried first with thenative Americans which was not too successful. Then they boughtAfricans for slaves. The Africans that ran away from their masterswere called Cimarrons. The Cimarrons helped Sir Francis Drake stealgold from the Spanish.
~One reason is that they felt it was morally wrong.~Another is they thought it was their religious duty.~And lastly they believed it went against the goal of the republic (liberty and equality for all).
All such codes became null and void with the ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865, although many southern states adopted "Black Codes" to keep former slaves from voting and imposed other restrictions. These were eliminated with the 14th and 15th Amendments.
Lincoln was actually for slavery for a while. He didn't really care much about slavery problems until the early 1860s. I think he either changed his mind or he thought it would be good for his next election.
Shackles, chains, and torture.
When southern plantation owners had more fields and more land they needed people to help work in them which is where slaves came into be. It all was from the triangular trade and the slaves came here to work on the plantations. The reason they chose the slaves to work was because they were basically...
Instead of correcting this I will just add on slavery dates back to prehistoric man the Jews where slaves in Egypt which surley predates 1400 BC or AD not sure what this fellow above me was on probley a black fellow no disrespect indented. Every culture has been impacted in one way or another by...
This is the one I learned that slave owners would say "Blacks are  animals, you don't treat animals the same way you treat humans," I  just can't even comprehend how immoral and cruel slave owners were.
No they didn't, Eh?"Yes" Canada did have slavery which they ended sometime in the 1830's. Canada used both African Americans as slaves and Aborigines as slaves.
To get money, muscles,ladies etc.
frederick douglass tought himself
virginia and west virginia were early homes of booker t waswhington
Because some people were too lazy to do their own work and so they make an African American slave do it for them.
First of all use the past tense, Mr. Douglass died a long time ago. He was an ex-slave and was extremely active in the Abolitionist cause. It might be a rational conclusion that as he opposed slavery- which horrifically upset family life in the normal sense ( children were kidnapped or slavenapped...
  Slavery is a social-economic system under which certain persons - known as slaves - are deprived of personal freedom and compelled to work. Most of us likely assume that slavery is a thing of the past-a horrific institution that died along with the soldiers of the Civil War whose sacrifice...
There is only one recorded instance in Canadian history of the law failing a Black refugee in the case of escaped slave, Archy Lanton. In 1856, two Canadian magistrates cooperated with US officials in his secret capture and transportation back to his owner. Both Canadians were immediately dismissed...
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Kandake Amanirenas, Was A Nuba Queen of Meroe. She is best known for defeating the Romans after a series of broken treaties, and difficult battles, one of which caused her to lose her sight in one eye.
Life for American slaves was harsh, cruel , And horrible
A few short years after Columbus discovered America (In 1441, the first slaves were brought to Portugal from northern Mauritania.)
The Thirteenth Amendment to the US constitution abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as a criminal punishment. There is a link to an article on the Thirteenth Amendment below.
Uncle Tom's Cabin was important because it helped people see that slavery was a problem. This book also was a cause of the civil war
His hobbies were teaching, being an author and poet and, standingup for slaves.
The 13th amendment to the US Constitution was ratified by a majority of states December 6, 1865.
Throughout the antebellum period, there was a tendency for the  ownership of slaves to become increasingly concentrated. The  antebellum period refers to the period before the American Civil  War.
Slaves learned hymns and embedded codes in the hymns to communicated without arousing the suspicion of the slave masters.
William Lloyd Garrison,Harriet Tubman,and Isabella Sojourner Truth.
To escape from there owners and be free.
there names were cherly-ann-mathis and her dad was tysen mathis
  Abraham Lincoln, he didnt want to end it, but then again he just didnt want it to spread any further west than it had, for the fact that colonists did not want there agriculture and industry to soley depend upon slave labor.
European Imperialism played a horrifying role in Africa. When  Europe discovered Africa's mineral wealth, they enslaved the  peoples, believing themselves better.
In 1619, there were black servants brought from Africa into the colonies, but it is not known whether these were actually slaves. By 1650, though, there were definite shipments of slaves coming into the colonies.   and thet were brought to a place called Jamestown
Well actually the arrival of the Europeans was the main reason but in the 1440's the Bantu raids of neighboring villages was one of the second reasons.
They were Killed By getting beaten to death
He died from being 2 old and stress
In 1619, a Dutch ship tied up at the colony of Jamestown in Virginia. The captain paid for some tobacco it took aboard with about 20 black African captives. The "slaves" were probably seized as a prize from a slave trader bound for the Spanish West Indies. The popular theory has been that the blacks...
Father Serra found 9 missions.
The young white boys who help teach Frederick to read all believed  it was unfair that he would be enslaved for life while they would  be free. He was able to get reading lessons from these boys. For  some, it was the payment of a biscuit that inspired them to help.  For others, the simple joy...
The most positive effects of British colonial rule would have been  the protection which was afforded a colony of Great Britain. When  British colonists were being attacked by Native tribes and the  French, the British came to battle in North America. While it might  have been easy to attack a...
no he was a slave. he was smart though so he researched alot
slave owners often wore black or gray pants, a white or blue shirt with a overcoat matching there pants and some wore top hats and bow ties
The "Middle Passage" refers to the trade routes from West Africa to  the Caribbean, South America, and the southern United States that  ships took to transport Africans as slaves for sale away from their  homes. The Middle Passage is one of the most brutal and disgusting  stories in human misery...
They wore sandals or wooden clogs if they had a generous owner and went barefoot if their owner was a harsh master.
Guion Bluford nick name was Guy
Slavery ended because enslaved people and their allies continued to  rebel against it, through uprisings, underground railroads, maroon  communities, work slowdowns, building up the abolitionist movement,  and making it politically and economically unsound to allow it to  continue.
Slavery made all crops MORE profitable. If you're talking about America, slaves were brought to the Caribbean to cut sugar cane in droves. This is probably the biggest crop using most slaves initially. Cotton became a big slave labor driven industry in the 19th century for several reasons. However,...
Slavery was abolished in Britain in 1807. It was declared illegal  in France in 1794, Portugal banned it in 1624 and Spain outlawed  slavery in 1542.
He went to a school called GB Armstrong school
Stowe presented African Americans as real people imprisoned in dreadful circumstances.
The people in the north were against slavery and the people in the south supported it, but only because others just blamed them they had to defend themselves, therefore, not truly being against it and pulling themselves deeper.
The economics of the 13 original American colonies was thedriving element as to why the colonies were different. In theSouthern colonies, agriculture and slave labor was the drivingelement for example as to why this was so different than New York.In New York, a seaport city with international trade...
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fredrick douglas, john brown, harriet tubman
Slavery is banned in South Africa