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Includes questions related to forming words using the first letters of names and words, such as IRS for the Internal Revenue Service; also includes shortened forms of various words, terms and phrases.
The most likely cause is a stopped up fuel filter. Replace it and if that doesn't do it, check the fuel pump preasure. If ok, it could be a stopped up cat convertor.
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BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series.
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It stands for "athlete." It is used in college football when recruiting - and before they have decided on a position for the player.
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No. One theory is that the word "golf" actually comes from the dutch word "kolf" meaning "club". The idea that the game of golf is derived from "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden" is an urban legend. The word "golf" first appeared in the 15th century. There are several theories as to where it came …
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Allen & Wright Root Beer
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It could be any of a number of things, depending on your context; National Geographic Channel, National Guideline Clearinghouse, National Gallery of Canada, National Graduate Caucus, Spiral Galaxy NCG-4565, New general catalogue, New Generation Computing Inc., Northrop Grumman Corporation...and many…
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General Services Administration, if you mean the GSA of the U.S. Federal government. http://www.gsa.gov/graphics/staffoffices/GSA_OrgChart.pdf Or if you are referring to the Travel industry it means General Sales Agent or Gay Straight Alliance
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%REPLIES% Answer Female Pipe Thread? Answer FPT = Female Pipe Thread MPT = Male Pipe Thread Answer also seen as FIPT and MIPT (female iron pipe thread and male iron pipe thread).
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Ideas from Answers contributors: Some possibilities are entry level office type jobs in accounting, human resources, customer service, sales, reception, or as an administrative assistant. Your degree will get you in the door of many large companies. Remember it boils down to what you want to do p…
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in PAWS stands for Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. It covers a wide range of symptoms that can continue for up to two years in alcoholics and addicts. It should not be confused with Acute Withdrawal, which is over in roughly 72 - 96 hours, and can be immediately dangerous if not life-threatening in…
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HVAC means Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning. HVAC is widely known as climate control today. This system is employed in skyscrapers, office spaces and widely used in marine systems where the temperature and humidity has to be maintained at a constant level
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In the US, when it is obviously refering to US currency, it is written simply $1000. When there is any possibility that it is in another countries dollars, it is usually $1000 US and I have seen financial documents written elsewhere in which it is written as 1000 USD (apparently their keyboard does …
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It means Standards of Learning
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The abbreviation "SS" S.S. in front of the name of a ship stands for Steamship.SS is often used in the US as an abbreviation for social security.SS in the context of the Holocaust and World War 2 stands for Schutzstaffel which, translated literally, means Protective Squad. (Orginally, it provided b…
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It depends how it is used. In education, K-6 is pronounced "K through six" and means kindergarten through the sixth grade. It is always spelled with a dash. K6 with no dash can mean Highway 6 in Kansas, or the K6 pipe (geological formation) in Canada. It could be a type of heavy machine gun used i…
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Yes, the US IS what the people make of it, that is the whole point, the founding fathers intended to create a system sufficiently stable, yet surprisingly flexible fully understanding that time brings change.
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EPS stands for "Encapsulated PostScript" PostScript is basically a programming language that can define how information can appear on a printed page or on a computer screen. An "Encapsulated" postscript file basically contains enough information to make itself a self contained file that can be incl…
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PS/2 is the common name for PlayStation 2, the game console.  PS/2 is a small round port that many keyboards and mice use to connect to computers.Actually a ps2 is a thing that you play on with different
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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It most commonly uses ports 20 and 21. FTP is usually used to send files from computers to hosting webservers when creating a website. It can also be used as a means of "downloading" files from other servers. FTP is sometimes used to send files from one compute…
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Answer In context of Microsoft Windows NTFS, ADS stands for "Alternate Data Streams". Please google this phrase for more explaination.but i can tell you get from haveing sex that alrady has ads.
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What is OEM? What is an OEM product? What does OEM mean? Why buy OEM? OEM generally means "original equipment manufacturer." Sometimes it is referred to as "bulk packed", "white box", "brown box" and "gray market". Almost all PC component and software vendors make two versions of the same product b…
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The heart is closest to the brain, so when we walk it takes longer for the blood to get to our legs (that's why we exercise) and when we stand on our head the blood basically gushes to the brain. Your brain is saying "Whoa, what the heck is that!" Actually, it's healthy to stand on your head (in a Y…
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FSB stands for front side bus. It's the "information highway" between the CPU and the other hardware components, like the hard drive. It's bi-directional, too.--Acronym Definition FSB Front-Side Bus FSB Federation of Small Businesses (UK) FSB Federal Savings Bank FSB Financial Services Board (So…
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I went through the same thing..i talked to my husband and let him know that i didnt like it...now he has cut back smoking and whenever he does smoke he knows he has to brush his teeth before getting near me...but lately he just takes a showers after smoking because he knows i cant stand the smell of…
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At that time the Germans often created words (acronyms of sorts) based on syllables. Gestapo stands for 'Geheimne Staatspolizei', which means 'Secret State Police', if translated literally. It was founded in 1933, and by about 1936 the word had come to denote the entire Nazi terror apparatus.
