Samoa, originally called as Western Samoa, is a country surrounding the western region of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The country was once a territory of New Zealand, until it became independent in 1962.


No they are 2 different countries. American Samoa is an American territory. Samoa is an independent nation.
Manaia, matagofie, lalelei
Monkey = Manuki; pronounced Mah-noo-key.
Thank you for replying = Faafetai lava mo le tali.
I don't know in Samoan is "Ou te le iloa".
No smoking = Sa le ulaula.
Well, I know Sammy is "sort of" a nickname for Samson in English, so Samson in Samoan is Samasoni. Did I help? lol...
Manu Samoa ! MATE MA'A TONGA! Both are very competitive... but if you look at the stats.. Samoa both in sevens and fifteens have beaten Tonga alot of times.. not saying tongas not good at rugby its just how it is... and there a more samoans in the All Blacks then there is Tongans ... ...
O a'u o le malosi; O a'u o le paoa.
Nice guy - ali'i (guy) manaia (nice) or "manaia le ali'i", "ali'i lelei" (good) or "lelei le ali'i
On a direct flight this would be 13 hours.
What is your name = O ai Lou igoa? OR (if you're asking an elderly person or simply want to be "polite") you ask " O ai Lou suafa"?
American Samoa became a U.S. territory on April 17, 1900
Haha! Of course you have the right of way then! I know exactly where you're coming from! Even with traffic lights controlling the roads, Samoans tend to do what they feel like doing, and this is coming from myself as a Samoan.
sose. a gual who is kinda clever and cight smart well could be . good behaved well she feels like it. good on uu
I am assuming that your question is: "What does the red on the Samoan flag mean?", in which case, the answer would be: it represents courage.
Look = Va'ai or tilotilo or, if you're talking to an elderly person and need to be polite, you say taga'i ane.
Samoans eat everything that everyone else eats, but have their own delicacies like other cultures.
Samoa has plenty of organic food from its fertile lands, and a bountiful sea which provides fish and seafood, but we also import from overseas as well.
Samoans are happy family people, but like anyone else, have the same problems experienced by people from all walks of life.
Entertain friends, dance, nightclubbing, visit family and friends, singing, go to the plantation and do some planting, swim in the beautiful lagoon, study and do homework, fishing, etc, etc
Lots of love for you and your family.
The five stars symbolize the constellation the Southern Cross, representing the stars Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, which is smaller because it doesn't shine as brightly as the other stars in the constellation. The cross represents Samoa's geographical position in the world and its link to...
There are five white, five-pointed stars on the blue representing the constellation the Southern Cross, which is a prominent constellation of the southern hemisphere. The five stars symbolize the constellation the Southern Cross, representing the stars Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, which is...
Ua e fa'asoesa; ese lou fa'asoesa.
If you live close to school, you walk. If you live far away from school, you travel by public transport, otherwise, you get chauffered to school by mum, dad or one of the family.
Samoans eat the same food just like other people do from anywhere else in the world.
Excellent. Samoa has its own traditional fales, but mostly, families opt to build homes just like you see anywhere else in the world.
Samoa is an island near Fiji and has 214,000 people. In Samoa they sell coconut products, nonu fish and fruit to overseas countries to make money
Samoan Flag Description: The flag of Samoa consists of a red base with a blue square in the top left corner. There are five white, five-pointed stars on the blue representing the constellation the Southern Cross, which is a prominent constellation of the southern hemisphere. Samoan Flag Meaning: ...
Some of the strange foods in Samoa include coconut cream taro,coconut covered yams, and coconut covered potatoes. Another weirdfood they eat a lot is cracker soup.
Ia maua se asofanau fiafia ma le manaia. Aua le pati tele.
The Samoan translation of ugly? Lol ! AULEAGA.
Did in a question - Did you ...? - "Na e ....?" Did they ...? - "Na latou ...?" Did in a statement - I did ... - "Na ou faia ..." They did ... - "Na latou faia ..."
Im guessing kiuga is junior? Lol. and the rest is Im about to come hit you in the head
They prepare it like any other islander will prepare theirs (:
Samoans have all types of hair like any other race, and that was how God made them.
To say white person in Samoan simply say pa'epa'e tagata.
Ou te fia mana'o e fa'aaoga le potu taele.
ulu Ulu - Head. Lau'ulu - Hair.
Samoa = Saah-maaw-aah.
lavatia, o'ono, onosa'i
Ou te fiafia i lenei pese.
Ia Manuia Lou Malaga The literal translation of "Rest in peace" is "Malolo (Rest) i le filemu" or "Mapu (Rest) i le filemu" or "Moe (sleep/rest) i le filemu". These are lovely phrases. "Manuia lau (not lou) malaga" translates to "You have a blessed trip", or translating the idea/meaning, instead of...
lapisi, pronounced as "lah-pee-see"
total control of the Sa,oan Islands
Ball. Polo lakapi - Rugby ball.
A Samoan Taupou in my own opioin and what my family is teaching me is a female from the family who is basically concider like a princess. but with this role you have many duties! you are a peacemaker, you are to help and ask the villiage for forgivness for anybody in your village. you are the...
Agelu ( Ah nge lou) ia the samoan word for Angel
If it's legend pertaining to stories from way back, it would be: tala mai le vavau; uputu'u. If you mean legend as in "He is a legend", then it is ta'uta'ua.
Anatele'a ! my middle name. lol.
Taika. It's a bastardized word from English because there are obviously no tigers in Samoa. Or you could say Pusi feai ... lol Cat Ferocious!
v. persist - tumau n. persistence - tumauga
Alsowe is not a Samoan word.
Loosely it means best wishes for the rest of the plans you have today. It's quite an old saying which tranlated literally is 'Best wishes plans today that are remaining'
Verbal communication means> using words,speak or talk to the other people, likes> Hello how are you, and hows your day been.
faafatai means thank you and maia means mommy so faafetai maia means thank you mommy in english
Tonga - Tongan, English. Samoa - Samoan, English.
Vili i Lou uso. Or "Vala'au lou uso/tuagane". Uso is used if a "brother" is to call a "brother". "Tuagane" is used if a "sister" is to call her "brother".
He was democratically voted into the position.
there are 2 kinds Samoa.Western Samoa and American Samoa,Western Samoan has no native bird only American Samoa does.American Samoa's native bird is a Eagle ( There is an Eagle on the American Samoa flag )
Both cultures don't take themselves too seriously and know how to laught at themselves, they're also both located in the South Pacific ocean.
Ou te ita tele ia te oe.
The Tuiga is a samoan head-dress. It is worn by high chiefs of the village. It is also worn by the taupo ( daughter of chief) or manaia (son of chief). It is worn during all traditional events.
loto mitamita, fa'amaualuga, mitamita, mimita
Community of people/something - ituaiga; village community - faiganu'u.
the samoan word for brother is uso
you need a Samoan citizen to sponser you. then if you want to stay 12 months plus you'll need a police report from the current country you live in and a medical report.
Matua means old. It also means parents.