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Keeping the 'H' in 'Pittsburgh' Here is a bit of interesting history from the City of Pittsburgh (explaining the "h"): In 1890, the United States Board on Geographic Names standardized the names of all US cities and towns. One of the new standards forced the final "h" to be dropped from "burgh." In…
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The town of Chicago was founded in 1833 and named by the French Canadians in their pronounciation and spelling of an Algonquian word. It is either the Fox tribe's word for "place of wild onion" or the Ojibwa tribe's word for "skunk". Either way, it has been recorded that wild onion, chives and garli…
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%FOLLOWUPS% My grandfather's name was Peisach Brichke. My grandmother was Ida Brichke. As far as my 80 year old father knows, they always lived in Newark, N.J., since coming to this country from Koritz on the Russian/Polish border. My father believes we are the only "BRICHKE" family in existence.
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%DETAILS% Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) a physician � He signed the Declaration of Independence. � Served as a surgeon in the Revolutionary War. � A friend of Thomas Paine. � Chicago�s Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke�s Medical Center was named in his honor. �   It's my understandi…
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A crooked real estate developer named Bowman sold and then re-sold housing plots in the Bowmanville neighborhood. For some reason his name stuck.
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Legend has it that everybody bought canarys so that the birds singing would drown out the crying of the animals being slaughtered.
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Yes, in the 1930's there was a restaurant called Forum located at 64 W. Madison Street.  The Forum restaurant on W.Madison existed till it had a fatal fire of 3 firemen in Jan,1973.It was a 2 level cafeteria style style restaurant. When I was a kid, my grandmother would take me there. I liked …
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The origin of the name Vermont is uncertain. It is mostly thought to originate from the French les Verts Monts, meaning "the Green Mountains".
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Most people say Maine's name evolved in this way: Because of Maine's many islands, early sailors, fishermen, and explorers may have spoken of "the main" or the "main land." This became "Maine."Another theory holds that it comes from a province in France of the same name. It may have been chosen to c…
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In a paper read before the American Antiquarian Society Hamilton R. Staples said that the name of Maine was given to that State descriptively, since in the original charter it was considered "the Mayne Land of New-England." Maine got its name from when British sailors called it the main land. The …
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The answer is everywhere, the English greatest strength is they are one of the world's great mongrel peoples.After the ice age, settlers began arriving in Britain sporadically for centuries. At first this wasn't a problemm, but towards the end of the Bronze age the country was becoming quite populat…
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Harris is a well established name in Ireland. The name is found most often coming from County Mayo. Harris in Ireland was anglicized from Gaelic Ó hEarchadha. : Certainly Harris is an English and not an Irish name but there are numerous possible explanations for this. Your father might have been I…
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The name Erin is an extremely old one that has long been associated with Ireland ('Erin go bragh' means 'Ireland forever'). Legend has it that Erin (or Eire) was one of three goddesses who represented peace, love and joy. Her sisters, Fodla and Banba, represented hope and love respectively, leaving …
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Scottish or English.
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Alcoholism is often co-diagnosed with NPD. However, not all alcoholics are narcissists (though some may have narcissistic traits). Use of many drugs including alcohol produces an overinflated sense of self. It can make the user appear more confident and more likely to take the limelight and ignore …
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: Christmas comes from the words Christ and mass. "Christ" refers to Jesus Christ, the Christian messiah; and mass is a religious ceremony or celebration.
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Origin of StockingIn some parts, not too long ago, around the advent of electricity, people simply left their stockings to dry over the wood stove in the kitchen. Some had very little to give kids on Christmas except an apple or an orange or maybe even a peice of candy. They couldn't fill the bottom…
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According to the NYCVisit web site's page on the The Dutch Contribution to New York's Vocabulary, "bowery" means "farm." The street followed the path of a road leading to a Peter Stuyvessant's farm. (See related link for more information.) An aside: Nicolas de la Plaine, a French Huguenot…
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Queens is named for Queen Catherine of Braganza. For more information, see related links below.
