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Statics is the branch of mechanics that describes bodies which are acted upon by balanced forces and torques so that they remain at rest or in uniform motion. In statics, the bodies being studied are in equilibrium.
On a dry day, put on shoes with rubber soles. Than scrub and scruffyour feet on a nice stiff scratchy carpet for about two or three minutes,then immediately walk over to the person who's getting your precious gift, reach outyour pinky finger, and touch them on the ear-lobe. They will absolutely...
Older members of population, particularly fecund ones, in pairs, are sources of younger individual members.
Probably not to you or other people. But it can damage sensitiveelectronic things. And if it doesn't kill them right away, it can shorten thelife of some electronic components, so that the device dies sooner than it wouldhave.
the mean free path in dependent on pressure, since the mean free path equation state that mean free path=k*T/((2)^(1/2))*P*o so if you double the pressure your actually decreasing the mean free path by half.
The mean is that number which, if every member of the group werereplaced by it, the effect or characteristic of the group would not change.
by rubbing two peices of clothing together
Eventually, just about every kind of math there is. A fine example relates to Sir Isaac Newton, when he was working ontrying to connect his law of gravity with the motion of the planets. Heneeded a kind of math that didn't exist yet ... (actually, somebody else was in theprocess of inventing it,...
Well I think iM not sure that high altitude discharge its when the charged solar particles acumulate and the lighting occurs and the gorgeuus celestial phenomenon resulting from this effect its the aurora
water, solar sun, gas, coal, fossil fuel, oil, nuclear[baned]
example of static load test
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Static generators, such as the Wimshurst and the Van deGraaff, bothseparate charges by rubbing/scraping one surface against another. Theydiffer in how they store the charge before the zzapp occurs.
The shock will travel to your brain. It will also make your hair stand up
I've got to assume that your ' i ' and your ' j ' are the samething. . Vector A = j3 . Vector B = -j1 . The angle between them is (pi).
The answer is in Mrs. Hyders class room.
1 Liter (L)= 1000 milliliters (mL) Divide 1 L by 1000mL, then multiply by 4. This gives you .004 Liters.
the nozzle of the spray painter is given a positive charge which in turn induces a negative charge on the paint droplets.these repel each other and are attracted to the car body which is earthed to remain with a positive charge.hence the drplets are evenly distributed across the car frame.
4d as in four dimensions have never actually been made. It is always present. Have always been present. Will always be present.Three dimensions we consider on a day to day basis is length, width and debth.Knowing these variables makes it possible to calculate positions in space.By adding a fourth...
A sequence of variables in which each variable has a different variance. Heteroscedastics may be used to measure the margin of the error between predicted and actual data.
In the rock layer, the layer at the bottom is the oldest... the one on top of it is youngest rock. Later one sediments can be brought to the top of the rock by weathering and erosions and then after a while it will become rock and the new layer will be the youngest.
The fact that the particles of matter are in continuous motion is a blessing in disguise. If matter particles did not move then if a harmful gas leaked, the vapours of the gas would remain stationary in a place. This would make that place more polluted and poisonous than its surroundings. Particle...
Static is a keyword which is used to call the methods or variables without creation of that class object. It will directly calls the respective method and varialbles.
Aik vector Ki Dum Ko Dusri vector Ke sir Se Jorro to Wo head to tail rule ban Jae Ga
You can move things with static electricity!
According to research made at multiple websites; Mugenda and Mugenda, which is a company that focuses on research methods for various areas, define sample size by using statistics data and probability.
what are the example sof antifriction bearing
The fundamental forces, from strongest to weakest, are Strong Nuclear ForceElectromagnetic ForceWeak Nuclear ForceGravitational Force Notes: Friction and other forces discussed in classical mechanics are not directly included in the above list; rather, such things are explained in terms of the...
Nothing happens to the person's center of gravity. But the CG of the (person + books) combination is to the right of the CG of the person alone. Also possibly above it if the person is female, and possibly below it if the person is male.
Resultant Force =( Force1 ) +( Force2 ) +( Force3 ) where each term in the formula is a Vector.
Actually, the static friction is never zero.
This is a pen
An experiment is almost always designed so that two (and no more) things will change. -- You, the experimenter, will change one of themas you desire. -- That will cause a change in the other one,which you will carefully measure.
The actual goal of this particular facet of quantum mechanics is to calculate all of allowable energy states, not just the ground state. The ground state is significant though since it's the energy that the system is always trying to get to.
they are 2 or 3 forces acting at same point and which are of same nature
Density of a knife = (mass of the knife)/(volume of  the knife)
Dry wood is stronger
They were "engaged in the direct production of commodities." See Sean Wilentz, Chants Democratic p. 27, n. 13.
The resultant doesn't tell you anything about the component forces. Often, you can't even tell whether there are anycomponent forces, because the resultant behaves just as if it were the one and only single force present.
== Answer ==   It does not very significantly because melting does not involve gas-phases molecules. Boiling, on the other hand, is strongly affected.    See the Related Questions for how the boiling point of water is affected by air pressure. 
