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Musical Instruments

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A musical instrument is an object used for the purpose of making the musical sounds. Here you can ask various questions about musical instruments such as how to play and clean one.
you can get a flute at Music&Arts
The tuba is played in the key of C.
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depends on the kind of aux on the amp or the lead of the headset
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The clarinet originated in Europe. The modern day clarinet has evolved from more primitive versions but did NOT come from the saxophone.
Access to piano sheet music online or in video game divisions within department stores or specialty shops is where you can find the notes to "Room of Angels." The music in question is a composition by Tokyo-born Japanese composer Akira Yamaoka (born February 6, 1968) for the soundtrack of the video...
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Invented was it since changed it has and like look viola the did  what.The Viola's ancestry can be traced back to the Viola D'Amore  of the Baroque period, (the mid range instrument of the Viol  family) which was bigger and more lute-like with a deeper base and  6 to 7 played strings each with a...
The Wissner Piano Company (also known as Wissner & Sons) was  established by Otto Wissner and his sons, William and Otto, Jr. in  1878. Their factories were located in Brooklyn, New York. Wissner  is one of the lesser-known American piano manufacturers who built  superb pianos of the highest...
Just two for the most part. One is made of steel wires and the  other is made out of plastic wires.
Most instruments are pianos, drums, bass, &  viola.
Rachel Hammond is the name of the viola soloist on the Hannah  Hauxwell DVD's.
E minor, also G major.
Franz Schubert composed his lied "An die Musik" (German for "To Music") in March 1817 for solo voice and piano, with text from a poem by his friend Franz von Schober. In theDeutsch catalog of Schubert's works it is number 547, or D547. The original key is D major.[1] It was published in 1827 as Opus...
  a shaped brass instrument that has a slide and a mouthpiece as big around as a quarter  
It looks like a brass trumpet
A Vox Teardrop 12 string model can sell anywhere from $700-$1300  depending on its condition.
The snare drum is guessed to have descended from a medieval drum  called the Tabor, which was a drum with a single gut snare strung  across the bottom.
it was in paris in the autumn of 1872
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Of course. The Trombone known earlier as the Sackbut (in various different spellings) has been around since the mid 1400's A.D. The "baritone" short for Baritone Horn, is in the "SAXHORN family" invented by Adolfe Sax. Some other members of the saxhorn family include the Alto Horn, Tenor Horn, Bass...
I have played Gymnopedie on the piano- it is a very slow and  thoughtful song. I recommend you get the notes right before  memorizing this piece. You probably know a song, like Prelude in C  by Bach. Well, that song has a pattern. This song, unfortunately,  the pattern is not crystal clear, and...
lyrics the sacrifice lamb
Answers.com doesn't allow links, but a quick google search for "Had  I Known You Better Then" turned up some great resources. I'm a  musician too and the tabs from Songster.com sounded the best to me.  Good luck!
Look up "my heart will go on notes for oboe" on Google images
No, so far on the show how it's made hasn't showed how to make an oboe. I really wish they had though and a bassoon as well. I play both if you were wondering
Around $100 dollars. You might be able to sell it for more to a  dedicated Fender fan however, so keep an eye out!
Here are the notes: adadadaddgdgdgfefedddddd
Your best choice is probably just to look it up on YouTube :)
Yes! The manual...diagram on page 9 shows you how:
The above answer seems to be correct, but only in theory. The snare drum does and must have a pitch. They need to be tuned up and kept at the right pitch as they become broken in. In these cases we are not concerned with how tight the drum is, but how even is the tension. Once the drum is evenly...
Mostly electronic drums and clapping.
  In all, 45. That's blowing hard and soft and all...alot isn't it!The written range of the trumpet (low F# to high C) contains 31 notes, but experienced players can extend that range much higher and, to a lesser extent, lower.
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One of the more famous and popular virtuoso cellists goes by the name Yo-Yo Ma.
He played the violin. His second wife was originally attracted to  him by seeing him play Mozart on the violin as children.
