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The Outsiders

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'The Outsiders' was written by S.E. Hinton, and published in 1967. It is narrated by the story's main character, Ponyboy.
She's a Soc but she Fells for a Greaser.
Ponyboy couldn't concentrate in school because Johnny and Dally died.
 He begins to think that none of the guys in his gang should be  there, fighting like hoods in the night.  He's afraid he and his gang will end up hoods.  Pony can "feel their hatred" [between Darry and Paul] even  though they used to be friends.  Pony has stopped hating the Socs, and wants...
he received money and a gun from their friend dally (ch3-4)
It was about how Randy was not going to be in the Rumble. Randy and Bob were axtremely close friends since, uh, a long time and Johnny killed Bob. Randy didn't think that it would be worth to fight and kill someone else. Hope that helps.. a little! =^^=
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Ponyboy feels that darry treats him like a baby and doesnt really love him. darry's always holllering at ponyboy...
Bob- one of the main socs. Boy friend of cherry and got killed by johnny. Best friend with randy. Have a good side of him to says randy and cherry.
He laughed because Ponyboy was proving a point that he still has his sensitive nature side to him and no so tough to make two-bit feel better about himself.
it is like this ig temple with a flag pole that is called the nishan sahib
Johnny felt about dying is that he was young but he doesn't care because he died as a hero.
Johnny says in the book that they came to him for help ecause they figured that is anyone could get them out Dally could.
the 'greasers' used swithblades and the 'socs' used only their hands and feet
They cut each other's hair with a switchblade, and afterwards, Jonny bleaches Pony's hair blond.
The Greasers treadmark was their hair. 
Steve had dark hair, and brown eyes. In the movie he was Tom Cruise; he had big muscles and a tattoo. He wore boots with jeans and a T-Shirt. He was tall.
he is buff in the shoulders hes 6ft 2inchesdark dbrown hair that kicks out in front andcolacks in the backhe has pale blue green ice eyes and is twenty but look older
He did not want pony to be a fighter and a rough person. He wanted him to stay the way he was. Gold.
because they don't have time to think about being scare, they want to rescue the kids inside that church.
there's no official sequel. But That Was Then, This Is Now, is often said to be because it contains references to characters in The Outsiders (including Ponyboy Curtis, Curly and Tim Shepard and a couple more), and is written by the same author.
No, the doctors just keep injecting him with drugs because they can't kill him.
He is afraid that him and his brothers would get separated and put into foster homes.
They felt responsible for starting the fire because one of them dropped a cigarette and started it.
His eyes are big and dark. Almost completely black.
Ponyboy said he loved the country before he fell asleep in the lot.
Bob..... Pony boy talks about it toward the end when hes looking at the yearbooks....
Johnny is extremely ill and about to pass on, and the doctor gives them the bad news. Johnny's mother comes to see him, and he gets so uset that he faints. Hope this helps :)
johnny is a hero cause he saved the kids in the fire. Dally saved Ponyboy so he is a hero
peace between the Socs and the greasers
in the outsiders there is but im not sure abt real life, WHYN DO U CARE IN THE FIRST PLACE?
Robert frost...nothing gold can stay
I'm pretty sure he went solo, if not sorry.
  No, he is alive and well and touring again as of 10/26/2007.
he was beaten badly by a group of socs, one who had alot of rings on his fingers, which left scars on johnny's face. He was beaten up when he was looking ofr a football to practice with.
Dally grinned wolfishly The horizon was a thin golden line hope these help :D
to keep his hair fashionably
Ponyboy wants to refuse that Johnny is dead because they are buddies, and the gang needs Johnny as much as Johnny needs them
Johnny tried to save Ponyboy because Bob is drowning Ponyboy.
She relates to ponyboy because he is an outsider in his social group like her. She spies for the rumble because she doesn't want anyone to get hurt.
