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Cooking television shows have been around almost as long as the television. The chefs that host them often gain quite a bit of celebrity. There have been biographies written about many. Some, such as Julia Child, have even had movies made about them. Ask questions about your favorite celebrity chefs here.
In London, Ramsay married Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson (known as  Tana), a Montessori-trained schoolteacher, in 1996. The couple have  four children: Megan, twins Jack and Holly, and Matilda.
stop being so lazy and go to a library psh children these days
Yes, Julia Child did see the Julie Powell's blog, and she did not  approve. She disliked the repeated use of the F word, stated Powell  did not seem like a serious cook, and felt the entire thing was  nothing more than a gimmick. Julie Powell was crushed by this, but  continued on with her...
He studied at Westminster Catering College before working as a pastry chef at Antonio Carluccio's restaurant in London's Neal Street.   Click on link below for more.
I consulted a database available remotely to Columbus Metropolitan  Library patrons called Biography in Context. It contained  several different biography articles compiled from various sources  that detailed many aspects of Child's career. According to several  different biographies that I read...
yes very many she start as a child and had to overcome obsatcils asa kid people thought she couldn't do it but she did as a teenagershe cooked and cooked . until she became a celberity chef
Julia Child became famous for her wonderful passion for cooking
5 million per year
Chef and author Sam Stern is 27 years old (birthdate August 29,1990).
Rachael Ray is Sicilian on her mother's side and Welsh, Scottish and French on her father's side.
Julia Child was born at Pasendena hospital in California
She showed people the joy of cooking and taught people it was okay to make mistakes.
Marcia Lewis played Sister Hubert in the first 'star' cast of Nunsense. I'm guessing the line in the show was simply put in there because Marcia Lewis herself would have said 'must be a friend of Julia's ' not because there is a connection to Julia child
I'm sure Jamie has many friends from the TV and cooking world. But only he could possibly answer who is best friend really is.
His first job as a chef was in 1986 as a station chef at Maxim's in  London. After numerous other chef jobs he opened his first  restaurant in 1998.
Jamie Oliver's qualities areCookingCleaningPreparing Foods And Dishes
Her restruant "Lady & Sons" is located in Savannah, Georgia.
Julia Child's sister Dorothy was six foot four. Julia was six foot  two.
Gordon Ramsay has no major scars, he is simply wrinkled with age.
No She uses a Paul Mitchell Frosted Silver Hair Color very elegant color for her.Matches her skin tone very well!
  No she doesnt smoke.
Probably a lot. I mean, there was a movie about her, right? I think "Julie & Julia" is about her life, so maybe you should watch that.
Paula Deen was born in Albany, GA and graduated from Albany High School in 1965.
In 1948, Julia Child was invited to join a women's group called the Cercle des Gourmettes by her friend Simone Beck.
Chef and TV host Andrew Zimmern is 56 years old (born July 4,1961).
It is an Engelbrecht Braten 1000 series. >
  Her mother is Elsa Scuderi and her father is James (or Jim) Ray.
They actually asked this question from him in an interview and he responded by saying he was a really bad student and didn't want to do his work. That is why he was kicked out of school. He got actually kicked out of high school *three* times!! He was a "really bad high school student." "I was...
Catherine "Cat" Cora is 50 years old. She was born on April 3, 1967in Jackson, Mississippi.
Go to rachelrayshow.com and you can find out what time it is now onin your area. I'm from Detroit and the time has changed to 3 PM.
She has a pit bull and infact she got biten from defending her dog from a dog fight in a local park. 8D
In some words yes she did. Julia didn't believe that Julie was serious about the blog. That it was just some stunt she was trying to pull. She thought Julie should of said how delicous the food was.
no he is irish. i found this out as he is one of my distant cousions on my fathers fathers side of the very large sophisticated family of lawyers and chefs'. he has been gay for many years now and he is quadrasexual (fancies himself girls and boys and trannies)i love him because im having an afair...
