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Punctuation and Capitalization

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Are you hooked on commas? Are you possessive about apostrophes? Do you think hyphens look dashing? This category is for questions related to the use of certain marks to separate words into sentences and clauses and capital letters in writing.
Pu nctuatio ns: . 1. Period ( . ) . 2. Ellipses (...) . 3. Comma ( , ) . 4. Semicolo n ( ; ) . 5. Apostrophe ( ' ) . 6. Dash ( --- ) . 7. Hype n ( - ) . 8-9. Quotatio n Marks (" " ) a nd ( ' ') . 10. Italics . Example: Ca n you spell wo nder ? . 11. Pare ntheses ( ) ....
Yes, a book title is a proper noun, the name of a specific book.
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depends. If I put the Quote "you do not have a pig" and the I wantto keep going i would put,"You do not have a pig." but If you don'twant to keep going yo would put the period after the quotationmark.
yes check-up should be hyphenated
Official ICD-9-CM Coding Conventions . Brackets [ ]: Brackets enclose synonyms, alternativeterminology or explanatory phrases. Example: . 482.2 Pneumonia due to Hemophilus influenzae [H.influenzae] . Alternatively, brackets may also appear beneath a code toindicate the fifth digits that are...
Sounds like your keyboard has been changed to a different layout.You can manually insert a / mark - by looking for it in theCharacter Map - and use copy/paste to insert where you need it tobe.
It is not usually necessary. You would only do it if theexpression were an extra phrase or a clause.
that is correct.. (secretaries' offices)
Joe watered the garden; the plants did not grow. You can't have an"and", as ";" replaces a conjunction. (and)
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It's used to emphasise something. Shock, incredulity - things like that. Though one celebrated author - I forget who - once said something along the lines of 'if you're ever tempted to use an exclamation mark, think about it for five minutes and then don't'.
Most of the time the answer is yes. Sometimes, you can end a quote at the end of a sentence using the ellipsis or the (...). For example, the court stated that even the the Defendant was wrong, she should not "pay retribution persuant to the contract...". Notice that even here the quote is after the...
We don't have them on an American keyboard, but generally they look like > instead of " ". If you have Microsoft Word, change the default language to French (there are about 20 different kinds of French, so choose France as the country of origin). That way, when you're typing out an essay in...
Yes, it should be hyphenated.
Yes, song titles are capitalized. Titles of all kinds of creativeworks are capitalized.
sometimes if it is a question.hoped it helped
Probably not. You insert commas to separate items in lists or whenever you'd take a breath if you were speaking. I can't think of a sentence that would have a comma before too.
The issue in this case is whether E. B. Harvey & Company has the right to full compensation from Protective Systems for the loss of property due to a burglary or whether limited liability is valid. According to the contract, limited liability is valid because the contract has an exculpatory clause...
CSS is not capable of doing that.. You will need to use an image of some sort.
yes, e.g. Can You Stay
More likely you are talking about the rhetorical device apostrophe, in which a speech is delivered to an abstraction or inanimate object incapable of understanding it, or someone who is not present as in "O true apothecary; thy drugs are quick."
There are 3 factors that combine to define capitalization. Thefirst is the total amount of a corporation's stock, the second isthe company's long-term debt, and the third is the company'sretained earnings.
There is not rule that says you must use a comma before the word you exclusively. You would have to use a comma if the sentence would require one. Now if you were writing down the slang of 'you are' you would write it like this; you're. There must have been a sentence example for your homework...
yes, but there are some poems that use quotations like this: 'John is not patient' said my mother and some use it like this: "John is not patient" said my mother. So you should look that up if you want to know how to use it correctly ---- Yes, you put poems in quotations, though it depends on...
You would never use a comma between the d and s in the word periods because it is the plural form of the word period. Now if you were showing a possession of someone then you would use the comma. Here are some examples: . Cally's cat ran away from home. . The cat's food was terrible so she went to...
On Friday, February 6th, there will be a serious snow storm.
It is optional. Personally i would not, but most people would. This is because most people incorrectly believe that the personal pronoun 'i' must be capitalised at all times. Once again, this is actually optional.
we unite our hands in prayer\n
A colon is used as in the following example: To Whom It May Concern:
you captialize Sheriff as he/she is a person therefore a noun as is office so is capitalized too. Sheriff's Office ----- C.W
Another properly identified star could be seen near the black hole with the aid of the telescope.
Eroteme, interrogation point, interrogation mark, question point,or query. Do note that the backwards or mirrored eroteme are differentsymbols used to denote sarcasm or irony; known as a percontationpoint
yes of course you do in any story you can put quotations in
it depends what is it on or from cause there is a lot of qoutes using can so you have to ask what are some quotes using the word can from...so you need more info on what for.
It depends how many Jacksons there are. If you are talking the actions of one person called Jackson then the correct form is Jackson's actions , if you are referring to the actions of more than one person called Jackson, then the correct form would be (the) Jacksons' actions.
In a word, yes. The pronoun 'I' and any associated contractions (e.g. I'm, I've, I'd) should always be capitalised.