Volume of liquid displaced = Volume of object submerged
As the plane hits the deck, its kinetic energy is 1 / 2 (its mass) x (its speed) 2 , so that's the amount of energy that has to go somewhere in order tobring the plane to a complete stop where its kinetic energy is zero. My guess at the moment is that the energy must be dissipated in onehumongous...
  2pie r T cos theta = pie r2(r squared)h rho g which gives............ T = 1/2 rho grh if r is small if r is not small,,put h=h+r/3 :D
No work is taking place and no energy is moving outside of yourbody. The movement of energy is all in your muscles, and it getsdissipated as the sweat trickles out of your skin and evaporates into the air.
The density of gold is 19.3 g / cm 3 . 0.014 gram / 19.3 gram /cm 3 = 0.0007254cm 3 (rounded)
yes it does but only under extreme and special conditions...
Not at all. It's nominally proportional to the area ofcontact.
The friction between two objects, fabrics, or surfaces may move electrons from one of them over to the other one.
Coplanar or not, the two conditions for equilibrium are: . The sum of all forces must be zero . The sum of all torques must be zero.
They are not. They're run by current electricity, that comes from the power company and through the meter outside your house.
well,in some situations the presence of static electricity can be a disadvantage.For an example:-1.As an aircraft fly through the air, they become charged with static electricity.As the charge on the aircraft increases, so too does the potential difference betweenit and earth.With high potential...
If the ropes are perfectly vertical AND both of them are indeedsharing the load, then the tension in each rope is 5N. But it would be practicallyimpossible to have them exactly share the load, and one would wind up supporting mostor all of it. The best way to make them share is to use elastic ropes,...
Static Evaluation is the Evaluationn between atoms and stress
  == Answer ==   an object
Static electricity can affect your PC by erasing/corrupting your stored data. The most common way of damaging a USB storage device is through common static electricity.
When there is no observation change in the state of a body
Kinetic energy
In short, you lean inside to reduce horizontal acceleration so that your weight is contributing as much as possible to the normal force (perpendicular to the surface of the track). Since friction force is coefficient of friction * normal force, if you are perpendicular to the surface you maximize...
Skewness is a measure of symmetry, or more precisely, the lack of symmetry. A distribution, or data set, is symmetric if it looks the same to the left and right of the center point. The Shape of a Histogram A histogram is unimodal if there is one hump, bimodal if there are two humps and ...
When the limiting frictional force is greater than the static frictional force, the body will tip about the point before sliding.
Balance it. If the mass is known, then the position can be calculated, or if the desired position is known (it will have to be greater than 36.5 cm), then the necessary mass can be calculated. This is calculated by adding the torques created about the pivot point by the weight of each part of the...
when vector sum of all forces and all torques is zero.
Maximum stress concentration factor on a plate with a circular hole depends on the radius/size of the circle and the overall width of the plate. So the value can be different then 3
bachelor of commerce. at the Nairobi university . and law
Static: not changing throughout the story Dynamic: changes in some way.
That depends on the direction of the forces. If the two forces act in the same direction, the resultant force will be doubled and if the two forces act in the oppsite direction, the resultant force will be null or zero.
Robert Hooke discovered the law.
When the alternative hypothesis is non-directional, we use a two-tailed test. Example: H0: mean = 50 Ha : mean not equal to 50 Here is a directional hypothesis that would use a one-tailed test. H0: mean = 40 Ha : mean > 40 or H0: mean = 40 Ha: mean < 40
  == Answer ==   tempered water is water in the temperature range from 85°F (29°C) to 110°F (43°C).   http://www.answers.com/tempered%20water   
There are no studies on this but kids are not mature yet and many  of them don't know how to set time deadlines for themselves -  that's part of what you learn when you do homework.
Advantages of Friction In some situations, friction is very important and beneficial.There are many things that you could not do without the force offriction. . Walking: You could not walk without the friction between yourshoes and the ground. As you try to step forward, you push yourfoot...
Both! The spokes above the axle are stretched so they provide a tension, the spokes below the axle are compressed and likewise provide a force.
lower density than water.
book = 1kg, then force down slope = 1*sin 30 = 0.5 kgforce of book on surface = 1*cos 30 = 0.866kg0.5/0.866 = 0.577
You cannot compare an object's size and its inertia because they have different dimensions.
Such a question is a philosophical one. Science is a matter of how things work. If a why question is answered, it is only secondary to a how.
Elasticity depends upon the material of an object but also on environmental things such as pressure, temperature and humidity. You can try this yourself by taking two identical elastic bands and putting one on a heater for a while. You will notice a difference in elasticity!
Pressure varies with height as a function of specific weight. p=p0+specific weight*heightWhere height is the distance below the reference pressure p0 (usually at a free surface).
One difference between dynamic torque and static torque is the  level of difficulty to measure. Static torque is each to measure,  while dynamic torque is not. This is because it requires a transfer  of an electric or magnetic effect.
Pushing if air which is subsequent