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Delhi is the largest city by area and the second-largest city by population in India. It has a total land area of 1,483 square kilometers (573 square miles) and a population of approximately 12.5 million (as of 2010).


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we need the answer in which date the audition will start and which place in delhi tell me the answer fast
Audition dates for Indian Idol 5, Delhi: 9-10 March 2010 plz tal me
Gaborone is the capital and the largest city of botswana.
According to my previous visit, i guess there is no free busservice but you can easily commute the existing commute options
About 45,000 tourists visit Red Fort annually
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you use nPr, when you want to take note of the order. Example, in choosing between A,B,C,D & E , how many ways can you choose any 3 arranged letters. (This means ABC is different from ACB or BCA or...) Then 5P3. you use nCr , when the order is not important. Example , how many ways can...
APJ (Avul Lakir Zaninalabdin) ABDUL KALAM, reknowned phycisist,scholar and politician was President of India during in 2002b withthe support of BJP. His family persons: Kalam was the youngest offive siblings, the eldest of whom was a sister, Asim Zohra (d.1997), followed by three elder brothers:...
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Indian Idol Audition in New Delhi on 17-Feb-10 09am onwards. Hope a good Singer is There
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According to HowManyHours, around 14 hours.
Indian Idol Audition in New Delhi on 17-Feb place .
when the auditions of indian idol senior in mumbai
delhi is 5 hours and 30 mins plus from GMT
What is the short name delhi exchange fifty?
New Delhi, Delhi is 13 hours and 30 minutes ahead of San Francisco,CA, USA
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Planning a policy is an achivement. It reaches only the people with money and muscle power is a failure.
The list should include these: Inflation Communal Divide Immorality Unemployment Fragmentation of Society But you will probably hear more of these: National Security IPL Political Scams Sports Bollywood Scams Reality TV ... Sad!
in delhi...go to cavalier. but better go to Minerva Academy in Chandigarh
sanddok , bandook and 3rd is Dadooq (by Imran)
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Jaipur is in India. India being the country and Jaipur being a city in the country. The same way that New York is in the United States of America or Paris is in France, or London is in the UK. It's about a four hour drive between Jaipur and New Delhi, which is the capital of India. Just like...
Dept. of Railway using a number of devices to collect different type of Information. I am confused you want to know about any specific device or Information or want to know about all devices.
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J&K Himachal Uttra khand
It would take 16 hours., From POLICE WATCH INDIA Official Website :
Distance between Ahmedabad Jn (ADI) to Surat (ST) is 229 km.
Its about 25 Km, Takes approx one hour. Metro is the best way youcan follow to reach at New Delhi Railway Station from Noida. Source -
what is the date of indian idol 5 in ahemedabad?
no it is not approved by aicte.
hey wenz banglore auditions 4 indaian idol 5?
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Truro is the busiest, also Liskeard, Par and St Erth which are railway junctions and Penzance, the end of the line.
Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was the 11th president ofIndia.
Station Master is generally known as head of a railway station. Source -
quite a lot. i say about one hundred thousand a year .
The bus station is across the road from Pathankot railway station. Buses take two and a half hours to three hours to reach Dalhousie.
New Delhi became the Capital of India in 1911..
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A flight from London to Fiji takes about 21 hours.
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-145 km by train -165 km by road
The urban agglomeration of Delhi had an estimated population of 15,926,000 in 2007, according to the UN. Approx. 12 million of them live in the city of Delhi, or the Delhi Municipal Corporation. Don't mix it up with India's national capital New Delhi , which is a separate city and a suburb to...
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I had applied for PR for Canada. They rejected me on the grounds of having degree from fake university which is "Delhi Commercial University Ltd". Hence the answers is NO
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In India in HINDI to say "Sir" you may say 'Shrimaan' or 'Mahaashay' or 'Mahoday' or 'Maanyavar' or in Urdu 'Janab'.
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The police in Delhi are controlled by the Delhi government.