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Extended Family

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Relatives outside of an immediate family (mother, father, brother, sister) are part of an extended family. Extended family relationships include: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws among many others. Ask questions here about how a person is related to their extended family (ex: How is your brother's mother-in-law related to you?)
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it maybe grandmother or grand father
She would be your Aunt.
lol... ur brother's adopted daughter would b ur niece... this is because no matter what, she is his child and any child that your brother or sister has would be your niece or nephew, the only way she can be a cousin is if it was one of your parents brothers or sisters who adopted her.
If his niece is on his side of the family, your husband's niece is your niece. If it's a subsequent marriage, same as above, unless his niece is on the "ex's"'side, you are technically not related
First cousin once removed
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I would say heck yes!!! You all are sharing the same bloodline. You each have a parent that is a sibling to the other. Wow be safe and Lord willing you're kids will be okay.
It is best not to date your cousin ! If it led to more than dating, ie; sex for instance it would be considered Incest which is illegal in most countries around the world.
Your first cousin's child is your child's second cousin. Your second cousin's child is your child's third cousin. Your third cousin's child is your child's fourth cousin. and so forth
well dont ask your cousin nothing just ask her: would you for example be mad on your bf. if she likes your ex boyfriend...
well i would be PRETTY MAD but i wouldn't try to kill them like the last person said. i would talk 2 my cousin and ask her why she was going out with my ex because if u start 2 blame her without knowing the full story, then ur gunna b the bad guy. and if u can at least stand 2 be in the same...
it's hard to believe but YES you do become your own uncle
Now , You Need To Think about this vey strongly because this could be a huge thing . You Couold Have A crush on them but if its anything more than that and you truly love them then you should get rid of those reasons why you do , because its wrong and illegal. If You had babies together they would...
it is illegal in most states because your genes are to close and ifyou to would to have a baby it would be genetically unstable andwould have many problems. I am pretty sure you can marry your 3rd or 4th cousin because youare both far enough apart the genetic disabilities should be slim. Good Luck!...
either your niece's husband, or your nephew, or your nephew in law,etc
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There are different systems used to describe these types of relationships, but your first cousin's baby would usually be referred to as your first cousin, once removed. Your child, and your first cousin's child, would be second cousins to each other.
it depends. It is illegal in most states to date your 1st-3rd cousins. It isillegal because of how your genes are and if you to would to have achild, you genes and chromosomes would be messed up. Your 4thcousin is far enough apart it shouldn't be that big of deal. You can have a crush on your...
A cosuin once removed refers to the next generation. For example. Your Mother's cousin is her first cousin. But to you, her son/daughter, that cousin would be your First cousin once removed. ie one generation removed. That cousins children would be your second cousins. ie first cousins children...
no. it is illegal to marry your cousins unless they are your3rd/4th cousins so 5th cousins etc
The daughter of your first cousin, once removed, is your first cousin, twice removed, or your second cousin - depending one which of you is in the older generation.
Yes. Agreed, but to answer more fully, second cousins are from the bloodline of a common great-grandparent. Put another way, Person A and Person B, the second cousins, each have a grandparent who had at least one parent in common. (This might occur if one parent remarried and that couple gave birth...
if there your dads 1st cousins then they are your 2nd cousins andif they have children then they are your 3rd cousins and if theyhad kids then they are your 4th cousins
How old is your cousin? Because if they are under 25 then they CANNOT rent a rental car. However, if they are over the age of 21 they ARE allowed to drink alcohol as long as their blood alcohol level does not exceed 0.08. Otherwise, I hope you guys have fun :))))))
your great great niece or you can call her your great nieces daughter
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They are second cousins. Example: My first cousin Matt has children - they are my secondcousins.
It means that your brother or sister had a child with you cousin.
The children of your grandfather's brother are your first cousins, once removed. You can also call them by their names.
A: It is believed that one of Jesus' brothers was James. Not given - but a fair guess is Joseph and Mary after the parents It is Roman Catholic Defined Doctrine that the Blessed Mother (theVirgin Mary) was a virgin before, during, and after the virginbirth of Jesus. The "brothers and sisters" made...
You and your first cousin's children are first cousins, once removed. You and your second cousin's children are second cousins, once removed.
Your father's sister's daughter is your first cousin. Your father's sister's granddaughter is your first cousin, once removed.
If he's not your first cousin. Addendum: While many cultures frown upon dating and marriage between first cousins, in the US it is not illegal in most states. And, while it might seem that it would be a genetic mistake to procreate, the scientific fact is that there is sufficient diversity...
That will depend greatly on the situation. For purposes of some benefits (for example, discounts from automakers for an employee's mother-in-law) she is considered immediate family. Most hospitals would consider her immediate family, particularly if she is with the spouse. In many legal...