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My Grandmother was a school teacher in North Carolina around the end of the 19th Century & when she married, she & my Grandfather named their farm Idlewilde Place.For some reason I want to believe that the name Idlewild came from some 19th Century writer that my grandmother admired when she …
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this should tell you everythingnationmaster.com   Broadway was originally an Indian trail which went from the southern tip of Manhattan all the wat to The Bronx. The name in general is just a reference to its width. Further information on Manhattan Streets can be found in Sanna Feirstein's…
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%REPLIES% Answer Have you run an internet search on the different variations of the surname? I'd try that first. Or try checking out one of these messageboards: RootsWeb Message Boards [ Brundage ] RootsWeb Message Boards [ Brundidge ] RootsWeb Message Boards [ Brundige ] T…
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A quick search of some surname/genealogical sites turned several instances of people named Leetham from the Yorkshire, England area.   I have an old family photograph which must date from between 1850 to 1900.It is a group shot of about a dozen people standing outside a building called the Pl…
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No. There was never a Giants player with the last name of Cadei in the history of the organization.
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Jayhawks It is a combination of two birds, the jay torments intruders, and the hawk kills them. Prior to the Civil War and the admission of Kansas to the Union, the pro-slavery forces in Missouri attempted to make Kansas enter as a slave state. At every local election hundreds of armed Missourian…
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"Mc" is a Scottish prefix (meaning 'from', I believe). The word originally was Gaelic (Irish)-- it means 'a helmet'. The word Maccabee is a Hebrew word with the root MKB, meaning 'hammer'. I doubt there is any relationship.
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The names of operations were chosen purely randomly precisely so that if enemy intelligence learned one, they could not tell anything about it from the name. It was just a randomly chosen word.Michael Montagne allied invasion of German occupied Europe..............................'overlord' ws the…
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Pressure PointsThere are numerous pressure points that can cause temporary or even permanent damage. The ones in the area of the head and neck are very dangerous and should not be played with. Consult a trained martial artist, or better yet become a martial artist, to learn more about these points.O…
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Jesse C Chambliss was born October 23, 1793 in North Carolina. He first married Nancy Hodges, with whom he had eight children. His son Jesse, Jr. was killed in the Civil War. He married, second, Elizabeth Ann Gammage. He died in July 27, 1878 in Americus, Georgia.
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Two different, but plausible, origins of the North Carolina "Tarheel" nickname. of which I am aware, are: ' 1) Tar stuck on the heels of sailors, longshoremen and other persons working on and around ships, docks etc in North Carolina's first settlements, all on the sea cost. The seams on hulls,whar…
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The term southpaw developed from the fact that left-handed pitchers face south because baseball diamonds are laid out with home plate to the west. The term has been traced back to 1885.
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Chicago-O'Hare International Airport is named for Edward "Butch" O'Hare, a World War II aviator and the first US Navy Ace of WWII.
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Answer Not really. After each play the teams usually switch players, so there are about 10 to 15 seconds (at the most) of non-activity. The only breaks are time-outs and in between periods, excluding times when a player is hurt, etc. Answer Hockey is the fastest team sport in the world, with …
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There is no one thing called a widget. The term is used generically like gadget or gizmo. It's often used in an academic context, especially in business schools or economics classes. For example, an economics professor might talk to her students about "the supply and demand for widgets," or a mark…
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No. It comes from the Latin word "par" meaning "equal".
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Answer Monica is an ancient name, possibly of North African or Phoenician origin, and its etymology is unknown. Monica has a Name day of 27th August, and Monica is the patron saint of married women. Saint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine. This girl's name is used in English, Italian and Span…
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Swedish name meaning man from sandy heath.NOTE: Other origins such as Irish, Germanic or Galician, are also possible. See for instance: http://miromoman.wordpress.com/2008/08/25/moman/
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Who cares? That's a bad question.
