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Mechanical Engineering is a branch of engineering that encompasses the generation and application of heat and mechanical power and the design, production, and use of machines and tools. Mechanical engineering involves application of the principles of dynamics, control, thermodynamics and heat transfer, fluid mechanics, strength of materials, materials science, electronics, and mathematics.
The Type of welding you are doing, the brightness of the arc.
You can buy an traditional air conditioner, and fix solar panels on  the roof,then use solar panels supply the air conditioner.
half of the radius. the radius is the distance across thecircle.
Steel alloys are valuable because they are very strong. They do not corrode easily, or are corrosion resistant. They are much harder than normal metals.
The first one is melting and combining the metals. The second one  is grinding the metals to powder then to fuse the agents together  with heat and pressure and the last one is where you beam ions into  the metal to form an alloy
Lathe machine is known as mother tool of all other machines tools.  It is widely using for making round/ spherical jobs. One of the  reasons of development of modern technology and modern industries  are due to the contribution of this simple machine.Lathe machines  is used for operations like: ...
 Carbon (C) 0.95  Manganese (Mn) 1.2  Silicon (Si) 0.4  Chromium (Cr) 0.5  Tungsten (W) 0.5  Vanadium (V) 0.2  Phosphorus (P) 0.03  Max Sulfur (S) 0.03  
I am not aware of anyone using that method on industrial scale
Formula for the volume Expansion for a solid is αV=1VdVdT and  Isotropic materials is αV=3αL.
A lathe in a small wood or metal shop has a motor that connects to  the lathe by belt. In a "direct drive" lathe the motor connects  directly. I assume that "all gear" means direct drive, no belt. A  belt drive protects the motor from damage and reduces vibration of  the lathe. In addition, the...
Screw conveyors are not dangerous at all! All the motion components of the screw   conveyors are kept covered by metal structures or bells. The inspection doors   are kept locked until the screw conveyor is stopped, otherwise it is necessary   to put a grid in order to avoid any...
Soft metals such as Aluminum are popular for automotive pistons  because they are light and cause less friction.
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Because of medium melting point , medium linear coefficient of thermal expansion and medium thermal conductivity.
there are many empirical constellations in turbulent flow depending  upon the conditions like whether flow is internal or external, flow  over a flat plate of pipe etc. so its better to refer a book on  fluid mechanics.
Air Actuated Double Diaphragm Pump
This type of pump bearing:   • Antifriction bearings   - Single-row, deep-groove ball bearing   - Double-row, angular contact ball bearing   - Single-row, angular contact ball bearing pair   - Cylindrical roller bearings   - Spherical roller bearings   - Taper roller bearings...
The carbon and hydrogen present in the fuel react with the oxygen  that taken inside cylinder during induction and the explosion takes  place.
main two type of bearing used in steam turbine:(1)thrust bearing (2)general bearing
It is fitted at the bottom of a vertical shaft for carrying thetotal load
in open cycle arrangement the exhaust coming out from turbine is  rejected into the atmosphere.   so the air enters to compressor goes to combustion chamber then to  turbine and then rejected to atmosphere.
In my opinion, Least count of Spring Balance is very less to  measure valuable metal like Gold.
first of all qualify GATE with good percentile and then u can apply  there in various SRF/JRF seats.
Open loop control systems are one in which Output have no effect on input. Toaster,Washing machine and a Dc motor are the examples. Consider an example of a dc motor, Due to voltage input it rotates a Shaft what happen if the load on shaft increases ???do you get the same output on same input??not...
Bevel gears can transmit motion/power at right angles.
 The Society of Automotive  Engineers (SAE) has established a numerical code system for  grading motor oils according to their viscosity  characteristics. SAE viscosity gradings include the following, from  low to high viscosity: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 or 60. The  numbers 0, 5, 10,...
Chuck Yeager, on Oct. 14 1947, in the Bell X-1, at an altitude of 45,000 ft.
11 gauge steel is 0.125 inches thick.
Having untangling that tangled grammar...  +++  I assume you understand the basics of both types of engine,  despite not using the term "reciprocating".  +++  The steam-turbine is usually designed to expand the steam  through its full pressure / volume / temperature range, so from  high inlet...
The issue is that diesel engines, while they produce a whole lot of torque, cannot rev nearly as high as comparable gasoline engines. And since:     horsepower = (torque*engine speed) / 5252     If your engine won't rev past 3000 rpm, you'll always have less peak horsepower than torque...
Numerous types of belts having different nomenclature are available in the market. For example ; belts having trapezoidal teeth, circular teeth, inch series, metric series. To know all, visit following link ; Industrial Itemshttp://industrial-items.blogspot.in/2013/05/timing-belts.html
Cool wording, very JDM. Guess you have a R34 and you want to put in a VR38 from the R35. It can be done but will require a lot of work. The R34 GTR has a straight 6 with a 6 speed transmission in a normal location in the middle of the car. The R35's transmission in the the rear of the vehicle and...
On the back or inside of the CD case of legally purchased software.
To select method of grease:    The use of grease is primarily limited to the lower horse power  pumps where the parameters are in size and speed of the range of  rolling element bearings..Shideled bearings may limited to a  maximum temperature 52(deg) ..
yes . ' . +++ . You do NOT use "goggles" when arc-welding. You use a properface-shield (mine is the auto-darkening type), and you should notexpose any skin to the arc's intense UV radiation.
stress is directly proportional to strain up to the proportional  limit. Their ratio is young's modulus.
by welding we add some filler material which will fill the gap  between the joint.
pump is used to handle liquid and compressor is used to handle  gases.   other difference include blade shape etc..
its better to see a video of welding to visualize it.