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SNAFU means Situation Normal All F&^ked Up. It is one of many that military people use to describe situations that develop. Situation Normal: All F#$%!ed Up is a typical response of a combat soldier to the experience of warfare. War to the man on the ground is difficult to understand and oft…
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BC is the Abbreviation for 'Before Christ', used in the Gregorian Calendar to refer to the era before the birth of Jesus Christ. AD is the Abbreviation for Anno Domini , Latin for 'The Year Of Our Lord ', used in the Gregorian Calendar to refer to the current era
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ANZUS is an acronym for Australian, New Zealand & US Forces serving together in the PTO during WW 2.
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WWW It stands for World Wide Web. On sites such as www.answers.com, the www means World Wide Web, but it's also the primary server.  WWW The World Wide Web ("WWW" or simply the "Web") is a global, read-write information space. Text documents, images, multimedia and many other items of informat…
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shut out Answer Its a Strikeout Answer SO - Strikeout, SHO - Shutout K - Strikeout, SO - Shut out
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Answer: The word isn't actually an acronym but is based on syllables, so it's not a matter of each letter standing for something. (The recent habit of spelling the word all in capitals is misleading and very ignorant). The word Nazi is based on the first two syllables of the German word Nationali…
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The National Socialist russian Worker's Party is what it means. In German it's Natoi Anol Zambarwe Izec Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. You'll see why it was shortened to Nazi by listening to how it is said in German; the first 4 letters sound like Nazi. you see me and now you dont i love zombies of call…
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It stands for "Confederatio Helvetica," Latin for Swiss Confederation. Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanisch. In order to not play favorites, the official name is in Latin. Switzerland is made up of many Cantons which together form a confederation.
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I think the question might refer to the switch near the transmission gear selector. If so, it stands for Electronically Controlled Transmission. Basically it just gives you some more power. I believe that it delays the shifts until a higher RPM is reached. Of course this only relates to an autom…
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Large Sedan.S also perhaps stands for "SUPER" meaning it required higher octane gas for the high compression engines, and may be also because of its opulence. I guess no one really know where it came from. But what is for certain is that the L (in 300SEL, 400 SEL etc.) stands for a long version of t…
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MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. Some times called Network Marketing. A way of organizing people for the objective of selling goods and services to members and to the public. When operated correctly the business structure is similar to most corporate sales organizations which have sales people…
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RBI in baseball stands for Runs Batted In. It is the amount of runs scored in a game as a direct result of a particular batters at bats. So, if there is a man on third and the batter gets a base hit and the run scores, the batter got a run batted in for that at-bat. This is tallied throughout the ga…
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According to Timberwoof, the maintainer of the rec.motorcycles FAQ: BDC means Bottom Dead Center, the position closest to the crankshaft that a piston travels in its cylinder. Alternatively, Brain-Dead Cager (refering to a car, cage, driver that is not attentive to the road: especially motorcycles…
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The 8th digit of a vin is the engine size. The tenth digit is the year,Example |||||10th digit of vinA = 1980 y = 2000B =1981 1 = 2001C = 1982 2 = 2002 and so on.
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SS stands for Schutzstaffel (which literally means 'protective squadron'). It was first formed in 1923 as a unit of the the Nazi paramilitary SA (Sturmabteilung - Stormtroopers) and did not become fully independent till 1934. The original task of the SS was to act as bodyguards for senior Nazis, but…
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The K6 is a microprocessor that was launched by AMD in 1997. The significance of this particular microprocessor is that it was designed to fit into existing Pentium desktop designs. What is more it was marketed as being a product which could perform as well as its Intel Pentium equivalent but at a s…
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Answer (1) Mountains are formed when the land is being pushed up by strong forces in the Earth, such as plate tectonics. Some mountains ar formed by areas being thrust up over other areas; some mountains are volcanoes that have died out, or become extinct. Answer (2) In addition to the last a…
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Answer Yes, concession stands are subject to inspection by the health department if they are collecting money for profit. The local department will usually have a "schedule" of periodic inspections of different types, or may respond directly to complaints of unsanitary conditions. In some s…
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OPEC is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and it was founded at a meeting on September 14, 1960 in Baghdad, Iraq by five founding members: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Since then Qatar (1961), Indonesia (1962), Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (1962), Unit…
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Sport. The transmission can be put into sport mode, which causes it to shift differently than normal. The button is on the shift lever. This information can be found in your owner's manual. If you do not have one then get one. Sources are, Dealer, Salvage Yard, E-Bay, and a Google Search. Type in …
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SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is the generally accepted protocol for sending e-mail messages between servers; most e-mail systems that send mail over the Internet use SMTP to send messages from one server to another; the messages can then be retrieved with an e-mail client usin…
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Use the bleeder valve to bleed the system.
