First principle of ecosystem sustainability?

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All resources come from nature and all wastes are recycled.
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What are the components of a self-sustaining ecosystem?

Ecosystems are composed of a variety of abiotic and biotic components that function in an interrelated fashion. Some of the more important components are: soil, atmosphere, ra

Self sustaining ecosystem?

A self sustainable ecosystem is an ecosystem, that takes care of it self e.g. a fish tank would be an un-natural ecosystem since it is made. Not only is is made but also the f

What is a sustainable ecosystem?

A sustainable ecosystem is a system that survives, functions, andis renewed over time; a system in which people can continue to liveand flourish for many generations.

Ten principles of sustainable development?

Like so many lists of 10 there are a multitude of potential points espoused by one organization or another. All of these lists suggest "good" ideas and there is lot of crossov

What are the principles of sustainable development?

The principles of sustainable development refers to the organizingprinciple for human life on a finite planet. It also refers to theposits of a desirable future state for all

What are four scientific principles of sustainability?

1) eliminate systematic increases in concentration of substances from the earth's crust in natural systems 2) eliminate systematic increases in concentrations of substanc
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What are the three principles of sustainability?

The three principles of sustainability are Solar Energy, Chemical Cycling, and Biodiversity. Solar Energy: Involves the use of the sun to provide life to the plants, thereb