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Beatrix Potter

Helen Beatrix Potter was an English author best known for her children's book "The Tale of Peter Rabbit."
Beatrix Potter was born July 28, 1866 and died December 22, 1943 at the age of 77.
No there are not any aliens in Beatrix Potter school.
Beatrix Potter was the author of several stories, such as the PeterRabbit story. At one point she was engaged to publisher NormanWarne; he died before they ever got around to marrying.
One of Beatrix Potters many hobbies was painting and she loved writing .
Beatrix Potter's parent's names were Rupert Potter and Helen Leech.
Rupert William Potter (1832-1914),
In 1913 at the age of 47, Beatrix Potter married William Heelis, a solicitor.
She had two rabbits, Benjamin & Peter. Peter was her favorite. She took him with her everywhere she went, placing him on a lease she even took him on walks with her. shirlfish@juno.com
Mr Tod, The one who was in Jemima Puddleduck was the foxy whiskered gentleman.
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Beatrix potter died from the complications of uterine cancer.
"Potter died of complications from uterine cancer". According to the guide book for Hill Top, her home, she died of bronchitis and heart problems. http://www.answers.com/Beatrix%20Potter ood of lif *h *e
It was first written in a letter in 1893, and was published in 1901/1902
Beatrix Potter was born on July 28, 1866.
Not really, except that they both wrote stories about Peter Rabbit.
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She is a loving and kind harted person i am her best friend from way back when, Dorothey
She was an exceptional artist and writer, who wrote many great children's book like Peter Rabbit. She also challenged her era, in which woman were not suppose to make any other decisions besides those regarding the household. Beatrix Potter though made many choices concerning her books and...
Beatrix Potter died at Castle Cottage in Sawrey on 22 December 1943. Her body was cremated at Carleton Crematorium, Blackpool and her ashes were scattered in the countryside near Sawrey. [11] -Adapted from wikipedia -from Cj
"Tales of Beatrix Potter" aka "Peter Rabbit and Tales of Beatrix Potter": 1971 "Rabbit Ears: The Tale of Peter Rabbit": 1987 "The Tale of Peter Rabbit": 1991 "The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends": 1992 "The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit": 1995
wrote children's books . studied art . drew pictures
Yes, but he died before they married.
It is called imagination using the animals that live near her garden
Beatrix Potter wrote the Peter Rabbit books.
Peter Rabbit, his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, and his mother are anthropomorphic rabbits who dress in human clothing and generally walk upright on their hind legs, though they live in a rabbit hole under a fir-tree. Mother Rabbit has forbidden her children to enter the garden of Mr....
It is such a big PROBABLY that I'll just say yes. Over the years, they have been translated into approximately 40 different languages.
Not really, but I don't care much.
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Rupert William potter and Helen beatrix potter nee leech
It is a children's fable. .
She lived in Hill Top, London.
Lily Or Beatrix Potter is quite common name, for real people and fictional characters as well.
It was first written on 4 September 1893 at Eastwood House, Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland as a picture letter to young Noel Moore. (See 'Beatrix Potter's Scotland - Her Perthshire Inspiration' by Lynne McGeachie, published in July 2010 by Luath Press, for the story of Potter's life in Scotland)
yes she did . She was a conservationist,English Author,illustrator,and a Natural scientist.
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On her father's side, it's Edmund Potter and Jessie Crompton. I don't know about her mother's side.
Mrs. Tiggy-winkle is a hedgehog washerwoman who lives in a tinycottage. The character was inspired by the author's pet hedgehognamed Mrs. Tiggy-winkle and a Scottish washerwoman.
She lived on Hill Top Farm. Hill Top is a 17th-century house inNear Sawrey near Hawkshead, in the English county of Cumbria.
the fox is called Mr Tod Save
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she died in Sawrey, Lancashire on December 22, 1943
The four rabbit are: Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter.
yes she was slightly crazy. she would be known now as having a personality disorder. She also liked the odd affair or 2. Wrote cool books though!
Some of Beatrix Potter's most popular characters - aside from Peter Rabbit, of course - were Benjamin Bunny, Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. She also wrote about Jeremy Fisher, Tom Kitten, Samuel Whiskers, Ginger and Pickles. Her "two bad mice" were called Tom Thumb and...
Beatrix Potter died December 22, 1943.
Beatrix Potter was married to William Heelis.
Beatrix Potter was married to William Heelis.
Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle from The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle by Beatrix Potter is a hedgehog.
Beatrix Potter died on December 22, 1943 at the age of 77.
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Beatrix Potter was 77 when she died.
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Beatrix Potter was born on July 28, 1866.
No She did not have any Children
Beatrix Potter had a younger brother named Walter Bertram Potter.
He died two years after she did, according to Wikipedia
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Beatrix Potter went to London University
The Tailor of Gloucester, and his cat Simpkin- the story was set in the late 18th Century.
The one with the ears and the cat features. Tom Kitten I think?
No. Beatrix Potter had one younger brother named Walter Bertram.
Beatrix Potter was born on 28th July 1866, in South Kensington, London. Beatrix Potter is an amazing person she was rejected by six different publishing houses before she was finally published in 1903 by Frederick Warne & Co. Her first book was Peter Rabbit it was originally a letter to a friend...
Beatrix's parents felt that an author of children's books was below their station in life and not a good profession, especially for a woman during the Victorian era.