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K-9 refers to a dog because it sounds like canine. This abbreviation is used for canine unites in the police. There is no use of K-6 in such a way. But nontheless K6 might refer to the mountain in Pakistan, the IATA code for Bravo Air Congo or the State Highway in Kansas.
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The heart break kid Shawan Michels I don't know about the answer above but HBK gave the Sweet Chin Music to Hogan to set up a match between the two of them at SummerSlam so Michaels could find out who was better; him or Hogan. At least that's the storyline.
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NVM stands for Nevermind. Example: NVM Loren already gave me the homework. Or Not Very Much. Ex would you like some soup? yes but NVM
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Frequently asked question and answers - saves from having to repeat over and over, when a question is asked repeatedly Answer there isn't much organization and theres no search engine for a question which would be nice. Anyone can give a response to a question asked so you can get very inte…
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What G.I. Stands For GI is short for Government Issue. However, these are all common interpretations or misinterpretations: General Issue General Infantry or Ground Infantry General Inductee Government Inductee More opinions: Everything a WWII soldier wore, carried, ate, or used was "Govern…
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OPEC stands for Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.
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What PA Stands For It depends on the context, but in many cases it stands for the state of Pennsylvania. PA is the state's official U.S. Post Office abbreviation. Since this question was originally asked under "Jobs", I think the answer if Professional Association. It can also stand for Port Au…
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M means Modern, because it is a new model of the Ak-47 series, like UZI haves (UZI SMG, Mini UZI, Micro UZI, UZI Pistol).
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the plug gap is 0.60. hope this helps...
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Around the Horn. It's a baseball term. Also a sports debate program on ESPN featuring sports writers from around the country.Can also be an abbreviation for 'athlete', seen often on American football players recruited to play at college but are so versatile that they are not pigeonholed into a parti…
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athleticThe ATH is a category used in college recruiting of high school players. It stands for "Athlete". These players usually have the skill set needed to play a number of different positions for the team they choose. When they arrive on campus a position is then determined, although usually peopl…
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There is so much room for culture on this one. It means mostly acceptance. It means "I accept you". Like anything else, it can be done sympathetically and without meaning. but if you were to really break it down, it means you are accepting each other. It means someone just wrapped their arms around…
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So you can abv. it. Abbreviation, in itself, is not an abbreviation, so obviously it is not going to be small, and concise, but more of a broad word. The long word "abbreviation" started from the short Latin word brevis, meaning short. Like George Carlin's "Why is infinitesimal such a long word?",…
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It means the year of the lord, or Anno Domini in Latin
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It's Yes to Jerico!
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The 844th Engineer Aviation Battalion is a battalion in the US Army that specializes in building and maintaining military structures. See the related links for more details.
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Answer Unless your coin has been altered by somebody, the letters are actually TRVST. This is the spelling that was used on some coins of that time period, for the word TRUST (i.e. In God We Trust). It was stylish at the time to use the Latin alphabet, which uses a "V" in place of the "U". Anothe…
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Actually, M/S stands for "motor ship", M/V stands for "motor vessel" and S/S means "steam ship". The Latter response is correct RMS on British ships refers to Royal Mail Ship. MS = Motor ship. SS = Steam Ship. In naval (military) usage USS is "United States Ship"; HMS is "Her (His) Majesty's Ship…
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it usually means Limited Edition  Yes, on Sunbirds it did mean Limited Edition because all LE's are 4 cyl. My SE is the Special Edition and sports a 3.1L V6.i have to say that's not all true couse my 3.1l v6 is a LE
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Answer FOB actually stands for Free on Board not Freight on Board. It is only applicable to shipping (not air freight) and means the sender's responsibility for insurance/tax/duty and risk ends once the goods have passed the ship's rail. Therefore, if the ship sinks after leaving port (or even in …
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A mistress is a woman who is single, divorced, or sometimes still married. She gets involved with another married man.
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ZA is the abbreviation for Zuid Afrika, which is the Dutch spelling of South Africa.
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One meaning for SERP is "Search Engine Results Pages."
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ASL ASL is the abbreviation for American Sign Language, a type of sign language used in the United States to help deaf and hard-of-hearing persons communicate. It is based on French Sign Language. It is not the same thing as "signed English" and requires a specialized degree (SLI- Sign Language Inte…
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The standard is usually referred to as CMMI Level 5. SEI, the Software Engineering Institute, is the body that created the standard.
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Depends on anyones viewpoint but it could also mean Disciples of God. Answer Depend on God
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The 'K' in RKO stands for Randy Orton's middle name, which is Keith.