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It's an Irish name. It is also Scottish and English. ...But seems to be derived from the French town of Lyon which was originally founded by Romans as Lugdunum, meaning 'hill of lights' or 'hill of crows'(!) at the place of a Gaulish hill settlement. The Clan Lyon in Scotland has its origins in N…
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Heirless means having no heirs. I have never seen it used as a name, though.
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Most of New England was settled by the English. Inventing new names for the places they settled was never a high priority. In fact, it is very rare for anyone to think up a "new name". I'll bet your name is the same name shared by thousands of people. When the settlers from England had a new place t…
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I think it came from the American Revolution. The "Patriots" were people from England who were in what is now the U.S.(some were in New England), and beleived that they no longer were citizens of England. They fought against the British in the Revolutionay War and won.
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Kamisha name origin From the Sanskrit meaning "lord or master of desire". A name of Lord Shiva. Alternate spelling is Kamesha.
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"Abby" can be a name on its own, or a nickname for anything beginning with "Ab." The most common, however, is "Abigail."
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The name Philadelphia is Greek and means City of Brotherly Love. William Penn planned the layout of the city himself. It was based on a logical grid pattern and based around four town squares and would lie between the Delaware and Schuylkill (pr. SKOOL-kill) rivers . While a grid pattern sounds li…
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The most accurate way to have your T/C appraised is to bring to an actual appraisor. If your not fortunate enough to have one on speed dial (as most of us) then you can have it just as accurately priced at a dealer or gunshop. Auctions can also provide numbers but they can also be missleading. Two m…
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Answer No, it's of English origin, a variant of Timm, although some may have settled in Ireland.
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Wadsworth is English for Wad's enclosure. Wad is a nickname for Waeddi. Also, Wadsworth is a village in West Yorkshire, England, near Huddersfield.
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The surname Oliver is derived from the Old French personal name Olivier. The Oliver surname (meaning "seller, or processor of olive oil") seems to be French Norman in origin. The Olivers were probably part of William the Conqueror's Norman Invasion of Britain in 1066. The Oliver family was a sept of…
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It is a male name of Celtic origin. It means "faithful".ANOTHER ANSWER:The Dillons came to Ireland at the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion. The name is not of Celtic origin.
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He is a small cartoon wizard with a theme song. He is usually wearing white and has an orange beard. He also has a yellow star on his hat, and "TREV" written on his gown in light-gray, bold capitals. Basically, it's another loop Flash from the maker of the badger series.
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Origins of the Word Jew The word Jew came from the name Judah, who was one of the 12 sons of Jacob, from whom the 12 tribes of Israel are descended. When the Jews were expelled from the Land of Israel, the tribe of Judah was the last to go and the tribe from which most present-day Jews are consider…
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The name means "green mountains". le Vermont is a village of some 20 homes southwest of Strasbourg, France. Vermont is grammatically correct, and it is singular. It does mean Green Mountain, if you check back a few centuries in old french. In modern french, of course, one could say it is "gramma…
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The name Stephanie comes from the name Stephen which means The Crowned One. But in Chinese Stephanie means "Amazing One" or "Awesome person"Stephanie means nice cuz mi otha step sistaz name is Stephanie and Stephanie means nice cuz she is nicer than mi otha step sista lamanda dat wat Stephanie mean …
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Stephanie came from the chiness word:stefiniiie meaning princess :) she is sweet!!!:)Stephanie is Greek, from the name Stephen, meaning Crowned one
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There are several problems with writing a history of Don Diego De La Vega, better known as El Zorro. In this case the problem comes, not from too little information, but from too much. Since Johnston McCully wrote The Curse of Capistrano in 1918, there has been a small flood of sequels and retelling…
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Answer Alknomook (proper spelling) was not a real person. He is referred to in a song called "Death Song of the Cherokee Indian" or "Death Song of Alknomook" which was written for a play called "The Contrast" by Royall Tyler and first performed in 1787. It was one of the first plays written an…
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Simply that cattle would be watered at the bow shaped lake, deriving into a single word of oxbow. How about... It comes from the shape of the lake. Answer An oxbow lake is a U-shaped lake water body formed when a wide meander from the mainstem of a river is cut off to create a lake. Check th…
