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Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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Percy Jackson & The Olympians is a series of books about a troubled young boy, Percy, who finds out he is the son of the Sea God, Poseidon. The stories are based in Greek mythology and written by Rick Riordan. The series began in 2005 with 'The Lightning Thief'.
His mother and Poseidon mated
Here are all the actors: Percy Jackson = Logan Lerman Annabeth Chase = Alexandra Daddario Grover Underwood = Brandon T. Jackson Silena Baureguard = Chelean Simmons Chiron = Pierce Brosnan Poseidon = Kevin McKidd Zeus = Sean Bean Athena = Melina Kanakaredes Medusa = Uma Thurman ...
Yes, well at least in the Last Olympian. It also hints that they might get married.
You have to get special access to the scripts from the creators/company. They do not just put movie scripts out into the public for multiple reasons. Your best bet but highly unlikely way is to contact the company that made the film. You need to state WHY you would like the script and HOW you will...
The first Percy Jackson movie is called the Lightning Thief. It was released into theaters February 12th, 2010, and was released onto DVD on June 22nd, 2010.
There should be midnight screenings in the U.S., but the first screening will take place in Greece.
Rick Riordan has confirmed that there will be a camp half-blood series that will make its appearance in late 2010!
A bit nervous, jumpy and he eats cans. he also protects Percy and tries to find the long lost god Pan.
This movie has already been filmed and is no longer casting. It wasreleased in theaters in 2013.
the series revolves around greek myths and legends of gods monsters and heroes
First, Nancy, then Clarisse, then Luke.
Chiron was actually Percy Jackson's Latin teacher when Percy was at Yancy Academy, a boarding school in New York. Chiron was in disguise as Percy's favorite teacher, Mr. Brunner. The Greek centaur god, trainer of heroes and son of Cronus.
Grover Underwood and Annabeth Chase
By using Annabeth's invisible hat
In layman, USA is the center of the West, so there are no demigods born in Europe, Africa, South America or Central America. Only the USA. That's why Mount Olympus isn't by Mount Olympus in Greece, but on Empire State Building, Mediterranean Sea isn't the Sea of Monsters, but The Bermuda Triangle is...
To the movie? About ten bucks.
A good Olympian is kind, and respects everyone's judgement. They use their power to do good, not to set themselves higher than others.
this is the order of publication: the lightning theft; 2005; the sea of monsters; 2006;the titan's curse; 2007; the battle of the labyrinth; 2008; and the last Olympian; 2009
of course it is it's also a Greek history book
yes. go on yahoo books and type in the sea of monsters. _________________________________________________- I posted all the books (whole books) on my website. Simply just go to the website, choose the book that you want to read from the series, and start on your way (in this case, look for the...
about two weeks if your slow, but if you're fast, it'll take you about two to three days.
Clarisse is how you actually spell it...Yes, she is in the books. She is a daughter of Ares, and she stays in cabin 5 at Camp Half-Blood. Percy is her mortal enemy because in the first book:The Lightning Thief, Percy gets mad at Clarisse and soaks her with toilet water.
I posted all the books (whole books) on my website. Simply just go to the website, choose the book that you want to read from the series, and start on your way. (Don't forget to post on the forums while reading them) http://percyjacksononlinebooks.webs.com/ Hope i helped -Summerblossom826
He feels calm, happy and he feels at home.
Percy retrieved Ares' shield at Waterland. He also found Aphrodite's scarf, which was placed in the Big Attic.
Because Percy was Poseidon's son so he thought Poseidon had Percy steal the lightning bolt so that Poseidon could rule over Olympus.
Well, because His brother made an oath never to have kids, but then he did, so then when he confessed, the bolt was stolen, so it made it seem like his son stole it, who was indeed, percy.
There is Zeus, the lord of the gods Posiedon the water god Hades lord of the dead Athena goddess of wisdom and warfare Apollo god of prophecy Artemis goddess of the hunt Aprodite goddess of love Ares the god of war Hermes the messanger god Mr.D ( don't want to attempt spelling his...
Very existing and Adventures
She is serving as the leader of the hunters of Artemis, she came to help Percy in the last book to stop the titans, she was not killed in the last book, she left and we did not see her again
You could ask to die of "regicide", which means you'd have to be made King first. That would seem to be a short reign, but once made King you could pardon yourself.
Camp Half-Blood is a summer (and sometimes year-round) camp for 'half-bloods', children who are half god, half mortal. I forget all the details of the camp but here are a few: A climbing wall that releases lava and rocks and crushes you if you don't climb fast enough. There are 12 cabins where the...
There is not going to be a sixth Percy Jackson and the Olympians book. However, there will be another Camp Half-Blood series which focuses around the subjects of Rachel's prophecy.
i don't think there is going to be a second one because the first one did not do well and did not fallow the book so fans were not impressed,. i really don't know for sure They are in the process of making the sequel, The Sea of Monsters.
Yes! Because he destroyed many monsters including the minotaur (Twice).