Generally gear pumps are used in hydraulic systems.
  The button is used to allow the elevator doors to be open in a safe way and allow the building security etc. to know you are there and need rescue.
youngs modulus, modulus of rigidity, bulk modulus.
Spot welding is known as resistance welding because the the two pieces of metal melt together at the point of highest resistance to current flow, basically when the electricity flows through the pieces it heats up at the point of highest resistance that is where where the metal pieces touch and in a...
Yes it can be corrected by given small elongation 0.2 to 0.5% by TLL
A switch opens or closes an electrical circuit. A limit switch is a switch that is arranged to open or close an electrical circuit when a physical parameter is at its limit. Often, the limit is physical travel, such as a limit switch that prevents an electro-mechanical device from operating beyond...
  steel is one of the most important engineering materials on earth
The diameter is just the width of a circle. If you drew a straight line threw a 2D circle all the way across that would be it. If you Multiply the radius by 2 then you will get the Diameter. Or, if you know the area of the circle you divide the area by pi (3.14).
Peaking is deviations at vertical weld joints, while banding is deviations at horizontal welds of tank shell , regards engr waqas akram, any engg related questions can be asked at waqas429@hotmail.com
  Answer   My job title is a Project Engineer. That means that I have the training to take a project and work it from initial start until the finish with little supervision.   Production Engineer is concerned about how a part is produced. He will be involved in the production line and the...
If you are talking about a pneumatic solenoid valve the function of  it is to control the air in and out flow in a pneumatic actuator.
An open loop system is simple and straightforward, requiring fewer  physical or logical connections as the closed loop design. It lacks  the feedback offered by closed loop designs. As such, it is often  considered inferior to a closed loop design.   A closed loop design assures the initiator...
As fuel oil in the boilers of steam-turbine powered ships, perhaps.
The movable pulley performs the function of acting as a sort of second class lever.
No. Machine tools use cutting tools to perform its operations.
The vision statement of Hyundai motors is ÔOur team provides value  for your futureÕ. The mission statement is Ôto create exceptional  value for our customers by harmoniously blending safety, quality  and efficiency. With our diverse team, we will provide responsible  stewardship to our...
  every direction its all pressurized   every direction its all pressurized
To pump air. Acutally, there are many things thant can be done with  pressurized air -- even make a computer!
Most bolts are made from varying steels of different tensile strengths. It will be cast into the hexagonal head of the bolt.
Here is the link that will help you with Illustrations http://www.ider.herts.ac.uk/school/courseware/graphics/drawing_circles_in_isometric.html
Did you know they are both equivalent to each other? The only  difference here is the Cu, other than that they are the same.
The pipe installed for the purpose of ventilation is known as a vent pipe while a pipe which is installed in a house drainage to preserve the water seal of trap is an anti-siphonage pipe.
it will depend upon the load and moment applied on the beam.
i am doing my diploma in mechanical engineering what should i do for joining lamborghini company
in conventional machines force is directly applied from tool to the  work piece in non-conventional machines we don't apply the force  directly from tool to the work piece. here we use different forms  of energy which we applied in order to get desired profile like  thermal energy, chemical...
Stress is the tension/compression force per unit area.   Strain is the ratio of change of length to the original length, due  to applied force.   Tension is the applied force which tends to elongate the body.
Both of these are internal combustion engines, which means the fuel  burns inside the cylinders.   A cylinder is an enclosed space with a movable lid called a piston.  Fuel and air are drawn into the cylinder. A spark causes the  mixture to ignite in a petrol engine, whereas in a diesel engine...
a internal combustion engine is used in every make of car from racing to heavy mechanical diggers, Two types of internal combustion example two stroke mostly used for lawnmowers some motorbike's stroke used for all mechanical cars/buses/tractors /no valves in t/stroke. mostly eight valves used in...
the part of beam which has maximum section modulus should take more  load for more strength.
It depends on the size. You can often find tables of weights ofstandard steel sections in engineering text-books andsteel-stockholders' catalogues.
Oxy-acetylene is concidered a chemical weld.
The ASTM tests soap, cars and so many more of everyday objects and  sometimes none everyday objects.
A milling machine basically look like a drill press, but with the ability to move the work piece sideways.A lathe clamp and spin the work piece horizontally and use a stationary tool bit to cut and shape the work piece.
Usually. A2: Not, not usually. Something with high thermal efficiency usually has "pockets" of gas in it, say, closed-cell polyurethane foam. The total dielectric strength, therefore, is not much better than using the same volume of gas or air used to blow it.
It wasn't the engine being steam-powered as such, nor especially in  America; but the development of the railways allowed people and  goods to be transported efficiently and reasonably rapidly over  long distances. This was the same as in the UK, in Europe, etc.
Expansion and contraction can cause things to crack, as in the  weathering of rock. They can cause a bi-metal strip to bend and  straighten, which phenomenon is used in some thermostats. Expansion  can cause the roadway of a bridge to buckle, so gaps have to be  left. Obviously they cause the...
its metal and it tikles your belly
The function of belts is to transmit power from one place to other  in a machine.
from power= torque*angular speed u can calculate torque and from  torque u can find the force if the radius is known.
We used to use a thermocouple embedded in the wall of the mixer (shaped flush) on both Banbury and extruders. You could also use a digital pyrometer to look at the surface temperature.