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Samoa, originally called as Western Samoa, is a country surrounding the western region of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The country was once a territory of New Zealand, until it became independent in 1962.


No they are 2 different countries. American Samoa is an American territory. Samoa is an independent nation.
on a direct flight this would be 13 hours, check http://www.howmanyhours.com/fr/index.php
Haha! Of course you have the right of way then! I know exactly where you're coming from! Even with traffic lights controlling the roads, Samoans tend to do what they feel like doing, and this is coming from myself as a Samoan.
I am assuming that your question is: "What does the red on the Samoan flag mean?", in which case, the answer would be: it represents courage.
Samoans eat everything that everyone else eats, but have their own delicacies like other cultures.
Samoa has plenty of organic food from its fertile lands, and a bountiful sea which provides fish and seafood, but we also import from overseas as well.
Samoans are happy family people, but like anyone else, have the same problems experienced by people from all walks of life.
Entertain friends, dance, nightclubbing, visit family and friends, singing, go to the plantation and do some planting, swim in the beautiful lagoon, study and do homework, fishing, etc, etc
The five stars symbolize the constellation the Southern Cross, representing the stars Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, which is smaller because it doesn't shine as brightly as the other stars in the constellation. The cross represents Samoa's geographical position in the world and its link to...
There are five white, five-pointed stars on the blue representing the constellation the Southern Cross, which is a prominent constellation of the southern hemisphere. The five stars symbolize the constellation the Southern Cross, representing the stars Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, which is...
If you live close to school, you walk. If you live far away from school, you travel by public transport, otherwise, you get chauffered to school by mum, dad or one of the family.
Samoans eat the same food just like other people do from anywhere else in the world.
Excellent. Samoa has its own traditional fales, but mostly, families opt to build homes just like you see anywhere else in the world.
Samoan Flag Description: The flag of Samoa consists of a red base with a blue square in the top left corner. There are five white, five-pointed stars on the blue representing the constellation the Southern Cross, which is a prominent constellation of the southern hemisphere.Samoan Flag Meaning: The...
Some of the strange foods in Samoa include coconut cream taro,  coconut covered yams, and coconut covered potatoes. Another weird  food they eat a lot is cracker soup.
Im guessing kiuga is junior? Lol. and the rest is Im about to come hit you in the head
They prepare it like any other islander will prepare theirs (:
Samoans have all types of hair like any other race, and that was how God made them.
Samoa = Saah-maaw-aah.
total control of the Sa,oan Islands
Ball. Polo lakapi - Rugby ball.
A Samoan Taupou in my own opioin and what my family is teaching me is a female from the family who is basically concider like a princess. but with this role you have many duties! you are a peacemaker, you are to help and ask the villiage for forgivness for anybody in your village. you are the...
Alsowe is not a Samoan word.
faafatai means thank you and maia means mommy so faafetai maia means thank you mommy in english
He was democratically voted into the position.
there are 2 kinds Samoa.Western Samoa and American Samoa,Western Samoan has no native bird only American Samoa does.American Samoa's native bird is a Eagle ( There is an Eagle on the American Samoa flag )
The Tuiga is a samoan head-dress. It is worn by high chiefs of the village. It is also worn by the taupo ( daughter of chief) or manaia (son of chief). It is worn during all traditional events.
you need a Samoan citizen to sponser you. then if you want to stay 12 months plus you'll need a police report from the current country you live in and a medical report.
Matua means old. It also means parents.
Mango = Mago, pronounced mah-ngaw
they serve it properley
What do Samoan children do in school
i need to travel to Samoa with Fiji passport do i need a visa to travel to Samoa
Yes all schools in Samoa are equipped with desks and chairs for students and teachers.
Talofa si a'u Pele, o a mai oe i lenei aso? There is no Samoan word for Honey, although you can just say "talofa si a'u honey". The word Pele refers to someone close to your heart.
Pani popo, chop sui, pig, mango, coconut
Education has improved thoughout the years. Samoa's Education System was not so strong but now the adult literacy rate is over 95%. education is provided by the Department of Education and five religious missions.
