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Cette catégorie est destinée aux questions posées dans la langue française. This category is for questions asked in the French language.
Yes, but their official language is English. They speak about over 512 languages.
L'Aaustralie est une monarchie. Elle n'a donc pas de president mais un premier ministre Kevin Rudd
A French verb may have eight tenses.. The 'present' is the present tense. The 'imparfait' is the imperfect. The 'passe simple' is the historic/narrative/simple past. The 'futur' is the future. The 'passe compose' is the perfect. The 'plus-que-parfait' is the pluperfect. The 'passe anterieur' is...
A French verb may have six moods. There are the subjunctive, indicative and conditional moods of wishes, reality, and conditions respectively.. There also is the participial mood. The participle has a present form whose equivalent in English ends the verb in '-ing'. It also has a past form whose...
There are eight verb tenses that take the indicative mood [of reality] in French. They may be grouped into three broad time categories. There's the present indicative tense. There also are the past indicative tenses: imperfect, past historic, perfect, pluperfect, and past anterior. And there's the...
The auxiliary verb also is called a helping verb. For it's used to help form the tenses that are composed of two verbs .. An example is the past tense that's called 'passe compose', or 'composed past'. It's composed of the auxiliary verb 'avoir' ['to have'], or 'etre' ['to be']. In this particular...
\nSchool- l'ecole\n. \nMiddle School- l'college\n. \nHigh School- l'lycee
"l'égalité des chances", c'est la situation dans laquelle deux candidats auront la même chance de réussir. Aucun des deux ne sera favorisé à cause de son appartenance ethnique ou sa religion, ou la mauvaise réputation de la cité ou il vit par exemple. Le principe : pour que...
What is your nationality? -- Quelle est votre nationalité ? -- "kell eh vohtr(uh) nah-syoh-nah-lee-tay"
The word 'gobelin' does exist in French, but I think 'farfadet' would be 'le mot juste'. . "Farfadet" is the french for leprechaun.... gobelin is more correct
answer: . pull back hair(top layer) and divide into three sections. . cross over the three section like a normal plait twice. . with the three sections collect parts of hair from underneath . until all the hair has been picked up then just carry on plaiting all the way down tips: . dosent look...
The words est-ce are French and translate into English as the wordsis this. These words translate into Italian as e questo.
The most prominent is of course the Statue of Liberty; also - foods, music, art, and the language itself (to name a few).
En 2013, le premier ministre britannique s'appelle David Cameron.
"avez vous des enfants ?" or "est-ce que vous avez des enfants ?"
roughly "pea stew" Slightly less roughly "peace too"
No - it's se fier a so it'd be ne vous fiez à personne
" Roots " or " the roots " are French equivalents of the French phrase " les racines ." Specifically, the feminine/masculine plural definite article " les " means "the." The feminine noun " racines " means "roots." The pronunciation is "leh rah-seen."
Tête, fête, quête, net, bête, dette, cordelette....saynète
i don't know but bilingual means knows a different language and its probably 30% because a lot of french people know English.
add me on facebook Brooke Simonis
Ce qui est le nom de votre mére?
église de l'assemblé de Dieu church of God's assembly would be more correct I think.
What do you like to do? J'aime regarder la tele et joue au tennis. pourquoi
"Combien est-ce que tu pèses" or "Combien pèses-tu". They both mean the same, although the former is used more often.
WikiAnswers will not write your homework for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the Related Questions for even more information. . Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell...
Doo, but with kind of a French accent.
France, 25 countries in Africa, Belgium, and Quebec
you say "arrêtez s'il vous plaît" / "s'il vous plaît arrêtez"
Naturalisme is a French equivalent of 'naturalism' in architecture, art, literature, and philosophy. It's a masculine noun whose definite article is 'le' ['the'], and whose indefinite article is 'un' ['a, one']. It's pronounced 'nah-tyoo-rah-lee-smuh'.
'what is the second state of the states general'
I'm sorry or I regret, depending on context.
