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Cette catégorie est destinée aux questions posées dans la langue française. This category is for questions asked in the French language.
  Il est situé à Côte-Saint-Luc   Adresse :   5800, boul. Cavendish, 5e étage   Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 8:30 to 19:30
  Je dirai que tu nous manques un petit peu I would say we miss you a little. The french structure, here, is the contrary of the one in English. The subject is inverted.
J'aime jouer la guitare - surtout la musique classique. J'aime aussi coudre et faire du ski.
representative and relevantIt's B. relevant and representative
  la Bacalauréat (en terminal) - the last year at Lycée   le brevet des Collèges (en troisième) - the last year at Collège
responsible du service d'accueil, de la réception - hôtesse d'accueil
  quelles sont les conditions pour beneficier du fond Koweitien?
  The name Alyson is derived from the Old German Alison. The first spelling is more French. The name in either language is said to mean "noble" or "of noble kind".
Après-midi is a French equivalent of 'afternoon'. It's pronounced 'ah-preh-mee-dee'. It's a masculine gender noun whose definite article is 'le' ['the'], and whose indefinite article is 'un' ['a, one']. It literally means 'after [the hour of] noon'.
  Two people who get along well have established a rapport. (The "t" is silent.)
Fais de beaux rêves is a French equivalent of 'Have a sweet dream'. The imperative 'fais' means '[informal you] do, make'. The partitive 'de' means 'some'. The masculine plural adjective 'beaux' means 'beautiful, handsome'. The masculine plural noun 'rêves' means 'dreams'. All together,...
the Missippie Valley and Canada.
French definitely has more scope than German--German is very good if your specialty is some form of science of engineering (historically speaking, English is slowly replacing it), French is much better for international relations and politics.
You can say: Elle est belle (she is beautiful) Elle est jolie (she is pretty) Elle est beau. (she is beautiful) Answer 2 : "Beau" is the masculine of "belle": Il est beau (for a man) , Elle est belle (for a woman) Elle est belle (she is beautiful), ...jolie (cute, pretty) "Cette fille est très...
  Cherie can mean "dearest" or "darling" or "dear" as a term of affection.   Salut   Malcolm
La capitale d'Italie est Rome
  I'm surprised you didn't know this already -   www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/french
It's possible or it could be said as a joke - it depends on the context.   If he's French, it could just as easily be a friendly remark as an endearment. It probably isn't a joke.  answer 2:  No, it's a friendly way to say: honey, darling, sweety... You can say that for a friend :"Hey cherie,...
  The bullfighter is carrying around his neck tall horse-riding boots made of black leather with long Gucci fringes
Twenty countries that speak French are: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Djibouti, Gabon, Benin, Burundi, Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Canada, French Guyana, Senegal, and Niger.   Other French speaking countries and dependent territories: ...
Black breans & rice, black bean soup, roast pig (on a spit), jamon y queso sandwich, lovely breads, fantastic fruit juices, mojito, rum, fish soup, etc, etc, etc
Since spoon is an English word, you would not use the articles le/la. If you are trying to say spoon in French, the correct word and article is la cuillere (don't forget the accent on the first e). You would use la because cuillere is a feminine noun.
In Jean Anouilh's Becket, the Privy Council of Henry II is comprised of [at least] the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Oxford, Gilbert Follion, and Becket (as the Chancellor of England).
Well, it means mirror mirror on the wall, whos the prettiest woman in the world. Well, everyone has their own opinion.
l'amour, la haine, la pitié, la compassion..
  Quel jeu de boules a ses origines dans le Midi? - la pétanque et le jeu provençal (la longue).
he has to in- order for the business to work (so no accent conflict's)
  IMC = Indice de Masse Corporelle
  "Argent", which means "money" and "silver", but it's masc, not fem.
Jaques Cartier est arivee en 1534.  depuis 40000000000million danne  depuis 40000000000million danne    d'années
  The correct question is "J'ai des ....". I have information on/regarding this person.
aah c'est bon , mon chere
53 countries have significant French-speaking populations but the language is only official in about 40 of them. Notable countries that speak French besides France are Belgium, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco, Congo, Canada, the United States (in Louisiana and northern New England), Haiti, Vietnam,...
  Il n'y en a pas - il y des codes postaux pour chaque ville ou localité mais pas pour le pays entier.
It depends Noun- tout mean wholeadverb- completely, veryadjective- any, every, wholean example of a sentence is " Je fais l'informatique tout les jours"this mean I do computing (I.T) every day.
