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Hip Hop and Rap Music

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Hip Hop began in the 1970s in New York City. Rap can be traced back to African roots many centuries before Hip Hop existed. Questions on Hip Hop and Rap music, groups, artists and history can be asked here.
" Backto Black " is a song by English recording artist Amy Winehouse . It was released on 30 April 2007 as the titletrack and third single from her second studio album of the same name . "Back to Black" received universal acclaim.It was written by Winehouse and MarkRonson and produced by Ronson....
Heoo no he aint
There is no actual "illness" called "Short Man syndrome", the term was just invented to describe a short man who tries to overcompensate for being short by acting out to try to gain attention and respect from others. See the Related link below.
Doesn't Everyone'? (: So Yess.
no but beyonce is pregnet
Jayz is richer than puffy combs
No...of course not. Loud music (of any kind) can cause hearing damage, but there is no music on earth that will give you brain damage. Saying that rap music ruins your brain is just racism disguised as science. It's something racist white parents tell their children, because they're afraid their...
Good Morning by Chamillionaire.
Bow Wow cheated on her with a stripper.
Rappers. Some popular rappers right now include: Drake, Young Thug,Lil Wayne, Eminem etc.
lil jon 2 chainz lilwayne eminem tyga
as an entertainer on stage
Soulja Boy's most recent album was entitled The DeAndre Way, andwas released in late 2010. It is unknown if he has plans to releaseanother album.
He used to be 'addicted' (he said he wasn't addicted or anything, but he drunk it so much it hurt his stomach and stuff) to cough syrup.. he liked it A LOT. i don't know if he still drinks the stuff.. probably
50 Cent isn't a Blood or a Crip, he's not in any gang.
I dont know u idiots shes just dead shes locked in my basement. (LYRICS). JKJK
Tevin carr ( hype man), tyquan jack (cousin), jinc ent
travered and the rangers are dhey friend cusz dhey hang aroud 2gether alot
He is a Mexican & Cuban American.
I don't think they are in a movie together. There is a version ofthe song "Superman" with the both of them.
yes about 97% are of African decent
This year (2010) Lainie will be 17 years old. She is not Eminem's real daughter. She is the daughter of Eminem's sister-in-law, Dawn, but he adopted her.
Marshal Mathers -THX!
His real name is Roger David but he also goes by Ra (short for Raja).
Lil Wayne is rumoured to be affiliated with a gang ; with thebloods
Kanye West uses Antares Autotune.
yes it is pretty long looking at the warning video it shows her real hair
About 1.5 million from royalties
This is an opinion question. I think 50 cent's old songs like Hustler's Ambition, but I don't like his new songs and Eminem was always awesome!!! Eminem is ok, 50 goes above and beyond. Em puts a story in it, but its about a little white boy who had to look towards rap to make 15 cents into a dollar...
put it on youtube and give it a wacky name so nobody will find it and if you want someone to see it you give them the title of it :)
No, as hard as that is to believe! They're actually not even from the same state. They do look alot alike though.
keri hilson Helen not ciara
Good for you 👏 I don't care
i really dont now but i guess alanta if u dont belive me go to sayit.com
Now,I don't think so.- Cammson L. Diablo
he lives in riverdale,georgia
Its their trademark sound that they use in all their songs. (well, all the songs I have heard anyway). Its like how Lady Gaga used to say 'Gaga' at the beginning of her songs when she was established as a new upcoming artist.
well common sense his stage name is Legacy ...and his birth name is Dominic Thomas
This is the right answer the rest was crap. He also accidentally shot himself with a .44 caliber gun at the age of 13, with the bullet missing his heart by two inches ^If it was a .44, 2 inches from the heart the hydrostatic shock would have totoally destroyed his heart. He did it with a...
The song is called i swear not you swear and they were about 20. The song came out in 2007!
Other than taking home several Grammy Awards over the last decade, the Black Eyed Peas have won countless American Music Awards, BET Awards, and MTV Music Video Awards.
Machiavel was a greastest Italian writer. He wrote "The Prince" which was Pac's favorite book. Pac's songs was inspired of those books. But he didn't want to be like Machiavel.
NO never been. born white always be white
just play a lot. i became a pro by playing every day.
It depends on your own preference and opinion. One may exceedhigher in other categories such as rhythm and quality more than theother.
no one, she is a teenager.....
I think it's the name of the director or producer.
keyshia has four tatoos.. the one on her neck says have faith with a hear and the one on her arm. the star is representing her and the cross is representing her faith and beliefe along with the heart that the cross is being stabbed into means love, her pain and her sruggles she also has i think 2...
eminem does not diss d12 in this song, he would never as this is his group....
she got it custom made as a present for her birthday. but you can get it off this websitehttp://souljewelry.com/_e/Silver_3D_Name_Pendants/product/SD_62/Silver_Personalized_Nicki_Minaj_Barbie_Name_Pendant_Necklace_SD62.html
Dappy is the person who usually comes up with the hooks / chorus and Tulisa and Fazer put their verses in aorund it but sometimes the roles change but N-Dubz love writing their own stuff.
Are you talking about a rap from 1990 where there were clips from the show interspersed with the song and the last line was "My hero is Bart Simpson"? If so, it was called "The Bart Simpson Rap". At least, that's what the local radio stations referred to it as.
Tupac & biggie smalls
Knockin' Boots performed by Candyman
The Z in Jay-Z doesn't stand for anything. The name Jay-Z is just a spinnoff of his mentor's name "Jazz". Or it could be an imitation of the initials in Jesus Christ - JC, turned over to Jay-Z. C and Z do sound alike.
t-pain isn't dating anyone but he isn't available either t-pain is married
He Still Is An Adult, And He Has Many Different Houses. (:
She has never been pregnant.
Eminem currently cares for three kids: his daughter Hailie, his neice Alaina (Lanie) and his neice Whitney
he didnt go to college. he didnt even graduate high school.
440 million and counting because he is a business man he has more than diddy and jay-z.
"Ridin' Solo" with the Bittersweet Symphony Mashup Mix by Jason Derulo
Before marrying Beyoncé, Jay-Z dated: Lil Kim (1998 - 2000) Aaliyah (1999-2000) Rosario Dawson (2000) Blu Cantrell (2001)
jay-z attended the I.S.318 EUGENIO MARIA DE HOSTOS(new york,brooklyn around williamsburg) middle school and graduated 1983
it was actually about a girl who was with dappy and was cheating on him , he asked her to come for a drink and she declined because she went with her other man, dappy knew something was up. she went on a motorbike with the person she was cheating with, he crashed coz he was wrecked and she died, she...
The discovery of hip hop or rap music is regarded to Kool DJ Herc.He was born Clive Campbell. His is also known as Kool Herc and DJKool Herc.
his wifey is mya songz that's what i heard
The short answer is no. Although each of the members of Black Eyed Peas such as Fergie and will.i.am have their solo music endeavors, the group has maintained that they will remain together. Many people misunderstood the title of their highly anticipated 2009 album entitled The E.N.D. to be a...
Meet and Greet or Concert backstage pass
Maybe he was at the Grammy awards.
Yes, Jay-Z and Beyonce have one child together as of 2015. Her nameis Blue Ivy Carter. She was born on January 7, 2012.
Yes, Jay-Z and Beyonce have one child together. Their first child, Blue Ivy Carter, was born on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Before Beyonce became pregnant with Blue Ivy, she had suffered a miscarriage. The public found out about the miscarriage when Jay-Z...