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Soaps and Detergents

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Soaps and detergents help clean everything from dirty hands to soiled laundry. Ask questions about their chemical properties and uses around the house.
It depends upon several factors: a) The size of the load (the larger the load, the more detergentwill be required) b) How dirty the load is (the more dirty, the more detergent islikely to be needed) c) How hard your water is (the harder the water, the more detergentis likely to be needed) d) The...
It started In 1933 in Tacoma Florida.
This is a soap used in the aid of skin lightening
Bubble, and foam are just a result of the chemical and physicalreaction between the detergent and water, while shaken. Typically, the bubbles are proportionate to the concentration ofdetergent, but not always so. Some bubble up more, some less. In short, the amount of bubbles isn't a reliable...
Answer . There is no chemical reaction. Lathering is just air bubbles getting trapped inside the liquid. Soap has a high surface tension, and so if you introduce air bubbles inside it, they tend to stay for a while (unlike water for instance, where the air bubble won't stay for long and will...
Well it really depends what plant and detergent in reference. Some detergents can actually be used to fight and kill off pest of plants and some can not. A prime example of a particular type of detergent that can be made and diluted with water is dish soap of any kind to spray the leaves, stems and...
In 1933, this discovery was introduced in a detergent called dreft but it could only handle lightly soiled jobs. The next goal was to create a detergent that could clean heavily soiled clothes. That detergent was Tide®.
Detergent contains surfactants and salts which help to dissolvedirt and oil from the materials being cleaned.
detergent is a surfactant, which means it changes the surface properties of the molecules which it bonds to a surfactant is a molecule which has two ends, one hydrophilic (water loving) and one hydrophobic (water hating) the hydrophobic end bonds to the oil/grease, and the hydrophilic end bonds to...
That depends on how big your container is.
its a brand of biological washing powder from the UK
Detergents and other soaps work to clean things because themolecules each have a side that's hydrophilic, or attracted towater, and a side that's hydrophobic, meaning it helps water grabonto things it wouldn't normally otherwise grab onto. Bubbles areformed with a film of water surrounded by two...
Aqua, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alcohol, Lauramidopropyl Betaine, Lauryl Glucoside, Isopropyl Alcohol, Parfum, Limonene, Tetrasodium EDTA, Benzisothiazolinone, Geraniol, Citral, Linalool, Citronellol, Colorant. hope that helped :) x
sodium salt of benzene carboxylic acid
The detergent was added because it breaks open the cells bydestroying fatty membranes that enclose the cell, thus releasingthe DNA into the solution.
Tide Detergent has not been banned from the US .. if it was we wouldnt be using it today.
There is an effect on Surface Tension when detergent is put in the water. I am doing an experiment for my upcoming Science fair and i am doing a Detergent Powered Boat/Surface Tension...I have tested it many times with and without detergent, when it doesn't have detergent it floats and then sinks...
jesus told us, if one is not cleasned of dirt one is dirty
soap is made of potassium ion or sulphat ion .contain emulsifying agentsand high in fatty acids,e.g.,sodium palmitate(C15H31COONa),sodium stearate(C17H35COONa)etc . soap consists of two partes the hydrocarbon part(C15H31-,C17H35-etc)and poler gr.(COO-veNa+ve) ,for more info go to pankajkirariya...
Dry soap is when soap is left out and dries up from air!! lol omg im so smarrt...
liquid not solid or gas
Hypoallergenic soap is soap that is made wihout certain ingredients, which would otherwise create an allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic means "less likely to cause an allergic reaction when used." (candleandsoup.about.com)
They are alike in their chemical properties. Answer 2: They are both surfactants, with molecules that have both a hydrophyllic and a hydrophobic "end" that allows non-polar compounds to become suspended in polar compounds, i.e. "oil and water mixing."
Hard water does not produce lather. So soap does not work effectively with hard water as soap does not form a good lather with hard water.
nope. just fatty acids and a few other things
Its not name its callsign
The Bestline soaps can be bought in the supermarkets andhypermarkets. The Bestline soaps can also be ought in selectedretail stores.
Plates made from starch which is often seen used at festivals to serve food from the caravan. The plates can easily break down after use. Sometimes these starch serving ware can even be edible!
They are completely different products. Clorox is bleach and Tide is a detergent. Clorox (unless its Clorox2) bleach is very harsh and will eventually eat away at the fibers of most fabrics. Tide is a very good laundry detergent that works well to get out tough stains without doing any damage to...
Answer . They don't suds up as much. You can use regular detergent in a HE washer, just use about a third to a half of what you normally use in a regular machine. Hope this helps!
Well Actually. Tide Removes 84% stains And gain Removes About 40% Stains. So tide Detergent Removes Stains The Best. Thats Your Answer. Tide Is The Best Detergent. Also OxiClean Removes Stains The Best. Oxiclean Was Rewarded For The Best Stain Remover In The World. But Technically Tide Is Better. ...
The dish washing detergent simply mixes with the water. The contents of the detergent are what lift the grease off the dishes. It changes the pH and adds acids to breakdown protreins found in grease
Soaps are made from natural fats and oils and so are fully biodegradable. Detergents on the other hand are made from synthetic chemicals. These chemicals do not break down in the environment, and so they cause huge amount of pollution in our water ways- killing fish and water plants. This is due to...
