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Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix is the author of various series including Shadow Children and Missing. Ask questions about this author's books and personal life in this category.
Katherine is a 12 year old girl from the 21st century. She contains a lot of attitude, especially towards her big brother Jonah. Katherine is strong minded and determined. In the book "Sent" by Margaret Peterson Haddix, you find that Katherine like Chip and that she is very defensive, In my...
Some of her hobbies are reading traveling,swimming,bicycling,hiking,going to museums,and hanging out with family and friends
don't mess with time travel, and what you know might not be true
JB is the younger "janitor" that Jonah meets in the bathroom. Hereally is a time purist who wanted all the missing children fromhistory to go back to their time period.
Since Found is just the first book in a multi-book series, there isn't much of a resolution. There's a mini-resolution when the children find out the circumstances of their adoptions, but beyond that, the reveal just set up more questions to be resolved throughout the series.
Margaret Peterson Haddix currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.
yes, to a man named Doug. Does this help?
the characters in the book Found are Jonah, Chip, Katherine, JB (janitor boy), Gary, Mr. Hodge, Mr. and Mrs. Skidmore (Jonah and katherine's parents) ,Mr. and Mrs. Winston (chip's parents), the other missing children of history, and Mr. Reardon
Yes, and her latest book is due to come out in September.
Jonah gets a note saying he is one of the missing and chip gets a similar letter
The setting of Found by Margart Peterson Haddix is in Liston, Ohio.
314 pages long. depende pero kung ung libro mo ay dictionary depende pa rin :)))
she writes science fiction and like fantasy/adventure i think I'm 80 percent shure
The main theme of the story is the search for identity.
When thirteen-year-olds Jonah and Chip, who are both adopted, learn they were discovered on a plane that appeared out of nowhere, full of babies with no adults on board, they realize that they have uncovered a mystery involving time travel and two opposing forces, each trying to repair the fabric of...
The "Shadow Children" series or the "Among the" series Ex. Among the Barons, Among the Brave, Among the Free.................
Well as you may know they find out there from the future! Nothingout of the ordinary happens from there. They find some other peopleon the survivors list and meet up. In the second to last chapterthere was a sentence that intrigued me. It was " Thirty-sixchildren killed, and sadly, the bodies will...
the theme is romantic love, and adoration! its about someone being kidnapped and they run away and have a wedding! its a
The protagonists are Chip, Jonah, and Chip's sister Katherine.
Sabotaged is the third in Haddix's Missing series. In this book, Jonah and Katherine are joined by Andrea, the missing counterpart to Virginia Dare. However, they quickly lose their Elucidator and with it, contact with JB. They aren't sure if they're in the correct time period or not, and there's a...
st. mary-st.john She attended Miami University in Ohio for college.
For her book Just Ella she got her insporation from her daughter
Elucidator is a veryconfusing word. However, I used my vocabulary strategies toconclude the meaning. The word Euclid is a name meaningintelligent. Ator means one that does. So Euclidator meansintelligent one that does. What it does . . . many things. It canmake you and whoever you want invisible. It...
Sent is the sequel to Found. It takes place right where Found left off, with Katherine, Jonah, Alex, and Chip flying to the past via elucidator. However, only Chip and Alex were meant to be sent to the 15th century, and a man known as J.B. threatens to bring Jonah & Katherine back to the...
The protagonist of Margaret Peterson Haddix's Double Identity is named Bethany Cole.
Jonah Skidmore is 13 years old and in the 7th grade....... Hopethis helps :)
Chapter 30 reveals the history of the thirty-six children.
Sabotaged was released on August 24, 2010.
The sequel to Found is called Sent .
Answer . Wilferd Arlan Peterson was born 8/21/00 in Whitehall, Michigan. He and his wife, Ruth, had one daughter, Lilian Peterson Thorpe, now of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Mr. Peterson died 6/2/1995.
Jonah wanted to figure out how he got on the plane
JB "janitor boy" when you refer gary ans the antagonist
The most prevalent theme would be the search for identity.
In the middle of the story, Chip and Jonah are just discovering that there might be way more to the stories of their adoptions than they had anticipated.