  The French language developed from Celtic-accented Latin. During the time of the Roman Empire, Romans conquered the land now known as France (then known as Gaul) and their language eventually became the main language. The former main language, a Celtic language called Gaulish, influenced the...
"Je n'aime pas le français" (I don't like French)Add: «Je n'aime pas les Français» merely means I don't like the French. If you want to says «I Hate the French» you must say «Je déteste les Français».
art, architecture, gourmet food, wine and tourism
  Diamètre - environs 24,500 km Surface - 7.6408 × 109 km² Volume - 6.254 × 1013 km³   {|  ! style="line-height: 1.1em" |  |  |}
Est-ce que je peux tailler mon crayon?
Parce qu'ils habitent le désert
  Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
"Le Français est la langue de l'amour"
  quelle heure est il
The French-speaking parts of Africa are spread through North, Central, and West Africa, although Madagascar also speaks French.
en haut, vers le hautop
It means :  "Forget doubt and fear, a moment of love is a moment of life."
  Quel heure est-il, s'il vous plaît? Vous avez l'heure, s'il vous plaît?
  Because French comes (mainly) from Latin. (In Latin there's neuter as well!)
The same reason the UK is not the only English-speaking country: colonies, colonies, COLONIES!!!
babies?.. :)  Maybe wine or perfume .
the place where the incident happened
its ...  de là où êtes vous  D'où venez-vous? Vous êtes de quel pays? Vous êtes d'où?
"Une belle-fille" ou "Une bru". ("belle-fille" is most frequently used)
the subject is Il/elle, and the conjugation is J'ai, Tu as Il/elle A ect... so it would be " Mon pare a un gros nez"
'Un' means the number one, but it is also the masculine form of a/an, as opposed to 'une' which is feminine.
En France, l'année finale de l'école s'appelle "la terminale".
French is the first language spoken by most locals in Geneva, Switzerland. However, it does have its own accent that often gets referred to as Swiss French. The other three official languages spoken in Switzerland are Swiss German, Italian, and Romanche. Most locals do speak English as it is taught...
"Eyes" means "yeux", "yeux" is the plurial of "oeil", which is masculine (un)
I'll try to write it phonetically:   Kel e la dat dE tO aniverser? The problem is that the E in DE and the ON in TON are sounds which do not exist in English, I cannot render them with my usual keybord. The E is a sound between E and U, while ON is an O pronounced as if you had a cold, i.e....
Russia (17,075,200 km 2 ) is larger than Canada (9,984,670 km 2 )
Will the children be judged too, and why?   If there is no accent on 'juges', that means - Will children be judges? (and not judged).
You should say:  "Tu es canadien?" if they are a boy, and "Tu es canadienne?" if they are a girl.  Hope this helped!
Le fémur esst l'os le plus long.
Try this:  http://pagesperso-orange.fr/auxbonnesjoues/images/restaurant_Aux_Bonne_Joues_Les_formules.pdf
Tu es le meilleur
Some certainly do... If they learnt French in high school. Most Sardinians speak the national language (Italian) and at least one of the local dialects (campidanese, sassarese, etc.).
"She has" in french is "Elle a" or when referring to "she has it" "Elle L'a"Elle a
Verbs tenses, speaking the works correctly, grammer
  Voila un site super bien de films et spectacles manga et en streaming et téléchargement légal gratuit et toute suggestion ou demande d'ajout d'un film sera la bienvenue.   Allez je vous souhaite une bonne visite!    http://Mastream.Com/    http://Mastream.Com/     http:/...
An archaic spelling of 'guard'
Some countries that speak French as their official language are: France, Lebanon, Benin, Chad, Senegal, Togo, Madagascar, Congo, and Canada.
L'atmosphère  http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terre
On doit battre le fer quand il est chaud - You must beat the iron when it is hot ( a well known proverb in French - Carpe Diem)
Je pense que oui!
amour is love in french, it's a noun. Aimer is the verb. You can also use adorer, "kiffer" for a slang word
je déteste l'anglais (the language)
The countries in Europe with French as an official language are France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Of these, France is the only one with French as the only official language.
Right here: http://www.lookiz.com/ You can buy them in Quebec province. You can also find some french subtitles here, in srt format : http://www.opensubtitles.org/frYou could try doing a search on YouTube for the name of a specific film.
C'etait une des sept merveilles du monde antique. It was one of the seven wonders of the world in Classical times - the Lighthouse of Alexandria on the Egyptian coast. The foundations are still there.
"c'est dans le Périgord, à 8O km à l'est de Bordeaux" means "it is in the Périgord, 80 kilometres East of Bordeaux"