Yes, Asterix is pronounced "ah-stay-reeks" and Obelix is pronounced "oh-bay-leeks"
"I didn't know there was a Frenchman among us"
"Est-ce que le tapis correspondent aux rideaux?"
ba ba brebin noir as tu de la len. oui monseir oui monseir. trois pochette plen. un pour la maitre. un pour sa fille. et un pour la petite garcon derriere la grille.
au is 'à le' put together and means 'to the' or 'at the' (masculine), à means to or at
Mademoiselle [Miss] is usually abbreviated Mlle. But increasingly even late teenagers are addressed as Madame.
It depends on what you're referring to. If you're using support as in weight, it would be "supporter." If you're talking more about support in a moral or financial sense, it would be "soutenir." And if you're talking about support as in supporting a theory, I believe you would use "confirmer."
Rendre quelque chose banal, commun, courant.
Aristide Boucicaut married Marguerite Guerin in 1836. (Aristide Boucicaut marié Marguerite Guérin en 1836).
Ottawa I think either that or Montreal but I think Montrreal is the largest
la superficie totale de la grande mosquee de kairouan est superieure a 9700 m2 les dimensions moyennes de la grande mosquee sont 127m * 77m dans l'article wikipedia sur la grande mosquee de kairouan il y a une erreur ils indiquent 900m2 alors que la superficie totale de la grande mosquee de...
Quelle est la devise officielle de l'Italie? -Una Republica democratica, fondata sul lavoro.
La Capitale est Rome. Cependant, Milan est considérée comme la métropole industrielle et tertiaire, capitale financière du pays.
French and English are Canada's Official Languages. They have equal status. While English is the language used by the majority of Canadians, French is the working language in many parts of Canada. In the province of Québec, French is the first language of an overwhelming majority of the...
Il s'agit de Allison Redford, du Parti Progressiste Conservateur.
About 90 Million… 70 Million in Iran and 20 Million Persians all over the world. This figure is consisting of only Persians worldwide. The number is much higher if you also count the people from other Persian speaking countries. Like: Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Around 85 million.
The corresponding name in French is Marie .
A seven year old child may be able to learn French quite quickly given the appropriate learning tools. One such learning tool is getting to know French speakers . Individuals under the age of 12 quickly dominate a language just by being around it. They even may achieve native proficiency. Another...
I don't know of any blogs that do but there is a website called ielanguages that offers free tutorials for many languages including French. I suggest that you download their audio files from their lesson download page and play them from your own player. There seems to be a problem with their...
Peut-etre "la minorité"
jeu d'esprit (24 Down !) The literal translation is Game of Wit.
Nun is religieuse , soeur , or bonne soeur .
Quoi(yes), Who asked this question? I'm sorry by "quoi" does not mean "yes" it means "what."
The word ibidem is a derivative of the Latin word 'ibi', which means 'there'. It's an adverb. Its meaning is 'in the same place'. And it's a direct borrow by both the English and French languages, from the adverb 'ibi' combined with the suffix '-dem'.
While using the passé composé, most verbs are conjugated with avoir. However, there are many verbs that are usually associated with "coming and going" that take the être form. Also, all reflexive verbs (like s'amuser or s'appelle) are conjugated using être in passé composé. Verbs...
Tu t'appelles comment? or Comment tu t'appelles?
la rentrée (with accent aigu on the first 'e') means basically a return to school after summer break. "à la rentrée" = at the beginning of the [next] school year.
in most of cases : je/j' [verb]rai tu [verb]ras il [verb]ra nous [verb]rons vous [verb]rez ils [verb]ront but there are some modifications to do to the verb. visit this site : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futur_simple
Almost everyone in France, as well as many millions of other people worldwide.
Most say "Ça va?", which is literally translated as "Is it going?" Idiomatically, however, French people say it to mean "How are things?" or "How's it going?" A typical response to this question would be "Oui, ça va," which literally means, "Yes, it's going," but, idiomatically it means, "It's...
brown is marron or brun and black is noir(e) :)
usually this would be on a special occasion, for example at a wedding or an important birthday celebration. . answer 2 . In the day the main meal in France is usually lunch, but for special occasion is new year, christmas, wedding
The earth is an inanimate object, so it doesn't have a gender. Therefore, the earth isn't male, or female, or a hybrid of the two.. In French the earth (La Terre) is feminine.. In paganism the epithet 'Mother Earth' defines the earth as being bounteous and nurturing.
