Bud Not Buddy

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The Newberry Award winning book, "Bud, Not Buddy" was written by Christopher Paul Curtis, and published in 1999. It is set during the Great Depression, and follows the quest of an abused foster child searching for his father.
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I believe there is a daughter and as I recall she is married to Al Martin's son who is the Al is the smaller cookie packs referenced in their information. Al told me this as I recall. DC
why does bud beg for another chance with the Amoses when he really doesn't want to stay with them at all
the story does not tell but bud thinks it is Herman E. Calloway
Nobody knows who Buds dad is but it is supposed that Herman E Calloway's old trumbone player is his dad
Bud is brave because he trusts people in the book and is willing to get his suitcase right before the train goes but misses it
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Bud Not Buddy is a children's chapter book.
The band's name is Herman e calloway.
Bud tries to drive off and leave Mr.Lewis because he thinks he is a vampire
One of the band members who plays a trumpet.
"Oh, yes, the Amoses, you'll be with Mr. and Mrs. Amos and their son, who's twelve years old, that makes him 2 years older than you, doesn't it, bud?" ( Page 2)
Doo Doo Bug Lefty Lewis Steady Eddie Mr. Jimmy and Bud is Sleepy LaBone The Thug Dirty Deed Doo-doo Bug Mr. Jimmy
He doesnt have a family and no place to live.
Hooverville was a small town just outside of Flint ( were Bud lived) It was were all the poor people with little clothing little food and little supplies lived. They people lived in cardboard and wood homes.
The climax of the story is when Bud reaches hisdestination, and meets the boys in the band and the man he believesis his father, Herman E. Calloway. The remainder of the storyrepresents the falling action . Bud is taken in by theband and especially by their lead singer, Miss Thomas.
he is Ron Wesley brother in harry potter :P
The sweet pea is the first restraunt bud ever went to! hope i helped! :)
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Bud, Not Buddy is a 1999 children's novel by Christopher Paul Curtis
THEMES When God closes one door, he always opens another The first and most important theme is when God closes one door, he always opens another. Bud learns this every time something eventful happens in his life and is followed by another path that leads him to what seems to be his destiny. Fate...
a picture posters of Herman e calloway and two rocks
PROBLEM: Bud's mother died when Bud was 6. SOLUTION: Buy a 1-Up Mushroom and revive her.
Some main events are when Bud travels to find his dad who he thinks is Herman E. Calloway, Bud has to leave the orphanage because he is getting a permanent home with the Amos's, when Bud gets locked in the Amos's shed by Todd's father
Finding family and friends
bud finds out that Herman is really his grandfather. Herman didn't know of bud. bud stays with Herman to live.
If you mean punched, he punched him because Todd stuck a pencil up Bud's nose and was bugging or tormenting him
bud is a very calm person. he is also very brave.
he is a hopeful boy. he is hopeing that one day he would find hisfamily.
Bud loves his suitcase from BUD NOT BUDDY............... Thank You :)
Bud is looking for his relative, Herman E. Calloway, who he thinks is his father... The end is that Herman is his grandfather. Hope This Helped!=P
hes been in alot of places they are... home (orphanage), flint Michigan, and grand rapids. he was going to go to Colorado but it was too far.
it is a historical fiction book
the newbery award and the coretta scott king award, given to great african american writers
Rock's with writing on them the writing is where Herman E calloway got the rock and what the date was that he got it. (Herman E Calloway collects rocks because when his daughter was young he asked her if she wanted anything from a place he was going she said she wanted " a wock" yes a wock so now...
He knew because he ties his twine a certain way and it was tied wrong when they gave it back
Bud doesn't have a father he thought he did
Bud is the start of a beautiful flower. Buddy is something bud's mom said never let anyone call you that no matter what. Bud never tells anyone why its bud, because he's embarrassed. Bud he never lets anyone call him buddy because of his mom.
Doo Doo Bug is part of the negro band that helps Bud get through all this mess and feed . He is the nicest one to Bud and makes the band not pick on him
The name of the white man in Bud,Not Buddy is Mr.Deeds, Dirty Deeds
he heard him in the bathroom ;)
Giving him books to help him find his way
Lefty Lewis is important to Bud because he helps him find what Bud thinks is his father but actually his grandfather.
"she died slowly and painfully..... she died fast that she didin't even have a chance to close her eyes"
They decide to go on a trian..
the date and place of where they were found, and because he felt like it
I would describe bud from bud not buddy he s very street smart brave talented ans strong in emotion this boy takes care of things by himself .he doesnt care if you talk about him in any way.
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His Grandfather collected them and put the dates and where he got them written on the rocks and gave them to his daughter. Bud had them from his mom and they solved the puzzle of who the cello player was his grandfather not his dad.
It had a pic of the room when he got there so he made sure noting looked different before
Taste buds are are on your tongue
One word that describe bud not buddy is survive a little boy trying to survive in the world with out his mother
Kim asks bud if they want to go out
When the lived together back at the orphan-inch Bugs got an ear wig in his ear and had to get it pulled out.
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Herman E Calloway plays the cello/ bass but i forgot about the others. I think that herman plays the bass or double bass
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Because, Herman E. Calloway was being to hard on her, so she ran away with one of his drummers.
Bud keeps a blanket, five flyers, a picture of his momma, and asack of rocks.
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bud dont let people call him bud because buddy is a dog name and buds mother use to call him that
Bud is nice,smart.adventures,imagnitive,brave,outgoing,