Beauce white sunday is one of the special event in the samoan culture. Its the special ceremony for each one of you especially the childrens. This is the way why samoan people may have their christchian ways. They beleive in God and that why they celebrate White Sunday and become a Samoan culture...
Around 8 (if you include the very small ones that are uninhabited)
The translation of the Samoan slap dance is the 'fa'atau pati' its a dance for boys only when they do their ulufale (sort of dance) they slap theirselves, at the same time when they jump up and down and also turn around.
Samoans eat the same food like all other ethnicities, with a few delicacies pertaining to Samoa only.
That's not really a fair question. You see its not there fault. What happened is that they eat so many coconuts that a rare coco toxin has been intoduced to their bodies causing their DNA to breakdown and devolve back to neanderthals. Also (im a new person editing) They actually were the first...
Fia poto is used to describe a person that "think they know everything".
pal'u or malu??...Am puzzled at the first answer... Third is "tu tolu".
The Red bit stands for courage The blue bit stands for freedom The white bits inside the stars stand for purity The 5 stars stand for the symbolize the constellation of the southern cross.
Samoans derive from the islands of Samoa.
Uce is a slang term for "uso" which means brother (or sister depending on who is saying the word, and who they're saying it to)If a girl says "uso" she can ONLY direct it at another girl (sister). If a girl needs to address her brother she would call him her "tuagane".If a boy says "uso" he can ONLY...
It means- you're cool, you're nice, you're alright!
= Sole (meaning boy/bro) grab something to hit that Indian boys' head with.
No, he is New Zealand European
Toa - Warrior / Strong.
Some say the curriculum is similar to that of NZ's education however most subjects (history, geography, economics) are more related to Samoa than other nations. They have kindergarten, primary schools, high schools and universities.
Savalivali means go for a walk.Tautalatala means too much talk.Alofa ia te oe means I love you.Take it easy, faifai lemu.
Literally, "Welcome to the house" (colloquial). Laoa is the name given to the residence/house/home of a talking high chief (Matai). A talking high chief is called a Tulafale/Fetalaiga/Tofa. Fetalai is speak/talk, hence the name Fetalaiga, a talker/speaker. If the high chief was an "Ali'i (Lord),...
Manu or Magu in Samoa means animal or beast. Like you know how they say "Oh, he's beast".
I think he is, but there were some rumours that he might have some Samoan bit in him. Whatever he is, he is a great player, and he has done well by us all New Zealanders, regardless of where we come from in the world.
Yes. It means white. It is pronounced that way, but spelled palagi.Palangi is used by a few South Pacific languages actually. The way you spelt "palangi" is the exact way Tongans spell it. And it means white man/Caucasian.
It basically means - With this money we are going to buy food for wiri.
Kinda doesnt make sense in Samoan OR in English, but I'll give it a try.... Na e faitau you sharing a Lou toaua you luga o le facebook? ... Sounds as if someone is asking another person if they "read what their husband/wife/spouse wrote on Facebook".
Yes, it is Samoan, and the translation is, "He/she is overly, overly handsome/pretty".
Talo (taro), fa'i (bananas), ta'amu (I don't know the English name), yam (ufi)
If you mean "Tatatuli", it is sung by Punialava'a
Aute is the Samoan translation of the Orchid flower.
Fa'afetai or Fa'afetai lava for thank you very much
It can be. There are thousadns (maybe even millions) of Samoans in the world. Alofa Leiu could definetly be one of them.
nick Jonas has diabetes and no he hate Samoans. Um what does Nick having diabetes have to do with liking Somoans? I think your confused with the GirlScout cookie called a Somoa, Somoans are people from the Somoan Islands and I'm sure he likes them just as much as other people.
Alofa le iu - Never ending love.
Le iu (2 words) means "never ending".
"E te alofa ia oe aso uma" (You love yourself every day). I'm wondering if you meant, "Ou te alofa ia te oe i aso uma" (I will love you every day).
i think it means goodbye :D
tofa soi fua = good byeTofa soifua suga (as mentioned above) means goodbye. But the word "suga" is given to a female. So Tofa soifua suga can be loosely translated to "Farewell/good bye girl"
samoans live in either American Samoa or wester Samoa. Samoans usually live in huts or regular houses like the ones today.
amazing - ma'eu. See related link.