He saved kids from a burning church Help Ponyboy and Johnny run away when they were on the run (killed a person because the socials were drowing ponyboy)Stopped fire from spreading on ponyboys arm
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Soc girls were common in the 50's. These girls wore a short sleeve  shirt and a poodle skirt. They were called soc girls because the  worn white ankle socks with saddle shoes.
they ran into the church because they wanted to run away from the cops and the socs. the cops were looking for them because johnny had killed the soc, bob. and the socs were really close to bob so they wanted to get revenge on johnny.
Ponyboy Curtis, the narrator, begins the novel with a story: he is walking home one afternoon after watching a Paul Newman film, and his mind starts to wander. He thinks about how he wants Paul Newman's good looks, though he likes his own greaser look. He also thinks that, although he likes to watch...
  == The west side ==    
beat him up and may be cut his hair
A sunset, because he didn't think Dally had ever seen one.
They fight because a greaser (forgot who) killed a Soc (forgot who), and the Socs wanted revenge/payback, so they fight in the vacant parking lot. They fight in the vacant lot, so no one would be there to call the cops. Go to sparknotes.com and it tells you ALL about the book. :)
the movie characters are:ponyboy:C Thomas Howell steve:Tom cruise johnny:ralph mocciho and it goes on
Well it really depends on which greaser or Soc your comparing. For example Cherry vs. Dally, Dally is more of a menance or Bob vs. Ponyboy, Bob is more a menance. Like Cherry says in the books not all Soc are bad. Also not all greasers are bad.
He whistled, starting low and going up, their and Tim Shepard's gangs' signal.
there kind of the same really you should no the answer
They never give names for Johnny's parents, but his mom is described as a drunk who only talks to Johnny when she is pissed off, and she screams and hits him. His dad is described as abusive. He beats Johnny up every time he turns around. He even once beat Johnny with a 2x4 (piece of wood). Very...
Unlike the other Greasers, he did not love fighting.
Ponyboy calls the other gangs more rough and organized than his.
Bob is a Soc, and is Cherry Valance's boyfriend. He is killed when he, Randy, and 3 other Socs try to drown Ponyboy Curtis. Johnny Cade stabs him, protecting Pony from dying.
near the 1960's duhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! who doesn't know that??!!
Yes Darry Curtis is a greaser.ALong with his brothers Sodapop Curtis,an Ponyboy Curtis,and others who arent his brother
1- Abandoned church 2- the park 3- Ponyboy's house 4- The train 5- The hospital 6- Church 7- Dairy Queen 9- Empty Lot10- Drive-in Movie theatre11- DX gas station12- School13- Buck Merrill's house14- Johnny's house15- Two-bits house16- Randy's house17- Marcia's house 18- Steve's house 19-...
dally, johnny, sodapop, and ponyboy are my favorites (: too bad half of them die :'(
"white trash with mustangs and madras"
Soda, Steve: drag races Ponyboy: movies, books two-bit: fights dally: cause trouble darryl: work out johnny: idolize dally and hang with ponyboy
there was five socs. it was Randy adderson, Robert (bob) sheldon, david, and two others that were not mentioned
Ponyboy is 14, Sodpop is 16 going on 17, Darry is 20, Dally is 17, Two-Bit is 18 and a half, Steve is 17, Johnny is 16, Buck Merill is in his mid-twenties,Curly Shepard is 15, Tim Shepard is 18,Cherry and Marcia are both about 18, Tim Shepard's gang has boys that range from 15 to 19
S.E. Hinton started the book "The Outsiders" in 1965, and the story takes place in 1965.
The year the book published come on guys dont be lazy
weapons used in rumbles are chairs, Crow bars, rocks anything a person cant get their hands on can be used in a rumble. :]
I have no clue but I want to know.
Pony picks up all the pieces of glass from when he smashed the bottle. Two bit knows that Pony will not get tough because this shows that he still cares about the little things that the rest of the gang would ignore.
Ponyboy picks up the shards of glass so that a car won't get a flat tire.
The socs are a bunch of rich kids who wear madras and have mustangs. They throw party's and hurt greasers for fun. Greasers have the rough side of it all. Johnny Cade for instance is beaten by his alcoholic and abusive parents. He was also jumped by the socs. Ponyboy Curtis, the youngest of the...