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Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes was a major voice of the Harlem Renaissance. He authored poems, plays, children's books, novels, and short stories. 'A Raisin in the Sun' and 'The Weary Blues' were among his accomplishments. His simple and straightforward style helped him become popular among ordinary people.
Langston Hughes' "Thank You, M'am" contains three main themes: love and trust, forgiveness, and dignity . AfterRoger tries to steal the purse of Mrs. Luella Bates WashingtonJones, the weight of the purse causes Roger to fall down. Joneskicks Roger, picks him up, and drags him to her home. After...
I believe it to be about an opportunist. The poems is in many ways self explanatory, and mirrors the plight of today's black women. She too can not find a man who is equally yoked. She can find a man to sleep with her, bed her a night, but not "share" her bed. "Big daddy" implies his sexual perilous...
He's inspiring and also smart for all those poems he wrote about racism and other things.
He was an intellectual during the Harlem Renaissance. He wrote poetry for the social gain of blacks.
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James Mercer Langston Hughes
1929 - BA from Lincoln University.
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The setting is at night in a run down neighborhood
he is still single but not 4 long
he was a poet . he had a nice family . he got famus from another poet
Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones
represented all the African and their music and type of speech
He wanted equal rights but he didn't think it was possible.
he has 23 kids by korrie
1) James Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902. 2) Langston graduated from high school and moved with his father Mexico in 1919-1920. 3) Langston entered Columbia College in 1921. 4) Langston also published his first book "The Crisis" in 1921. 5) In 1925 worked as a personal assistant...
in my opinion he was inspired to write because when he traveled to harlem, he met some inspiring people and i think that really changed his life forever. he was almost gonna be an engineer but he pursued his dream and shot for what he truly loved
The Ballad of Birmingham is by Dudley Randall not Langston Hughes. Sources-Did an English project on it
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main character describe each main character, and explain why you think each is a main character.
The main areas of achievement was when the black were able to get more jobs during WW1. They were able to show there experience and well knowing of there abilities. They was a right movement during the 1920's-1930's.
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at the age of 65 at Polyclinic Hospital in New York
yes, when he says ive know rivers ancient as the world and olderthan the flow of human blood
his last poem was .... FIGURE IT OUT BY YOURSELF
Huges is remembered because of his good accomplishments and because of when he gave hope and pride during the Harlem Renaissance
He had no wife or kids. He was Gay
his writings helped to push for equality between African Americansand whites during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920's
he went to Columbia university and Lincoln university
nobody will ever know who langston hughes got married to unless somone who knew who he was married to is still livivng but i doutb that they are still alive if he did get married which i dont think he did oh wait a minute he was married he got a quick divorce anywho it is what it is so be like...
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The Negro Speaks of Rivers is a poem by Langston Hughes, so a summary of it is a brief description of the poem.
Langston Hughes that's the author the speaker is the black community
Langston Hughes mom and dads name is Carrie Hughes and
he is suspected to have been homosexual but it cannot be proved
In the poem "Friendly in a Friendly Way" the poet helps us to understand all benefits of our life. If you are friendly to the world, the world is friendly to you.
Langston Hughes went to a collage called Lincoln University where he recived his BA (bachelor degree) than attended three more years in another collage and if you know that collage PLEASE post because i REALLY would like to know!! (ha ha ha ha)!
The point of view is 3rd person limited. When reading the story you are not inside either of the character's heads.
It's about a boy fail mugging attempt turned into a life lesson.
Langston Hughes was good at writing and expressing himself while living in the times of the Great Depression and the Harlem Renaissance.
There is no surprise that Democracy in the U.S. has not ended
He helped to design the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-WindsorTunnel. He was unable to find work in the United States because ofhis skin color.
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It is no surprise that democracy in the United States was nonexistent in the early 1900s and throughout the Jim Crow era, for blacks had no rights. Democracy back then was laughable and a joke - and outright biased. Government rule by the people pertained to whites exclusively, excluding all African...
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"It seems that I hear Harry Moore. From the earth his voice cries, No bomb can kill the dreams I hold For freedom never dies! I will not stop! I will not stop For freedom never dies! I will not stop! I will not stop! Freedom never dies! ".
1976- i think its really hard to find
No. His dad was white.
James Nathaniel Hughes was the father
novels, short stories, and poems
He is simply saying that he wants to dance during the day, and rest during the night. In other words, he wants to live in a world where what a man can do isn't determined by the color of his skin.
the theme is he wrote a song about 4 little girls being killed in abombing by the kkks
live in a little town called the negro river
Langston Hughes got cancer April 26, 1976
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their stories, poems, novels, and plays gave many black people a sense of their own beauty and worth
Richard Nugent Beauford Delaney Aaron Douglas Rudolph Fisher Langston Hughes
It was a woman named Alice walker who had inspired Langston Hughes to become a writer.Most people say it was his father or his family, but it was mostly Alice walker who had made him become a writer if this is wrong well my bad that the answer is wrong.:) :p
Carrie Hughes was Langston Hughes mother. She and his father divorced when he was only a baby. She moved around looking for a job and a place to settle, leaving Langston to be taken care of by his grandmother...
The Negro Speaks of rivers By: Langston Hguhes. The Negro Speaks of rivers By: Langston Hguhes
Langston Huges was celebrated because people liked his poems! He was a really good poet.
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African American history has deep roots.
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The Harlem Reniassance first occured in 1889, but did not become popular unitl the 1920s due to contrary belief. Langston Hughes wrote Oppression in 1901, and but it was not published until 1921.
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Rhyme Personification Metaphor Simile Imagery
His whole name was James Langston Hughes