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A landscape refers to the physical features of an area of land. It includes the visible elements of landforms; living elements of land cover; human elements such as land uses, structures and buildings; and transitory elements including weather conditions.
Earthquakes, mainly, but also normal erosion & weathering.
Micronesia is a disappearing group of islands, parts of Indonesia, Parts of the Solomon Islands, theCook Islands, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, the Maldives, Zanzibar, parts of Bangladesh and the German Frisian Islands
I think when Bulgaria was formed at year 681.
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The Swiss Alps The Great Lakes of North America Yosmite Valley Tibet Nepal Bhutan in Asia Fjords of Norway
More than 48,000 people live in Shimabara City, around the slopes of the Unzen volcano. 12,000 were evacuated in 1991 due to the eruptions around the two major lava domes, Mount Fujen and Mount Heisei-Shinzan.. In 1792, the collapse of the Mount Mayuyama dome killed 15,000 people in the area,...
Terrain refers to the different types of land, such as fields, mountains, deserts, swamps, etc.
The continent that has the world's largest river is: South America's Amazon River. This is due to the fact that it carries the most amount of water to the sea. The Amazon discharges over 7 million cubic feet per second of water. The Amazon River is approximately 4,000 miles. The longest river...
According to the theory of Plate Tectonics and Pangaea, the east coast boundaries were once connected to the west coast boundaries of Africa, Europe, and parts of north-western Asia. The irregularity of the east coast of the Americas as well as the west coast of the respective continents were caused...
No oceans are close to the Simpson Desert.. Lying essentially in central Australia, the Simpson Desert is closest to the Southern Ocean, but even that is about 700 km away, to the south.
NO, because The sand is primarily derived from weathering of Cretaceous sandstones in North Africa. When these sandstones were deposited in the Cretaceous, the area where they are now was a shallow sea. The original source of the sand was the large mountain ranges that still exist in the central...
Great Victoria Desert: Australia 424,400 km2 (163,900 square miles). About 164,000 square miles.
Decomposition adds in fertility of soil which results in better growth of plants , thus changing landscape slowly .
Greenland has a higher elevation. Greenland's highest mountain is 3700m high, whilst Australia's highest mountain is 2228m high. The lowest point in Greenland is the Atlantic Ocean, which is of course sea-level, whilst Australia's lowest point, Lake Eyre, is 15 metres below sea level. .
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A meadow is the treeless landscape covered with grasses andheather.
The "Vriesea Simpson Desert" is a variety of vrisea, not a bromeliad that actually lives in the Simpson Desert. A number of varieties bred in Australia are given names which are unique to Australian localities, such as "Vriesea Snows of Kosciuszko" and "The Daintee", etc.
Landscape elements are the types of things included in a landscape design. Water features, benches, pots, trees, walkways, gazebos, groves, garden beds, statues, firepits, etc. are all considered elements.
Forests, ponds, oceans, mountains, lakes, savannas & desserts
No, parts of northern italy (Cervinia) are very mountainous regions that many people love to ski.
Yes. The Simpson Desert is in the middle of Australia.
They're in Africa because the climate in Africa supports the wildlife that lives there.
The landscape varies greatly throughout the United States due togeology and weather. Things like volcanoes, the Ice Age, floods,rain, winds and drought have made an impact on the land.
Ice wedging, animals making burrows, plant growth (roots), and abrasion.
Europe is the only continent in the world that has no major deserts. Many people think that Antarctica has no deserts. The Antarctic is a cold desert located in Antarctica. A desert isn't always hot. A desert is a place where it receives very little rain.
The Netherlands has a flat landscape so farmers can grow their crops and do not have to walk or drive over the mountains if their crops are ready to get collected.
Most of Brazil is covered by tropical rainforests.
His name was Carly Cardinal, but it was an Arbor Day Foundation commercial
Western Texas is full of deserts, mountains, plateaus, etc. There are also plains and canyons. It is very rural compared to Eastern Texas.
A ha-ha is a barrier. It is made by digging a ditch in the ground, deep and wide enough that it cannot be easily crossed. The purpose of having a ha-ha rather than a fence or hedgerow is so a person can see a peasant view unobstructed. The ha-ha, as a barrier, symbolizes other kinds of unseen...
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Sherpas are people who guide other up mountains. So, typically in the mountains of Nepal, the Himalayas, etc.