Rachael ray is a famous cook who wrote many cookebooks has a magazine and a cooking show, and plans to oopn a resteraunt ( a burger joint really) in 2009
Bodine is a purebred Shih-Tzu. I have one that looks exactly like him!Paula Deen's newest dog is a Havanese puppy
As an ex pro soccer player i would guess that Gordon ramsey is not a smoker but his face has the haggard look of smoking for years, im not sure that as a top chef he would want to ruin his palate by smoking
He is an Austrian chef.
If you wanna know how to unlock more ingredients all you have to do is go to test kitchen then just keep repeating some recipes and when your finish cooking a recipe something will come out.   *NOTE : Just keep cooking some recipes in the test kitchen and you can unlock some ingredients.*
the french chef cook book, julias kitchen wisdom, from Julia child's kitchen
  == Answer ==   Well, because she's the best :D
a yung child named billy tomeingson who died at the age of four in the ground of slimeycall,tn
Jamie Oliver's top I-WANT-TO-BE-LIKE-HIM is: 'GORDON RAMSAY'. Suprising isn't it.By,J-JammieJimmey-Jammiehttp://www.talksocial.webs.com
Emeril is about 6' even. He's an imposing figure with big, meaty hands. Years of cooking have made his hands like leather and his fingers are like sausages.   I have to make a correction here. Emeril looks like he is big and tall from how imposing looking he is on TV but he is no where near 6...
She was inspired by different people and on top of that she wanted to reverse the curse of chefs being men.
Summer of 1994. I was a bartender at Mr. Brown's pub and she was my boss...really nice lady.
emerils.com Google Emeril and see what you find. Check the links .
  Mxyplyzyk Inc.   125 Greenwich AveNew York, NY 10014(212) 989-4300‎(212) 989-5094‎   http://www.mxyplyzyk.com/
No, he is not.
He might not own all of them, but I think its close to 18.
His name was Paul Cushing Child.
Paula Deen has four grandchildren.
The French Chefhad its debut on February 11, 1963, on WGBH and was immediately successful. The show ran nationally for ten years and won Peabody and Emmy Awards, including the first Emmy award for an educational program.
No Gordon Ramsay doesn't have Tourettes.
No, Rachael Ray does not have children.
Rachael Ray's father's side of the family owned several restaurants on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Gordon Ramsay is about 6' 2" (1.88 m).
Lithonia High School in Lithonia, Georgia
I Only know he has one brother and his name is Damian Oliver
Rachael Ray attended elementary school in 1982. Even though she was one year behind in her schooling.
According to his official web site, no. Atlantic City, Las Vegas, the Bahamas, and two in New York City.
Child became devoted to French cuisine. She enrolled in the famous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and explored the markets and bistros of Paris to refine her techniques. In 1951, she opened a cooking school. Become an outstanding public television success.
The Rachael Ray show wrapped taping for Season 6, and Season 7 will begin taping in September 2012.
No. Jamie is a very genuine person who cares deeply about the need for all people and especially young people to have a proper healthy diet. He has also been very active in helping young people from disadvantaged or troubled backgrounds to learn to become professional chefs through his restaurants...
I believe her ashes are interred in the Neptune Memorial Reef
Flay is married to actress Stephanie March.
It's an Early Bronco by Ford, abbreviated EBR. The last year they were made was 1977 (made from 1966-1977). The engine is the classic 302. The coolest model (in my opinion) was the Stroppe Baja.
His fathers name was Gordan Ramsay, however he passed away several years ago.
you cant, if you beat the whole game you will have a choise though, also check the instructions that came with the game to help as well
well i researched your question and it basically said.. Jamie Oliver is in America to start a revolution. The impassioned chef, TV personality and best-selling author is determined to take on the high statistics of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in this country, where our nation's children are...
As of 2011, Jamie Deen remains happily married to Brooke Terry Deen. Together the couple has two sons named Jack and Matthew.
She showed people the joy of cooking and that it was okay to make mistakes.
He lives in New York City and also in California.
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