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Answer Early on, a number of Spanish explorers visited the inland region of Georgia, leaving a trail of destruction behind them. The local moundbuilder culture, described by Hernando de Soto in 1540, had completely disappeared by 1560. The conflict between Spain and Britain over control of Georg…
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Answer Jersey is one of the Channel Islands and a part of Great Britain. When British settlers came to the "new world", they used names that they were familiar with. A city in England called "York" had been home to many settlers. They used the name to describe York in the new world and called it …
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IA is a two digit date code, not a maker
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Answer:Barrett can be Irish in some cases, although still a common English surname. They came to Ireland before 1200 and settled in Co. Cork and in Cos. Mayo and Galway. The Cork family is called Barratt (Ir. Baróid) and the Mayo family is Barrett (Bairéad). See "Irish Families" (MacLysaght) &nbs…
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The name Stephen means "Crowned One" The origin of the name is Greek. The name "Stephen" means "victor's crown" in the sense of victor of a contest or battle ... perhaps a laurel leaf crown. (A ruler's crown at that time would have been called a "diadem.") Later the name Stephen is found in the Bi…
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According to Greek mythology Nike was the winged goddess of victory. Nike represents victorious encounters in ancient battlefields.
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Answer Fitzpatrick is the only "Fitz" surname of Irish origin. All others are of Norman origin such as Fitzgerald, Fitzsimmons, etc. There is a great concentration of Fitzpatricks in the border counties of Ireland, such as Cavan, Fermanagh, Armagh, Meath and especially County Down. Just remember…
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Concentration camps were torturous and painful. Inmates had to work and do hard labour, men arguably had to do more physically demanding jobs. People had to wear clothes resembling a pair of pajamas that had been worn before. People were beaten by guards and made to do seemingly illogical tasks. Th…
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Answer Read these 2 sites: http://www.yashanet.com/library/secular-months.html http://www.answers.com/topic/january#Wikipedia
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no, think its scotish but there are Irish wards due to branches of the family moveing to Ireland years back.  Another Answer: It can be, Mac an Bhaird or MacWard (son of the bard) They were from Donegal and Galway. The Wards of Co. Down are English, however. EDIT: It is also known as Mac an…
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In earlier times your last name was usually just your trade, for example "Harry the blacksmith" would just become "Harry Smith", last names were originally just a way of distinguishing certain people.Other last names like "Williamson" come from son of William, Jake o' rilley means Jake son of rilley
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When American colonists declared independence from England in 1776, they also freed themselves from control by English corporations that extracted their wealth and dominated trade. After fighting a revolution to end this exploitation, our country's founders retained a healthy fear of corporate powe…
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England and Ireland by settlement from France as homeland are the English, French, and Irish origins of the name "Keville." The surname in question exists in the form "Keevil" (from Chievele, in the Old English for "hollow woodland clearing") in Wiltshire, southwest England, according to the Domesda…
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Answer Hamilton: the name of several parishes in England, or of Hamilton in Scotland. The Hamiltons went over to Ireland in large numbers from Scotland at the time of the plantation of Ulster. In Irish Gaelic the name was de Hamaltún/Hamaltún but in west Clare they were gaelicized as "Ó Hamai…
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Oulsnam Family I have located Oulsnams in my family tree back in the 17th and 18th Century with many residing in the Ipstones / Leek area of North Staffordshire, England.
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The proud and noble English surname Walden actually derives from the ancient Anglo-Saxon people, describing a "stranger from a valley". Earliest records indicate that the family had held a family seat in Essex, and were granted the lands of Walden Abbey.
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The word comes from the French phrase deux, which means "at two" (as in needing two more points to win). Also, there is a Latin prefix in it (du) which mean two; twice.
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It is from Old English origin and meaning is settlement near the headland. http://www.babynology.com/American-mcelebrityclint.HTML Visit above URL to know the famous people have 'Clint' as there name.   Clint Is Short For CLINTON Which Means Settlement On The Summit.   'Clint' and 'C…
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The English surname Bumstead is first found in Essex. Steeple Bumpstead is one of three locales in Essex that carry the spelling as "Bumpstead". The name literally means "place where the reeds grow".