The absence of punctuation does not in itself cause a string of words to be defined as a fragment, nor does the presence of punctuation cause a string of words to be defined as a sentence. A sentence without a full stop is not a fragment; it is a sentence without a full stop. A phrase followed by a...
If you say my grandma then no but if you say "Grandma did this" then yes
Not for the plural rabbits . Apostrophes are almost never correct for forming plurals. The word rabbit's could be properly used in two instances: 1) the possessive for a single rabbit -- The rabbit's leg was caught in the cage. 2) a contraction, rarely used, for is or has -- That rabbit's a lot...
If it is used as what is termed an "interrupter," you use a comma. If it is joining two clauses, you use a semicolon before it and a comma after it. Interrupter: He would, therefore, appreciate a quick response. Joining clauses: He appreciates quick responses; therefore, I shall endeavour to...
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Uruguay and Utah begin with a capital letter. Names such as Upton, Urban and Ulrich also begin with a capital letter.
no, there is only one. ================== I can't think of any example where ending a sentence with two periods would be necessary. Not even following the last word in a sentence that is being quoted within parentheses would I expect one to employ two periods. One, I humbly submit, is all that's...
No. Sample: Susan, Jane and Amanda are coming as well as our neighbours.
I would use a comma between spiro and spero . Romans didn't use much punctuation, but it makes it easier to understand the phrase which is translated "While I breathe, I hope."
No, in order to meet the qualifications for the job you must first receive you associates degree.
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There was no punctuation until the fifteenth century.
No, because international is an adjective. If it's part of the name of an organization, then yes, you should capitalize it.
No. Special subtypes of pronouns (called "possessive pronouns") are used to indicate possession. These pronouns (his, hers, theirs, its, mine, yours, whose, ours) do NOT use apostrophes. This is a frequent mistake for the word "it's". IT'S (with an apostrophe) is a contraction of "it is". The...
The patient was awake, alert and taken to the recover room. Well, having tolerated the procedure
See for yourself: it can be massive; can be tiny (.) how every youpicture it!
It really depends on what format you are typing in. Some say hit the space twice and others say once. For the most part you hit the space bar once because,this would look really weird This one, looks better (referring to the commas)
the brackets is used for the making easily sentenced reading if any words having more option or having special features
it wouldn't have one unless it had an s, like Ronald's.
It can be. You can write re-elected, or reelected. Rather like co-ordinate, coordinate, co-operate, cooperate, re-emphasize and reemphasize. It really depends on whether you find unhyphenated double letters, as in reelected, comfortable to read, or not, and whether your intended readers will be...
You do not capitalize numeral designations, unless they're part of an official title, like the Third Reich or One flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Yes, one can end a sentence with "no" or "yes", but this isgenerally not done in formal writing. Examples: "I will take thatas a no." Note that you can have a sentence that consists of onlythe one word "No" or "Yes".
Answer . \nThree weeks is no biggie. If it makes you feel better disconect the battery before storage and check the tire pressure and oil level in addition to leaks under the vehicle before driving again. Longer storage will require you to empty the fuel tank and change the oil right before...
Just one space is fine, as you can start a new thought from that point.
no it is not a proper noun
Yes, the phrase "Italian sausage" is supposed to be capitalizedbecause "Italian" is a nationality-related adjective.
Yes. Depending upon sentence usage, "it's" is a contraction for the two words "it is" (as in "it's a problem") or "it has" (as in "it's been a long time since I've seen you"). "Its" without an apostrophe stands for the possessive form of the pronoun "it" and is used as an attributive adjective ...
You do not generally hyphenate the word stepchild , becauseit is not a hyphenated word. If the question is where to hyphenatestepchild if you have to break it across two lines, it is notdifficult to determine this, because the two syllables are actuallyseparate words: step and child . If you...
You put the comma before the Or Example: Do you like Strawberry, Vanilla , or Chocolate ice cream?
Hi, The Reading Algebra/Symbols page xvi of my textbook Algebra Structure and Method Book 1 lists the definition as: "is this statement true?" hope that helps.
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Christian is a proper noun so capitalize it.
enclose additoinal information
I use both words in a name when I refer to a bird. Such as 'Northern Cardinal' or 'American Robin.'
Depends! (If the sentence starts and ends inside the brackets the punctuation does too.) If the sentence is part in (and part out) the punctuation goes outside the brackets. It is the same with quotation marks (look in a newspaper and you'll see what I mean).
Answer . \nInadequate breathing. If you don't get enough air then your whole body stops. When this happens just stop for a minute, catch your breath(don't stop too long) and get going!
To show possession or omitted letters. Horses is a plural word. Horse's is a possessive. I'll is a contraction of "I" and "will", the apostrophe shows that one or more letters have been omitted. Ill is how one might feel when stricken with the stomach bug.
Yes. Part-time, full-time, mother-in-law, etc.
A compound word is "a word composed of two or more words joined with a hyphen or written in solid form, as 'fly-by-night' or 'shoestring'." I guess it all depends on how the word is written; I've seen it written acceptably as "point-blank", "pointblank", AND "point blank"
Expenditure is not hyphenated.