Answer . Use Ivory liquid with a 1/2 cup of Javex bleach (if they R white)
Nope, bases actually gives soaps their useful properties.
I would say liquid soap because it will slosh into areas that the bar doesn't. Although it depends on the brand.
yes, stick it in your mouth and suck it, DO NOT SWALLOW!!1
they crafted soap for the colonists. it was a very hard job with a long process. it also smelled horrid. today people make soap by machine.
Soaps were made up of fats and ashes. A soap like material was found in clay pots of ancient Babylon and soap making was known as early as 2800 BC. Records show that ancient Egyptians bathed regularly and a medical document dated from 1500 BC describes combining of animal and vegetable oils with...
Just as in the theatrical sense, characterized by its dramatic plot lines.
A bar of soap, when put in a microwave becomes distorted by air trapped inside the soap expanding and creating lumps.
Detergent is composed of chemical compounds of a variety of types and thus has no "atomic number". Only elements have atomic numbers: all elements are given in the Periodic Table and are arranged by their atomic numbers. The atomic number equals the number of protons in the nucleus of the atom: each...
Yes. Usually listed as sodium talloate, sodium palmitate, etc.
face soap is for face and bath soap is for bath
His name is John "Soap" MacTavish.
It can vary from product to product the best thing is to read the label on the product.
Soap basically contains alkali and plant cells in the seed are slightly acidic ( 6 pH), therefore, soap will have adverse effect on seed germination.
I heard soap opera is when you sing a opera song with soap on your hands. ------------------------ *****These television serials have earned that moniker because they "sell soap". Their major sponsors are producers of a variety of cleaning products. I hope that clears this up for you.
Addictive, no. If it is good for you is another thing. Most soap is made from oil and petrochemicals, which are hazardous for that exact reason: they are man-made chemicals. Natural or organic soap usually consists of vegetable oil(s), lye and salt(s). Even though this soap is more natural, it will...
Serials got the nickname "soap operas" because they were interspaced with commercials for soap. As housewives were the main audience, soap manufacturers were the main sponsors.
They are used to clean yourself and help you smell good.
A place in which soap are made.
It depends on what kinds of detergents you are using. If you have 100% natural organic detergent, it should have no effect on the plant growth. However, regular detergents have chemicals in them that would kill the nutrients in the soil. If you kill the soil, the plant would basically starve to...
Most soaps don't directly kill germs. They dissolve oils and dirt and loosen them from your skin so they can be washed down the drain, and with them go the germs. That is, if you wash your hands correctly. See the related question below for proper technique.
In this context, the word cake simply refers to the shape of the soap, it does not mean a delicious piece of soap. It's just a (more or less) rectangular piece of soap.
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soap is a base that is an important thing in our daily lives.it is composed of sodium hydroxide which is a white coloured powder base that is harmful to humans and the most corrosive base also.
They used tide. Tide-to-go was not yet invented.
The Egyptians used Lye to clean they're clothes in the river, only after the Lye was rinsed out of the clothes and washed downstream did people notice that it would bubble and clean the skin. It was pure accident
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Supposedly, yes, but antibacterial soap has to stay on your hands for at least a minute. If it doesn't, it will only kill the weaker bacteria and still leave the worst germs on your skin.
See discussion area: "I need the information on the label or you should ask the manufacturer. If someone would give an answer without such information, it would be imprecise or even misleading."
Soap is a chemical compound or a mixture of more of them
i think, yes. that's because when i used it for a week or so , inoticed some change in my face .It became soft and smooth. Thechemicals used in it are not that harmful.Now my face is soft andglowing. It's not just the face but my body has also become soft.
fear of soap...? Hinodiprobia
Soap is usually caustic not acid. Higher than ph7, not lower.
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Generally, soap can be solid or liquid. Go to the store and see for yourself.
Look on the back where it says "ingredeants"
Any name brand eg, Electra Sol, Galgon, etc.. You must buy a detergent specially made for dishwashers. Normal detergent will froth up too much and spill out onto the floor.. the secret to buying detergent is to buy the smallest box available becaus once opened oxygen contacts dishwasher detergent...
it kills bacteria in the water prolonging the life of cut flowers
You can buy Dr Bronner products from Amazon.
Laundry detergent contains powerful surfactants such as sodiumdodecyl sulfate. These detergents characteristically aggregatelipids and denature proteins. When detergents are absorbed by aplant, the detergents can cause cell membranes to collapse andmembranes to function improperly. This can cause...
The renewability of resources for making soap depend on if it ismade with natural products or not. The natural products have atendency to biodegrade more naturally,
Sodium hydroxide is used to make solid soaps. Potassium hydroxide is used to make liquid soaps. If the soap is actually a detergent, there are a vast number of chemicals that can be used to make it.
you can find soap at places such as Bath and Body Works .... Just search on google.com Bath and body works in _____ Just type wherever you live in the blank spot and you will find places for soap.
Soap is simple to use for cleaning
In the Soap making process there is a number of oils mostly vegetable and Animal based, that is used in the soap making process, that would include Palm Kernel Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil etc.
No. Rabbits are usually very good at self-grooming, like cats. They only need to be bathed under certain, specific circumstances (like the results of a fibre-poor diet, illness, or accident) and then never with any kind of soap, unless directed by a veterinarian. If your bunny has gotten into...