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Halstead This is the name of a place in Essex, England.
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The name Scot to refer to the people who live in the north of the British Isles comes from the Latinised form of the name of an Irish tribe, the Scotti, who moved to the south-west of Scotland in the 6th century to form the Kingdom of Dalriada. When this was unified with Pictland by King Kenneth I M…
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Without specifying the native American tribe, Southeast Queens Press (website) explains that "the golf course acquired its name from an old Indian name for the area - "Idalwilde" - or peaceful and savage."http://www.queenspress.com/anniversary2001-jfkairport.htmIt's unclear whether similar names, li…
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People called Whitney This question cannot be answered, except, perhaps by a gross estimate. Whitney is a fairly common English-language family name, so it is found throughout the English-speaking world, and of course further afield, too. A further problem arises from the fact that there are alte…
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Family name 'Kommers' As far as I can tell it's primarily of Dutch origin. Unfortunately, I have less information on this name than on the others that people have recently asked about. Well, first of all, I think we need to trace the name Kommers back to the 1800's. At least, my lineage indicates t…
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Surname 'Atherton' It's the name of a small town in Lancashire, England, and it's also an English surname. Possibly Saxon... ather-noble, ton-town
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Roses often symbolize romantic love, but it's different for everybody. Some people might have personal story behind it or it could just be random... they like roses.
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Answer In an english/Irish dictionary!. Available at read ireland.com
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It seems that it was named for a manufacturer of corsets, Patrick J. Menahan, whose shop was on the street. At that time the street was called Ralph St, possibly after Ralph Patchen, a big landowner of the area in the 1700s.
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North Carolina was named to honor King Charles. well NC was called "The Land Of Charles" and it is north of south carolina so it is called North Carolina named after Charles the 9th a king
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Uranus is the seventh plant from the sun
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Fitzpatrick was originally Mac Giolla Phádraig and therefore not a Norman 'Fitz' surname.
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For 2008, the top 10 baby names in the United States were as follows: Boys: JacobMichaelEthanJoshuaDanielAlexanderAnthonyWilliamChristopherMatthewGirls: EmmaIsabellaEmilyMadisonAvaOliviaSophiaAbigailElizabethChloesource: See Related Links below.Ethan and Emily are popular now.
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It's just a funny thing to say when helping someone to get to their feet. I can't find the etymology of the phrase. I suspect it's just a dialect way of saying "up you get" or "up you come."
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Family name RustThe name is either English or German. It occurs as a family name in English; in Germany and Austria, the name is found as a place-name.Joncey
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The units money in France shall be Euro(EUR), has Europe, (Europe)...
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Answer #1 Penn is for Admiral Sir William Penn. Pennsylvania means Penn's Wood. The original land grant for the territory went to William Penn. William Penn was a man who stood for true religious freedom, and during his time only one colony practiced this, and lead a group of Quakers and treated …
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The name Cushion The surname is found in the British Isles. Of course, it is also possible that in some cases immigrants to English-speaking countries translated foreign names - such as the German Kissen - to Cushion.
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Turkey is the name in English of a bird native to North and Central America. When identified by Europeans it was given the name turkey because it reminded them of the Turkey fowl or Guineafowl which was domesticated in Europe from a wild Turkish species. The French called them 'poule d'Inde' [Chicke…
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The surname Allen has origins in England, France, and Ireland. It was brought to England in the wave of migration after the Norman Conquest in 1066 AD, and is derived from the given name Alan. The name Allen in France belongs to a very particular southern region that was once known as Languedoc. And…
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It appears to me to be a made-up name. If the Ellen part were the Welsh form of Ellen that would be Elen. The -wyn at the end means "fair" but the feminine form would be -wen (from gwen).
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The Greater Antilles is made up of Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the island Hispaniola (which consists of Dominican Republic and Haiti).
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