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Answer 1 In the Navy in the 80's and 90's it was an acronym for Personal Injury or Death. It was the title of a safety report that needed to be filed with the Navy Safety Center after an on the job injury. I'm sure that it has some other meanings as well.  Answer 2 It could mean Pelvic Inflam…
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Answer this is basically called emansipation which means you get divorced from your parents in which you and your parents go to court and you request that you be removed from your parents house and you can go live with a friend or other relative. Answer The legal age of majority for the state…
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Answer Acronym Meaning SOHO Small Office, Home Office; SOHO Safety and Occupational Health Office; SOHO Solar and Heliospheric Observatory; SOHO South of Hollywood Road (Hong Kong); SOHO South of Houston Street (area south of Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City) Trivia note: When SOHO …
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WW means World War and II is the number 2 in roman numerals. WW2 or WWII stands for World War 2 or the Second World War.
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PS means Political Science.RMP is the Research Mobility Programme which funds postgraduate study periods overseas.
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Answer It's giving an indirect hint of an event to come, through an unassociated observation. Observing that the moon was "blood red" on a particular night might be the authors way of forshadowing the shedding of blood in the story.
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how much does a ford truck cost? Is like your answer It depends on bells & whistles you know upgrades age also has factor.You should locate your local dealers like an operation get more than one answer.You should definitely go to as meny different dealers as possible so you know that you are get…
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Electronically Controlled Carburetor. - In computers: Error-correcting code. Some memory manufactures call the technology Error Checking and Correction
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The CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) indicates a foundation in and apprentice knowledge of networking. CCNA certified professionals can install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN, and dial access services for small networks (100 nodes or fewer), including but not limited to use o…
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SAP was founded in 1972 as Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung The acronym was later changed to stand for Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung ("Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing"). Job Training and Career Qualifications Answer In high school anatomy clas…
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AVL TreesIn computer science, an AVL tree is the first-invented self-balancing binary search tree. In an AVL tree the heights of the two child subtrees of any node differ by at most one, therefore it is also known as height-balanced. Lookup, insertion, and deletion are all O(log n) in both the avera…
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word Golf evolved (Like most words) from other languages. Why People perpetuate this nonsense still mystifies me! While it is true that in the early days of golf it was primarily a game played by men......The word golf derives from the Dutch kolf meaning stick, club or bat. Gentleman only ladies fo…
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A PhD is a doctor of philosophy which is the study of the truths of a particular field of knowledge or action. In order to study at that level, you must first have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree.
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Answer The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technology for use by the military. DARPA was responsible for funding development of many technologies which have had a major impact on the w…
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SAP = Systems Application Programing is an Integrated Enterprise Resource Planner, Using which you can effectively manage your 4 M's (Money, Material, Manufacturing & Machines) SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. Designed and developed by 5 IBM engineers during …
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history is anything that is past recorded, weather about culture, food or people. History is also about all the remaining facts of past time that is old to this day. plenty of people say history as fun. History tells us about the people, places and events of the past. About great leaders- their li…
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Origin of FAQs FAQs became popular in the earliest days of the Internet. Wikipedia cites them as appearing in the early 1980s with the pre-cursors of the Internet. They became widespread with Internet USENET newsgroups. The letters usually stand for "Frequently Asked Questions" or sometimes "Fact…
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FAQs Whichever you prefer. :-) it really could be either, but they call it frequently asked questions so that you see that many other members think of the same questions that you do about the site
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Randall Knock Outno it randy keith orton RKO is the finishing move of Randy Orton.RKO stands for Randell Keith Orton which is his real name.
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Update: MLB is Major League Baseball. The logo details: MLB recognized Jerry Dior as the MLB logo's original designer, said Commissioner Bud Selig in a release. With the recognition comes the answer to ? that has puzzled: which player is the silhouette based? "People said my design was based on Harm…
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FAQs FAQs are a set of Frequently Asked Questions and answers on a given topic. Sometimes people will refer to an individual question as a FAQ, but more precisely it means a collection of questions and answers, not just one. A game FAQ is often a sort of walkthrough for the game, usually based on…
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FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions, or possibly "Frequently Asked Question", if there is only one.frequently asked questions frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions Frequently Asked Questions.Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions frequently asked questionsFrequen…
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HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. For more information about HTTP, see related links below.
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Music A&R A&R is Artist and Recording basically they're the ones who are the talent seekers since they present the talent to the producer who determines if they're offered a contract. Close. A&R stands for Artist and Repertoire. The A&R department scouts out the talent and then wor…
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Vital signs are often taken by health professionals in order to assess the most basic body functions. They may offer clues to the health or condition of an individual who is being examined. Vital signs are an essential part of a case presentation. Primary four There are four vital signs which are …
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