Polyphony is the ability to play multiple notes at the same time. A  mechanical piano's polyphony is only limited to its number of keys,  while a digital piano may only be able to play a certain amount of  notes at a time based on hardware limitations.
  Houston craigslist, small picture in musical instr's under flying v
There a awesome instrument
There are generally 8 to 12 cellos in an orchestra.
If by this you mean, where can you buy them, then I'd say you can  find them at almost any music store. Certain instruments, though,  you may have to order online, like the mallet percussion  instruments.
1. 3. 5. notes; A C E
there are normally 2
Best guess is that it was Vince Denham, longtime reedman for Michael McDonald.
The recorder is a chromatic instrument meaning that it has all 12  notes of the chromatic scale. A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G  and G#.
A double bass generally weighs between 20 and 25 pounds. The case  generally weighs in at another 20 pounds, so keep that in mind when  you're traveling!
The typical double bass weighs about 25 pounds.
In 1954 the Best Picture award went to On The Waterfront, and in 1955 it went to Marty.
yes they do...and why? Because most big guitar companies still believe to this day that left handed guitars don't sell as fast as right handed, which is true, but there are far more left handed people playing guitars these days then ever. It's unfortunate they continue to punish the lefties with...
Just search online Pink Panther Flute, and look through the first  couple links and you'll find it
Long. That's why bass guitars have longer necks than guitars.
Simple example for integrating instrument is energy meter that is used in houses which indicates the summation of readings(units) consumed...
The same as it is Today. Spruce top, maple back, ribs and neck.  Because of it's size and the scarcity of material that big, often  the top and back were made with more than two pieces having wings  added to the upper and lower bout edges. Some bases were made with  Sycamore or Pear.
A simple gift is a song about Christmas song or a gift song.
A vintage peavey. A Peavey T-15 to be specific. Those things were  built like bricks and stay in tune forever. I play one on stage all  the time!
There are five whole steps in a heptatonic (7-note) major scale. They occur between the 1st and 2nd notes, the 2nd and 3rd notes, the 4th and 5th notes, the 5th and 6th notes, and the 6th and 7th notes. In practice, the scale usually includes an 8th note, which is one octave above the Tonic (first...
It's a T-Mobile commercial not Verizon and the song is "I've got a rock and roll heart" by Eric Clapton
A blues chord progression is generally a 12 bar I, IV, V. In the  key of E this would be 4 bars of E, followed by 2 of A, 2 of E  again, then two of B7, then one of A followed by one more of E.  This just repeats for the whole song.
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The sitar is an Iranian musical instrument.
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depending on the head size and the depth... the smaller head the higher sound and depth of the body of the drum the deeper sounds
Depends what youre looking for. Coated heads are generally warmer in tone, not as loud, and are good for funk, latin, blues, and jazzClear heads are fatter and brighter in tone, and very loud when tuned low. Ideal for rock and metal.Ebony heads are a tighter, darker sound and are best tuned tight....
Well, for one, string bass strings are a lot longer than electric bass strings. I wouldn't recommend putting string bass strings on an electric bass and vice versa.
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To generalize somewhat. There are many different types of percussion instruments. A percussion is basically any musical object that you hit with a stick to make a sound.A drum is usually a rounded piece of wood or metal with a plastic, cloth, or vinyl on top that is hit to produce a sound.A triangle...
A used one. A good turntable is an expensive thing to produce in today's world, even a modest one will cost over $400. Your best bet is to find a used table from the 70's or early 80's that is still in good condition and buy a new cartridge for it. I'd recommend finding one locally though because...
A bit of googling nd here you go:  http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/celldweller-feat-styles-of-beyond-shapeshifter-tab-s83471t0
Cheese was a instrument
We know from stone carvings that harps were present in Ireland and Scotland as early as the eighth century, A.D.
Since the 20th century when Paul Hindmemith and Vadim Borisovsky  made an early attempt at an organization in 1927 with the Violist  World Union.