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Questions related to the country of England, which is located on the island of Great Britain. The island lies close to the Atlantic coast of Europe. England together with Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales comprises the nation called The United Kingdom.
There are no OshKosh or Carter's stores listed in their  international directory. (There is a misplaced listing for  Silverdale, WA, USA which was likely picked up as Wales.)   Both Amazon.UK and Zalando carry various OshKosh products online.
The Dickens  repository in central London  means to celebrate the best novelists in British history  Charles Dickens. The museum exhibits over 100,000 items from  personal items to artwork and manuscripts from some of his  books. 
Manchester Victoria to Bradford Interchange takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 20 mins depending on the service.
No, it is located around the Northern- Western part of the UK
Check the OFSTED website ! They'll have data on all schools in theUK.
The Three Tuns in High Wycombe High Street hasn't closed down, it's still there but has been called The Hobgoblin for several years now.
I assume you refer to Ongar, which was closed in 1994. It was situated on the Central line, east of Epping (further from central London).
Answer this question…There are no direct flights from Gatwick to  San Diego
OX is the Oxford England Postal Code
WebbyWunda's answer: In 2010 there were 50 official cities in England, with a total of 66 in the United Kingdom. Previous answer: This is an estimate... 65.
Anyone that says something like that is the same.People say that in a airport. Answer:Airport
Since 1987 Black History Month has been celebrated every October in the United Kingdom (which includes England). The event is formally recognised by the Government and highlights the contributions Africa and African peoples make to the economic, social and political landscape of London and the wider...
William Duke of Normandy, crowned king of England in Westminster Abbey on Christmas day 1066.
Answer this question…England is around 50 thousand sq. miles while  Canada is about 3.855 million sq. miles which makes Canada slightly  bigger than England! About 70 times bigger.
Answer this question…Yes, quite a few.
Not really!Im british and I dont mean to bost but im pretty gorgouse!!
Financially they are in a big mess, with huge debts.
It divides Britain into hard and softer rock types. The softer  rocks in the south-east erode faster. In the north west are older  harder rocks such as granite and basalt.
'bout 60 million  About 50 million. The UK population is about 63 million. 
Answer this question…About 8 hours
Answer this question…In the summer.
  Mowatt burned Falmouth, October 18th, 1775. Captain Mowatt had been held prisoner by the residents of Falmouth for one night in May of 1775. Under orders from Admiral Graves (The same man who made Brithish troops under the command of Col. Smith wait for several hours at Phips farm before...
St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham is a parish church of the  Church of England. By 1808, the church spire had been struck by  lightning three times.
Answer this question…About 12 hours
Answer this question…How far into the past
Birmingham Airport is at the heart of the UK motorway network, enabling easy access for up to 35million who are within a 2 hour driving time. ... Birmingham Airport is directly connected to BirminghamInternational Station
Yes! It used to be a mother tongue in Medieval England.
About 220 miles driving distance.
in London was the great flood in 1897 and every one got in boats and all there penis's fell off and they got scared so they went naked and started to swim then there penis's came alive and attacked them :S:L:L, and there was a famouse girl called libby who saved the day by shooting allll the...
The current captain of Liverpool FC is Steven Gerrard.
The currency of England since before 1200AD has been the Pound.
When getting to know the English Educational System, we can realizethat there are several differences with ours. The most noticeableone is the timetable. It is common knowledge that in Spain, we havedifferent timings than in the rest of Europe, so it is notsurprising that the children's timetables...
Well, for rich people, it was about not showing emotion and stuff,you could smile and stuff but not extremes.
London St Pancras International station   The chunnel services once operated from Waterloo, however in 2009 St Pancras International was opened and all services were relocated.   see: http://stpancras-international.co.uk   London Stratford International station   Stratford International...
It is 237.1 miles and would take around 5 hours to drive there.
i think they play all kinds of games like basketball and soccer
The Windsor Castle is a royal residence in Windsor, England.
If you receive the higher rate component of the Disability Living  Allowance, you may begin driving at the age of 16. Otherwise, you  must wait until you are 17.
Iran is about 3h and 30m ahead of the UK
Madrid is the capital of Spain and isn't in England.
England is a nation within the sovereign state of the United Kingdom (or more properly, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).
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Liverpool is the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom with area around 43.2 sq mi (111.84 km2)
In the sense of the British Army, then none. The standard scarlet tunics were formally discontinued at the start of the First World War in August 1914. They are still used in limited, ceremonial forms, most notably by the Guards regiments.
The most scenic walk starts from Seathwaite. From Keswick, take the road towards Buttermere. As you go through the Honister Pass, turn left for the village of Seathwaite, then leave your car there. Head straight down the road, straight through the village, and the road narrows and becomes a path...
i believe the underground trains are made of steel, metal, copper, and other strong matirials that protect the trains from harmful objects or to hold the people.
Yes you can. Though there may be duty to be paid
It is 15 miles from Ladbroke Grove to East Croydon Station.
usually about 23:30 - 00:30 although thanks to the 24 hour drinking law you can find a pub to get wasted in at any hour if you look hard enough
This is an approximate direct (straight line) distance. During actual travel, this distance may change if a different flight route is chosen.The distance between the two places in miles is:3437
Archaeological evidence found in 2008  indicates that Stonehenge could have been a burial ground from its  earliest beginnings.The dating of cremated remains found on the  site indicate that deposits contain human bone from as early as  3000 BC, and continued for at least another 500 years.  ...
Many parts of London had to be rebuilt as they had been destroyed  by bombing.
believe it or not, the bishops who assisted the Archbishop of  Liverpool are titled "Assistant Bishops"
The Lake District is about 54 km across (west-east) and 48 km long (north-south).
As at 1-Feb-2010, it would be worth $1,401.96 US Dollars.
Skegness, Lincolnshire is 182 miles from Gatwick airport
Bath (Aquae Sulis ) Binchester, Durham (Vinovia ) Bitterne, Hampshire (Clausentum ) Bridlington (Praesidium/Praetorium ) Brough-on-Noe, Derbyshire (Anavio ) Burgh Castle (Garrianonum ) Buxton, Derbyshire (Aquae Arnemetiae ) Caerleon (Isca Augusta ) Caernarfon (Segontium ) Caerwent,...
More West Midlands
3,000 miles due east of London would be in upper north-west Quebec, Canada on the east coast of James Bay.
The Stonehenge visitor centre is the closest public access to Stonehenge.
Slightly upstream of Hexham in Northumberland
It takes between 1:33 and 1:49 from Derby to London St. Pancras.
Framlingham, Suffolk. Colchester, Essex (claims to be the oldest market town in England). Petersfield, Hampshire. Grantham, Lincs. Market Harborough, Leics. Dorchester, Dorset. Ringwood, Hampshire. Halifax, West Yorkshire was a market town until late 2009, when it became a 'Minster' town.
  Yes, the Thames has around 38 main tributaries.
No, they are burial mounds :)
Until recently the choice was between the informal Hello and the more formal Good morning (/afternoon/ evening).Now the formal versions are heard less often, Hello is common and the even more informal Hi is also common.
King George III : 1760-1820 King George IV : 1820-1830 King William IV : 1830-1837 Queen Victoria : 1837-1901
No pecan not do england
The Parliament have the power, but the queen is head of state.
It is about 4,000 miles from the UK to the USA.
The single busiest ferry port in the UK is Dover, with 1.6 million cars, 700,000 lorries, 118,000 buses and 16 million passengers a year. It is so popular because it is only 21 miles from Calais, France - the gateway to continental Europe.