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Malayalam is one of the major languages of southern India, and the official language of Kerala and the union territories of Mahé and Lakshadweep. The Malayalam language script comprises 53 letters, including 37 consonants and 16 vowels.
trash can at a pawn shop my friend did anyways 
No, he is not ticklish.
Search on youtube, the phrase: Indu Sundara Susmitham Thooki -Evergreen Malayalam Son
"nothing". A rich man needs nothing A poor man has  nothing If you eat  nothing you die.
dude because however you say it, it has a different meaning. If I said DUDE im approving something, but if i said dude then maybe i think its gross. you get the ideameaning or definition for def.. open up a dictionary i did and found 25 definitions for the word = work=but for MEANING my choice is: ...
Sreekumar (not MG Sreekumar) he is a new singer
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Herss the answer search it in wikipedia
History Of Malayala manorama A joint stock publishing company, destined to acquire the status of the first joint stock publishing company of Republic of India, was incorporated by in 1888 by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai at Kottayam, then a small town in the Kingdom of Travancore, currently, a part...
ExploitationThe word is Sanskrit based and originally means the act of sucking.When we exploit others, we actually suck dry their resources and life.May be that's why the meaning of the word, by usage, became "exploitation".
the Malayalam word for a king or a queens palace is 'raajakottaaram'
  English meaning of Malayalam word punarudhanam is resurrection / rebirth.
It is a plant with flowers! The name comes from the French Penser - to think. Translating it to a flower name is means 'thoughtful'
"Vespa" means "Wasp" in English.
urad dal means uzhunnu paripu
It is the Calicut usage for male genitalia (penis).
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"Vazhi kaatti" literally means "The one who shows you the way""Vazhi" = "Way" or "Path""Kaatti" = "The one who brings it your view" ( kaanuka "To see" > kaattuka "make you to see" > katti ) In English :Ordinary usage: A path shower, A travel guide.Stylized usage: A guide, A leader, A guru.
poori is a food item. it looks like chappathi(if you know what that is).
Pengal, chechi or aniyathi
You have to elaborate the context or concept...to get a better translation!
formal answer: thaangale kaanaan nannaayirikkyunnu! colloquial or college students: ninne kaanan adipoliyaanallo?!!
Big brother....(chettan) and devil for (chathan)
same word is used in malayalam!!
There is no sentence like that in malayalam.
my friend had emailed me .thats the answer by the way whoever wrote this question becausei wrota the answer and i am malayali
with a phone. If you and your sister in law have computers, you can always send messages, or use MSN or Skype to talk to each other. I personally use Skype and my computer to talk to my sister in Germany. sister in law = nathoon
The Malayalam word kithakkuka means pant in English.
how are you? can be aporoximately transilated as "enthokke undu vishaesham?   spliting_up">spliting upenthu= whatokke =allenthokke= what allundu( in this sentence)= is [ undu (in general)="yes' or "do exist"] **vishaesham (in this sentence)= new or special[vishaesham (in general)= special] it...
daivam ninne snehikkunnu.
Not sure, but it might be A Place of Hiding by Elizabeth George. The book description on Amazon says this: An isolated beach on the island of Guernsey in the English Channel is the scene of the murder of Guy Brouard, one of Guernsey's wealthiest inhabitants and its main benefactor. Forced as a...
nee entha kazhiche?nee entha kazhichath
njangal innale rathri ninne kurich orthu.
എൻ-നസീറ (install a unicode font eg: anjali old lipi)
nee bhakshanam kazhicho?
aankutti, cherukkan, balan
spouse= ഭർത്താവ് / ഭാര്യ (barthav / barya )
The word for kiss in Malayalam is umma, pronounced oo-ma.
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There are English-Malayalam-English-Malayalam translation/converter online. Just use your favorite search engine to search for one online.
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Eniku ninae vennam.....
matter, issue, affairs etc
vulgar word (means dirty bitch).
Actually it is not a single sentence. And it is not a Question either.onnum kekkanillada.nerittu kanumbo paranja mathi.Means Man, Can't here anything.Tell me when we meet.Probably a piece of phone dialogue.
"prethyekichu maatonnulla, pazhaya pole thanne" meansas usual , nothing else
cannot hear you . what are you saying . here range ( mobile signal range) is weak . you tell me the news when I reach there. ok
sreebudhan oru valiya valiya valiya aalayirinnu
verudhey chothichaanu nyan !!
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leg pain = kaalu vedana (കാലുവേദന)
Enikku ninne onnu punaranam (aalinganam cheyyanam/kettippidikkanam)
normal is wrong.. Prasthanam means organisation or enterprise or institution.. Eg: an office is a prasthanam, a school is also a prasthanam, a political party yet another prasthanam.. Hope you got the meaning..