Your cousins are screaming because they're 2 years old, working full time and have a heck of a lot to worry about
Your great great grandmother's sister is your great great grandaunt, some would say great great greataunt.
Most students never call their first cousins and some don't event know who they are.
Your great uncle's children are first cousins to one of your parents and first cousins, once removed, to you.
If you like both your boyfriend and his cousin, maybe you should see which one you like better. See if you actually have a chance with his cousin, then see if you like him more than your boyfriend. Whoever has the same interests, makes you laugh, and is sweet is probably the better one.
Your second cousin is the child of your parent's first cousin. There is no such thing as a half-cousin, first, second or otherwise.
Your grandchild and your sister's grandchild are second cousins.
" Grand -" is nothing more than an alternate or slang term for great . " Great -" is the proper prefix for distant family. I think in this case Great Aunt sounds better where grandparents is better, Great parents don't really describe your parents parents! and when going even more...
Yes its quite possible
Your first cousin's grandchildren (her children's children) are your first cousins, twice removed. Your second cousin's grandchildren are your second cousins, twice removed.
No. John the Apostle was one of Jesus's 12 Apostles. Jesus was, however, related to John the Baptist. No Jesus was never related to John the apostle. He was related to John the baptist, as they were both cousins. John the apostle father was named Zebedee, but John the baptists father was a priest...
They are close to immediate family members. So your Aunty (mothers sister) - her children are your firstcousins.
That would make them your 2nd cousin.
You are your nephew's uncle, or aunt, and his son's great uncle, or great aunt. Your nephew's son is your great nephew.
Your mother's first cousin is your first cousin once removed. Your mother's second cousin is your second cousin once removed.
Your mother's first cousin is your first cousin once removed.
It depends on the circumstances. It certainly would not be wrong if your cousin was taking a shower for instance.
Easy, one of your parents has more then one sibiling.
Your father's nephew is your first cousin. Your father's nephew's daughter (or son) is your first cousin, once removed.
I'm pretty sure it's a great uncle.
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Well either you had a child with your sibling or with your spouse's sibling.
First cousins can marry in most states.
Niece would be an opposite as a niece is female and a nephew is male.
You and your uncle's child are first cousins to each other. You and your uncle's grandchild are first cousins, once removed, to each other.
Certainly, you are related to everyone your father is related to. Your father's second cousin is your second cousin, once removed.
Your grandmother's sister is your great aunt. Her son's daughter's son is her great grandson. You and your great aunt's great grandson are second cousins, once removed.
Your grandfather's brother is your great uncle. The wife of your great uncle is your great aunt.
Yes, "second cousin" refers to the grandchildren of your great aunt or great uncle.
Some of your second cousin's cousins could be your cousins, andsome would not be. It depends on whether or not your cousin'scousins are on your side of the family or not. Most people have both maternal and paternal cousins. If you arecousins with this person on their maternal side, then all...
Well, your cousin's brother is also your cousin, and a cousin's son is also your cousin.
Your cousin once removed is the child of your cousin who is not described as removed, or the parent of your cousin who is not removed. For example, your second cousin once removed is the child of your second cousin, or the parent of your third cousin, depending on which of you is in the older...
Your uncle's father is also the father of one of your parents and thus your grandfather. You are his grandchild. If your grandfather has only one grand child, that person is you. So your uncle's father's only grandchild is you, yourself.
You are great great aunt to your niece's grandchild. Your children and your niece's grandchild are first cousins, twice removed.
Although she wouldn't be your niece by blood, she would be yourniece-in-law. The daughter of your wife's sibling.
I believe that yes, a first cousin can make medical decisions in the absence of estranged blood siblings because if it's an emergency and that's the only family member there in that moment someone will need to make a decision and the cousin would be the best person for that. At least, this is how I...
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Your Aunt/Uncle's child.
you each have something in common and if you are getting bulliedthen your whole family can stick up for you and that person orpeople will most likely stop
Depends if the rest of the family approves! Only you know your answer.
I think that that old saw is true: When the matriarch dies, thefamily dies with her. At least, in our extended family, I've seenthis to be true. It's like she had all the little family quibblesand quarrels in check, and now that she's not here, those troubleshave been pouring out and getting worse...
Your grand niece and your grandson are second cousins to each other
Your First cousins are the children of your parents' brothers and sisters. Your Second cousins are the grand children of your grandparents' brothers and sisters. Your Third cousins are the great grandchildren of your great grandparent's brothers and sisters. Your First cousins, once removed, are...
Well you should tell your friends cousin or tell you friend 2 tell his or her cousin because i went throught this 2 but it was my friends sister and it worked out pretty well.
The English language has not specific term for such a relationship. Your grandmother can call your wife her grandson's wife, and you wife can call your grandmother her husband's grandmother.