The Himalayas are mainly located in Nepal. Small parts of it is located in china and India. But mostly, Nepal. Many books will say that the Himalayas are located in china or India, but don't listen to it. It's not true. Also many books will say that Mount Everest is located in India or china, but...
The three different physical areas of the English landscape arecoastal regions, plains, and mountainous regions.
The Main is the longest river lyingentirely in Germany. Frankfurt, Germany is a city along theMain.
The most logical way is to get to Alice Springs (drive, train or fly), and head southwest from there. The "Ghan" train trip to Alice Springs south from Darwin or north from Adelaide is a unique experience, and well worthwhile.
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Landscape is the art of arranging or modifying the features of ayard, an urban area, etc., for aesthetic or practical purposes. Ifone wishes to achieve a superior, beautiful looks, then it is bestto go in for an exceptional landscaper who goes beyond the ordinaryand incorporates principles of...
depends where the desert is located
words that describe a landscape or place.
It is a vast belt of evergreen forests- and is inhabited by tribesmen and Wild animals. Name does NOT derive from the Siberian Tiger.
North-East has the Vosges mountains, which are fairly high, and the Jura, which are quite high; but SE has the Alps, which are the highest mountains in Europe.
There are several causes of landscape spoilage. A few examples are,landfills, oil spills, fires, sewage spills, littering, andcomposting.
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Yes. Flat, semiarid land is suited for grains like wheat, barley, etc.; terraced hilltops or wet paddies are suited for rice. Other produce such as cabbages, onions, and potatoes need good soil rich in nutrients, so plowing, letting land lie fallow, or fertilizing are always important. Hope this...
This is the Nullarbor Plain. The name comes from two Latin terms null and arbor , meaning "no tree".
The ground area is the landscaping; the job you are doing islandscaping.
They 4 main types are rainforest desert wetlands and grassland
The Tasmanian wilderness has a great variety of landscapes which vary from coastal dunes to gentle, rolling hills, to rugged mountains which are snow-capped in winter.
They act like dams or form long ridges of land.
Nobody knows because everyone has different opinions on which lakes are the most beautiful.
farmers, like in Lancaster the open rural area gives a good farming area. they also have good soil to help the farmers grow their crops.
The Atlantic ocean on the east and the Caribbean sea on the west
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They are loaded onto carts and closed in a large vessel where liquid with the active chemicals is pumped in at high pressure to force the liquid into the wood. There are two different ways it is done. The way that is used for building materials starts with kiln dried wood and land scape timbers are...
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The traditional owners of the North and Northwest Simpson Desert are recognised by law to be the Eastern Arrernte people of central Australia. The Finke River area around Oasis Bore is held by the Irrwanyere Aboriginal Corporation who also joint manage Witjira National Park. With regard to...
In Northern India and covering all of Bangladesh. From sources in the Himalayas, they fan out to the east and west through the wide, flat plain.
A series of trees is called a line of trees or an avenue.
No - just one. The Great Sandy Desert is in Western Australia. It is Australia's second largest desert, with an area of 284,993 km2 (110,036 square miles). It follows the Great Victoria Desert , also in Western Australia, which is the largest Australian desert, with an area of 424,400 km2 (163...
Tu Bloom creates spectacular compositions in his astounding display of both container and landscape garden designs. The exclusivity of his style combined with his keen eye for design makes his live botanical creations a magnet for onlookers and celebrities worldwide. As a young and exceedingly...
Cheddar Gorge is being used in different ways, these include popular activities, such as; BASE jumping, Rock climbing and caving. Tourists use the area of Cheddar Gorge for visits to Gough's cave and Cox's cave. Local Residents use it for bird watching as their are many different types of birds...
\n. It has a evelvation of 3,776 m(12,388 ft) \n. 50 km across the base \n. ask.com, wikipedia.com\n.
The "Roof of the world" is a metaphoric description of the highest point/region in the world. It is also known as "High Asia". The "roof of the world" describe a group of mountains called Pamir Mountains , which are located in the Himalayas . "Roof of the world" was a rough translation from...
is mostly what the earth is about mountains , central valleys , coastal and desserts
A valley. Depending on the formation it can also be a col /notch orsaddle. Valleys will often be steep on both sides and or have abody of water passing through them.
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