Yes . French is an important language in the arts , because of French achievements in architecture, art, dance, literature, and music. It's important in culinary arts , because of French achievements in fine dining and drinks. It's important in diplomacy , because of the historic French...
Because the French colonised many countries in the 1700s through late 1800s. The same can be said of other countries and their languages. English, Spanish and Portuguese are good examples, as the British, Spanish and Portuguese colonised many countries, as did the French.
Yes, Latin. The Romans introduced Latin to Gaul, and the Gauls became Romanized and lost their own language. When the Franks moved into Gaul, or France as it would become, they copied the people who were already there.. The Latin spoken by the Gauls and Franks wasn't very good Latin, and it was full...
As in "it was called the greatest battle in years", you would say "on l'appelait".
dans le nombre des haitien illegal parce-que dans le monde des haitien. le peuple des haitien souffre a d'une angine an haiti il y a beau-coup de musses.tout le monde connait le musee du Louvre, qui est la perle des musees francais.mias li ya aussi le musee dorsay. c'est un musee extraordinaire ou...
Je ne sais pas beaucoup de bon noms en français.... Gracie, Micah, Adrienne, Adrienna, Mia, Mitaines, ????? . Je ne sais pas, mais bonne chance!
"c'était un bon été"or "ça a été un bon été"
I didn't manage to find the site.
As a verb, "commence" means "starts" in French (3rd person, singular).. As a noun, "débuts" means "starts in French (plural).
"Blonde et légale" (Blond and legal) is the official translation. The litteral translation would be "Légalement blonde".
le contraire d'ouvert(e) est plus généralement fermé(e)
I'm wondering if you read that somewhere or if you heard it...cuz it reminds me of the phrase "ferme ta geule!" (also said simply "ta gueule") which is an exclamation in French - very very very rude - that basically means "Shut up!". "gueule" is directly translated to "the face of an animal/beast"...
This translates to "Wiki is an excellent internet site for asking questions".
The word 'cherie' is French for 'darling'. It's the feminine form of the endearment. The masculine form is 'cheri'. So 'Jefferson' and 'cherie' are a linguistic possibility if 'Jefferson' refers to a female.
Parce que le phoque avait été décimé par la chasse autrefois. Maintenant, il y a des restrictions aux droits de chasse. Ceux-ci sont cependant toujours menacés par les épidémies, la pollution et la fonte rapide des banquises.
Depends of the school, the age, the class, the timetable. Generally between 4:30PM and 6PM, but on Wednesdays and Saturdays, there is no class on the afternoon so school ends generally between 12AM and 1PM.
Votre chien est mignon. cute = joli
The culture of France has contributed much to western culture in general. It is hard to summarize what it is. However, there are many differences in French culture compared to other nation's cultures. See Sources and Related Links.
Céréale. 'les céréales' (used most often in the plural)
23 : Indicatif Présent Indicatif Passé composé Indicatif Imparfait Indicatif Plus-que-parfait Indicatif Passé simple Indicatif Passé antérieur Indicatif Futur simple Indicatif Futur antérieur Subjonctif Présent Subjonctif Passé Subjonctif Imparfait ...
la Chambre des Députés or l'Assemblée Nationale
CROWNED BY THE FRENCH ACADEMY. Madame Desvarennes has built her great business in the old mansion on Rue Saint Dominique -- first a bakery, then a flour-milling empire that has made her among the most wealthy and respected business owners in Paris. Everything she has aimed for in life, she has...
www.wanderingjew.freehomepage.com / "documentation" / "music I" / "music II"
Qu'est ce-que la decouverte scientifique = what is scientificdiscovery
I imagine you mean how many groups of verbs there are in French? N'est-ce pas? The answer is three.. www.francaisfacile.com/exercices/exercice-francais2/exercice-francais-12134.php