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Davis Cup

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Run by the International Tennis Federation, the Davis Cup is the premier international team event in men’s tennis. Founded in 1900, it is contested between teams of players from competing nations in a knock-out format.
Heh, heh. Believe it or not, Rafael Nadal is the captian for Mumbiateam tennis. Anyway, the real captian for the whole of India isAnand Amritraj (non-playing).
a tie is the entire weekedns matches and a rubber is 1 of the matches played over that weekend
Federer - The Fed Express Sampras- Pistol Pete Andy Roddick- A. Rod Djokovic- The Djoker
Refer to the Davis Cup website link, below, for schedule and venue information.
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4, since 1 game is 4 points. You would have to ace the serve on every single one, and it has to be you who's serving.
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There are four Grand Slams each year. The Australian Open, Roland Garros (French Open), Wimbledon and the US Open.
None. The women's equivalent of the Davis Cup is called the Fed Cup.
'Sui' is the accepted three word abbreviation for the country of Switzerland.
Answer . Not only are they allowed to participate, but there was an all female crew of Americas3 in 1995. (maybe others, too)
Probably most male tennis players wear either a jockstrap or some kind of supportive sports undergarment, e.g. compression shorts, jock boxers, athletic briefs, etc.
Laver won 2 true Full Grand Slams - that is, he won all four Major titles - Wimbledon, the French, US and Australian - in the same calendar year twice: in 1962 and in 1969. He is the only player in history to do so. He is also the only player in history to win the full grand slam in singles titles...
Awarded in polop in the Davis Cup Award, and in tennis is awarded in the international matches award for the winner. Or so is how it seems to me to be awarded.
Usually 4 players make up the team. However, quite often only 3 will actually play; it depends how good the singles players are at playing the doubles rubber. The 4th player is often an emergency, though there is 'room' to play all four in the schedule if the country's cup captain believes the...
Well, as I write this just past mid-November 2012, it remains Spain who won the last Davis Cup tie - in 2011. However, the Spanish team of 2012, have their backs to the wall at present in the 2012 Final Day, as they are trailing the Czech Republic by 2 rubbers to 1, the Czechs having just won the...
The Davis Cup is an international tennis event played between male players of those countries entering. Therefore, each country will have its own captain. In the US, for the past several years (10 I think) it has been Patrick McEnroe, but this year the U.S. changed coaches. Jim Courrier is the...
I am assuming you mean 'when did it change from single-handed to 2-handed'? I think it mainly changed in the earlier days of Jimmy Connors and his girlfriend of the time, Chris Evert, who were both virtually top-ranked in the world. Both of them were using two-handed backhands. Then, not long...
Rohan Bopanna is a professional Indian tennis player, currenly [2011] ranked #2 in India, though he is probably a better doubles than singles player internationally, having reached an ATP doubles ranking of #56.
Tournaments are happening everywhere almost every day of the year! If the question refers more specifically to the Davis Cup, the 'tournament' is conducted over four weekends, spread out over the year, played in the various countries among the top 16 nations for that year.
The Davis Cup, of course. This tournament is exclusively for men, but it is run on a country versus country basis. On the other hand, if you are referring to individual men's competition, where male player versus male player, as I'm aware, all competitions that cater for men, also have a women's...
The current captain (2011) of the Indian Davis Cup team is Mahesh Bhupathi.
According to the Fed Cup Official Website (refer to the link, below), the women's Federation (Fed) Cup was created in 1963 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the International Tennis Federation . Similar to the men's Davis Cup tournament, professional women tennis players from many nations...
World No. 1 Rafael Nadal of Spain Defeated Swiss Roger Federer by 7-5, 3-6, 7-6 (3), 3-6, 6-2 to lift the Men's Trophy Before the greatest tennis players in the world migrated to Melbourne, there was speculation that the two most highly rated tennis players were not prepared to cope with new,...
India reached the finals of the Davis Cup in 1966, 1974 and 1987. However, they have never won the Davis Cup.
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The Davis Cup is the annual international team competition for men's tennis.
Tennis is the sport that there is a famous competition called the Davis Cup.
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Great question! Lately, Spain has had one of the deepest teams for talent in history and when that team plays on clay they are VERY hard to beat. On the other hand, the US has just had victories on clay in Switzerland and France which are also excellent teams. It just so happens, we will find out...
Standard rules call for eight per team. Please see the Related link below for link to rules on Tug of WarTeams.
Right now...Pete Sampras is at the top with 14 Grand Slam titles, next is Roger Federer. But when I research (on wikipedia), they discussed that Bill Tilden was the greatest player...then there is Donald Budge who is the 1st person to win all four grand slam titles... that's all I know so I...
The Davis Cup is an international men's tennis competition. Although it started as a competition between the US and Britain, it has since grown to include 130 teams from around the world.
The World group competition is limited to the 16 countries that are selected to be in the World Group. The Davis Cup competition is open to other countries that are not in the World Group.
The Czech Republic is the winner of the 2012 Davis Cup. They are the reigning champion after defeating Spain 3-2 in the 100th Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Final at the O2 arena in Prague.
None - the women's tennis equivalent is the Fed Cup.
According to Bill Kellogg - a committee member on the USA DAVISCUP- the International Tennis Federation came up with another termto distinguish between a "match between nations" and the"individual match between the players". The term is a tie. Forexample USA vs France is a tie. . The term "rubber"...
Davis Cup was created in 1900.
Lithuania Davis Cup team was created in 1994.
The 2008 Davis Cup USA vs- Spain - 2008 was released on: USA: 19 September 2008
The 1981 Davis Cup - 1981 was released on: USA: 1981
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Spain clinched their 3rd Davis Cup in history in 2008 by defeating Argentina 3-1 in the Final.
In 2005, there were 134 countries represented in competition.
The tournament has not been held yet.
Marat Safin Round of 16 Australian Open
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Australia over United States 3:2. Highlights can be seen from time to time on Tennis Channel.
There are tournaments everyday, yet not on the professional tour. The next professional tennis major and minor tournaments can be seen on this website. http://www.atpworldtour.com/Tournaments/Event-Calendar.aspx
The actual trophy was commissioned by William B. Durgin's, of Concord, New Hampshire and crafted by the Englishman Rowland Rhodes.
Australia's last Davis Cup win was in 2003 at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia. Australia defeated Spain 3-1 in the final.
Spain were the champions of the 2008 Davis Cup. They defeated Argentina 3-1 in the final at Mar del Plata, Argentina.
2007 - United States 2008 - Spain 2009 - has not been played yet
Men's Tennis. It is an annual event run on a country versus country basis.
i think the most famous players from France are Jo-wilfried Tsonga and gael monfils
None. The women's equivalent of the Davis Cup is called the Fed Cup. The Davis Cup is a "Men Only" event; the women play the Federation Cup - now a title shortened to "The Fed Cup".