Yuppers! The book is called "Sent". I actually just finished reading "Sent" right now. I'm looking up if there's a 3rd book. That's actually how I found this question!
Margaret Peterson Haddix's first book, Running Out of Time, was published in 1995.
Well, he has curly blond hair
She intends for the series to end with 7 books.
The climax is probably going to be when Second's identity and role in the plot thus far was revealed.
Sabotaged is the third in Haddix's Missing series. In this book, Jonah and Katherine are joined by Andrea, the missing counterpart to Virginia Dare. However, they quickly lose their Elucidator and with it, contact with JB. They aren't sure if they're in the correct time period or not, and there's a...
At the ending of the kids trip to the fifteenth century Jonah and Katherine take Chip and Alex out of their tracers as another time traveler pulls them out of that time and back into a cave. Then a week after demanding to return home the kids are playing basketball when J.B. walks up asking Jonah...
Chip's last name is Winston. Winston Winston
what is the main problem in found by margaret peterson
Jonah lives in Ohio.
a buddy that died and ella and a crocked misses that dont let ella do nothing
Since the book is the first of a multiple book series, it doesn't necessarily have an overarching resolution. A comparable equivalent would maybe be the reveal of all the information about these childrens' pasts, but that only plunges them right into another quandary.
it was like i had fallen and gaven up everthing
To my knowledge she has published 20 books.
No, there is no plane in the book Found that crashes.
1996 in the prologue, 2009 in the rest of the book
The solution is that they (Chip and Jonah) are actually in the wrong time zone and have to be sent back, but the thing is the reason they were sent to the 21st Century is that way they wouldn't die, o will they die or not. The answer is all in the second book SENT
Since the book is one of a multi-book series, it is difficult to pinpoint the climax exactly. The build to the climax seems to be the gradual reveal of information, up until the climax in the cave, where everything is revealed to the missing children.
Found was resolved when Jonah and Chip learned more about their identities.
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I think the resolution is when gary, mr hodge and jb (janitor boy) or janitor what i call him.. explain what happens and there zapped back into the 15th hundred to restore time?? i think thats what happened it completely confused me. so but i think i got my facts right lol
Jonah's first instinct is to believe that the first note is a prank being pulled by one his classmates, but he also grows increasingly worried, especially as more and more notes show up in his and Chip's mailboxes.
Jonah was actually raised knowing he was adopted all along.
It is called "Torn"
She grew up near Washington Court House, Ohio.
A conflict in the book is an external conflict, and is man vs. man. Jonah and Katherine (with the help of JB through the Elucidator) have to protect Chip and Alex. Chip and Alex have to pretend that they are dead because of how history was supposed to play out, but without actually killing them....
She was born on 9th April, 1964 near Ohio.
the book starts out when Angela retells the plane story, as the story progresses Jonah and chip want to find out who their birth parents with katherine`s help chip and jonah realize that they were survivors from the plane. Jonah plans to meet Angela Depure. As Jonah finds more about his identity he...
Jonah. Chip. Katherine. Janitor Boy (JB). Angela. Mr.Hodge.
she writes because her father inspired her to
The antagonists are revealed to be Gary and Hodge. JB's role is still unclear in this book.
One of the first known instances of seeing JB was when he was pretending to be a janitor to talk to Jonah and place the file on the FBI agent's desk.
The main character is former child star, Lindsay Scott.
Before she became a published writer, Margaret Peterson Haddix held jobs as a copy-editor at The Journal Gazette, a newspaper in Fort Wayne, IN, a reporter at The Indianapolis News, a newspaper in Indianapolis, IN, a freelance writer, and a community college professor in Danville, IL.
Since the book is part of the series, there isn't much of a resolution before the story jumps right back into the sequel. Andrea/Virginia Dare is put where she is supposed to be in time, but with Second's manipulation, the time ripples are going out of control, which is something that will be...
36 babies are found on a plane . Chip and Jonah receive mysterious messages in the mail saying they are the missing and to beware . Jonah's family meets with the FBI while Jonah and Katherine work to retrieve information, with the help of JB. . Almost all of the 36 children attend an adoption...
She grew up in Washington Court House, Ohio.
The next book will be called Risked , and it is slated for a September 2013 release.