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Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash (1932-2003) was an American musician. Nicknamed "The Man in Black," he performed in the country, rock and roll, and rockabilly genres. He was known for traveling to prisons to do shows for the inmates, and was listed in Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top 100 musicians of all time. Two of his best known songs are Ring of Fire and I Walk the Line.
well.....let's just say....quite a bit 55-studio albums 6-live albums 104- compliation albums 2 soundtracks this is what I found hope it works!
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Johnny Cash was born in Kngsland, Arkansas on February 26th, 1932.He died on September 12th, 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee.
When Johnny Cash was about 22, he went for his first time to a recording agency and sang to get a record. He preformed mainly gospels songs and the company, Sun Records, told him gospel songs were unmarketable. One year later in 1955, he made his first record with Sun Records and became a hit. He...
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No. Although both played guitar and performed with Johnny Cash, they were not related. Luther began his professional career with Cash as a member of the Tennessee 2 backup duo for Cash. Carl came along a little later rounding out the Tennessee 3. Carl had been performing on the same record label ...
he has 4sisters and a brother.
He asked her numerous times over many years. They finally tied the knot in 1968.
From 1954 to now and still his, even if he passed away...
As most of us country folks, we usually get interested in music from church, radio, and records. Johnny Cash was no different. Johnny began writing songs by the time he reached high school. Johnny would eventually join the United States Air Force, and would be stationed in Germany for four years. ...
listen to "man in black"
It's not by Johnny Cash and June Carter, it's by Carl Smith and June Carter.
Hank's father was, Elonzo Williams, and Lillian Skipper Williams was his mother.
No Way! Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash were totally in love with each other. Their marriage was one of the best in any form of the entertainment industry (including the country music industry). Like all couples, I'm sure that they had their disagreements. Neither one felt that they could go on...
The single, "Ring of Fire," by the great Johnny Cash, jumped all the way to the #1 spot on the country music charts.
Cry, Cry, Cry So Doggone Lonesome Folsom Prison Blues I Walk The Line Get Rhythm Home Of The Blues Ballad Of A Teenage Queen Big River Guess Things Happen That Way The Ways Of A Woman In Love Don't Take Your Guns To Town In The Jailhouse Now..... the list goes on and on and on
folsom prison blues!
Johnny Cash was a Morse code intercept operator with the USAF Security Service. That meant listening to radio signals generated by people on the other side of the "Iron Curtain." Musical talent helps those who work with signal codes. For most of his four years in the air force he was based in...
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Yes, he was. He swung a piece of wood at his pet ostrich and it kicked him in the chest. I believe it gave him a pretty good gash and he spent some time in the hospital.
His first wife, Vivian Liberto, died of complications to remove lung cancer. His second, June Carter Cash, died of complications following heart valve replacement surgery.
\nto help his career to become famous
I believe June may have been a couple of years older than Johnny. Johnny was born in 1932. When the Carter Family broke up in 1943, Maybelle Carter brought her daughters June, Helen, and Anita into the act. They would be known as Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters.
yes at their wedding john didn't get one but June did ,later in may of 1968 when they went on their honeymoon in Israel they both bought each other a ring that had ingraved on it "Me to my love, and my love to me" in Hebrew
Johnny Cash may have worn white before he became a country music star. However, during his entire career the general public only saw Johnny wearing clothing that had the color of black. That's how he got his nickname, "The Man In Black."
it was a catchy phrase widely known so why not
yes he had 6 siblings one of them named jack died when Cash was 10.
His Drug Addiction he started using amphetamines and barbiturates.
hey answer me!!! yea as far as i know in the 70's and 80's he had a hunting dog named "molly" he may have had other pets but this is the only one I've read of Johnny Cash also had a pet ostrich at his ranch in Henderson, Tennessee. A friend of his stated that it was more like a private zoo.
yes ever since he was a child
go to youtube and type in Johnny Cash and Chattanooga city limit sign OR go to myspace and see if there's a band myspace for Johnny Cash and look through all the songs.
No never was never will be
Vivian Liberto (Cash) Distin, his first wife, died on May 24, 2005, two years after the deaths of Cash and June Carter Cash. June Carter Cash, his second wife, died at the age of 74 on May 15, 2003, and her famous husband died just 4 months later at the age of 71.
In other searches, I found Al Martino's name most often. The Mills Brothers sang it before Al Martino but Al Martino probably has the best version
The Song Johnny Cash sang in front of US congress was "Ragged Old Flag" - G.Sheridan 10/2/2010
When Mr. Cash started out, he had only a bass player and a guitarist - no drums. Of course, as time went on, he did add a drummer, then with more success, he could, and did, use any number of instruments on his recordings.
I believe he was stressed with the fame and fortune
Johnny Cash lived in Colorado
Current Location: Karen refugee camp in Thailand. Biography: Luther Htoo and his twin brother Johnny were the boy leaders of God's Army, a Karen militant group in Burma. Only nine years old at the time they founded the group, the boys would eventually surrender to Thai authorities in 2001 after the...
Cash referred to Jennings as "my truest, purest friend." The two of them went through a lot together and always, as far as I know, remained friends until the end.
Because he left his brother in the saw mill to work himself and didn't look out for him and his brother got cut by the saw and died.
The album is called 'Nashville Skyline.' CBS studios, Nashville, TN February 17-18, 1969. Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN May 1, 1969. Nashville Skyline: The quadraphonic mixes.
He was born on Friday the 26th of February, 1932.
He recorded his songs in a studio and then he put it in the show.
Country singer and guitar player.
@Maniek@ Johny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down
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John basically transcended into every type of Genre
Johnny Cash never really did collapse on stage, as shown in the film Walk the Line, while performing in The Johnny Cash Show in Las Vegas . He is also shown kicking the stage lights in the same performance, which also didn't happen. He did, however, break the stage lights at the Grand Ole...
He had a house in Jamaica and lived there for a part of most years.
February 26, 1932 - September 12, 2003
Check the Internet Movie Database for the full list. "A Gunfight", with Kirk Douglas, was the biggest budget film Cash appeared in. There were some interesting TV movies and a low budget B & W thriller, released in the UK as " Five Seconds to live",which marked both Johnny Cash's movie debut and...
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On stage at a concert in London Ontario Canada
yes. he had a record for substance abuse and apparently setting fire to a forest while under the influence.
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The 20th Century Is Almost Over 25 Minutes to Go 7:06 Union Abner Brown Accidentally On Purpose Adios Aloha Adulterous Woman After Taxes After The Ball Against The Wind Agony In Gethsemane Ah Bos Cee Dah Ain't Gonna Hobo No more Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow Ain't No Grave Ain't You Ashamed All Around...
he was poor, then rich after his music
in a word... no....
What that doesn't make sense? Yes he wrote and sang that song!
The only ones I remember are, "A Boy Named Sue" and "Ring of Fire"
Sun Along with Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, and MANY others
Johnny Cash had influenced other artists because of his country rythm.
Answer . Times a Wastin. Answer . Actually, although she may have sung the song with Cash at some point, they never recorded it together. The only recording was with Carl Smith.
Country Musician, Country Singer and Songwriter