There is no 6th book of Percy Jackson, but the is a new series, the 1st book being The Lost Hero.
a kindly one is a furie AKA Eurinyes
as the name implies its sheeps fleece and gold
I'm sorry to say this but no, there are only camps in New York and Austin If you ant to go to camp half blood then find your school sytar IF you are a half blood then you'll git to go if not sorry!
it wou;d still be halfblood because it would mean that the gods would be their grandparents
Luke stole it, he Stole the Helm of Darkness and The Lightning Bolt
In the lightning thief book, Percy does not know Luke is bad until the last chapter.
Talos. Bianca took a figuirine of Hades for her little brother, Nico, despite being warned not to take anything from the junkyard. She died to save her friends from Talos.
She was electrocuted when the prototype of Talos, which she was in, fell on a set of power lines.
Well they are sitting in the pavilion, and Percy and Annabeth kiss on the lips. Then Clarisse and everyone else come out of the bushes, and carry Percy and Annabeth to the lake. They dump them in. Percy makes a bubble, and Annabeth and Percy kiss on the lips again. This is SO sweet!!!!
Of course, there's demigods. Other than that, there are centaurs, naiads (water nymphs), tree nymphs, satyrs, occasionally cyclopes, evil greek creatures (Kronos's side), hellhounds and centaurs (not counting Chiron) and lastly, Pegusi.
Probably but if you have read the books they have missed some really good parts out so most of the main characters wont exist like Clarisse. Edit: They also reeked havoc on the story, not including Ares, or even mention Kronos, who became the series' main antagonist.
The Battle of the Labyrinth is simply about Percy, Annabeth and Grover stop Luke and his team on taking over Olympus and invading their camp by going to Daedalus' workshop first.
No, Percy Jackson does not die in the series 'Percy jackson and theOlympians'. Although he has almost died a few times, he remainsliving throughout the entire series. He has a weak spot on thesmall of his neck however, but everywhere else he is practicallyinvincible.
There is no sixth book but there is another series that goes along with the Percy Jackson series called the lost hero
Actually there will be another Percy Jackson book, 2 in fact I don't know when they will come out but they will and after that there will be another camp half blood series. Rick Riordan has also created an Egyptian God Series called the Kane Chronicles.
The third Percy Jackson book is the Titan's Curse.
Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief lives in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. But in the summer, he lives in Camp Half-Blood which is in a strawberry field also in New York.
i belive he invented something electical because he love elctrical engerrnering and engernerring
Yes there is, I have never been there because it has been difficult for me, but it is either in New York near Wildwood state park or New York (long island, montauk) near Oyster Pond.
I hate to give away the end of the book but if you really want it... So in the end Annabeth and Percy are sitting on the hill and they decide that the prophecy may not be about them
Harry Potter. Sorry, but it's true.
Grover and Mr. Brunner think Percy is a half blood and half bloods get in a lot of danger.
Percy tells Grover that he eavesdropped on him and Mr.Brunner when he said they were talking about the "Kindly Ones"and the "Solstice Deadline the night before the exam and Grover tried to cover it up as if he doesn't know what Percy is talking about, he tried covering it up as if Percy was...
Percy thinks that they were selling socks and Grover had not told him about someone losing their life after every yarn is cut. . Percy thinks nothing more then three old ladies making huge socks
Actually Percy is not a human
Percy Jackson is a boy who comes to know that he is the son of Greek God Poseidon, and he is blamed of stealing the Lighting from Zeus. He has two weeks to return that, or a fight will start between the Greek Gods. He goes around America in search of 3 pearls wich will transport him and his 2...
There are 312 pages in The Titans Curse .
It is about the aftermath of Percy fighting Ares and his return home. Significant events: . Percy becoming innocent to the press and all the blame being tossed on Ares. . The press passing around a hat to raise money for three tickets to New York. . Percy returning home to New York . Gabe...
Rick Riordan wrote the Percy Jackson books.
It is a fairly new series and cannot be read online yet.
They kiss about eighty million times.......... and Rachel Elizabeth Dare becomes the new oracle.
They kissed twice in The Last Olympian from pages 372-374. . "Hey." Annabeth slid next to me on the bench. "Happy birthday." She was holding a huge misshapen cupcake with blue icing. I stared at her. "What?" "It's August 18," she said. "Your birthday, right?" I was stunned. It hadn't even...
His power is controlling water since he's a son of Poseidon.
Chapter 14: "I Become a Known Fugitiv e" Well obviously Percy becomes a fugitive. Annabeth and Grover haveto sneak out of the Gateway Arch after it's destroyed from Percy'sfight with Enchidna. There is a crowd of people and news reporterssaying a boy, of Percy's description, was the one that blew...
The plot wouldn't go on and the series and book wouldn't be that interesting.
She told him he and his friends would travel west to defeat the god who had turned and retrieve what was stolen. She also said he would be betrayed by a friend.
no not at all but ares is the lightning theif
As she is the daughter of Athena, Annabeth always has knowledge and strategies which can be quite useful in some quests.
i think it was kyle the daughter was clarisses
You can get a curse but not catch one. You can get one by doing bad things for your whole lifetime. Magical curses are usually the result of some inappropriate action, or because someone else has a grudge against you.