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How do you get pee out of a mattress?

You will need to ring a professional cleaner for that. Usually, mattresses with urine or blood contaminants are clean with a hot water extraction method. Then, a spot cleaning

How do you clean a mattress?

Try vacuuming the mattress, then wipe it over with a damp cloth dipped in a weak solution of disinfectant and water. Thendry it the whole day in sunlight.

How do you store a mattress if you're not going to use it for an extended period of time?

  I had one stored for a couple of years and then shipped it. First, I wish I had put a really good mattress cover on it (not just a light plastic one, which rips) so that

How do you fold a mattress?

It is not recommended to fold a mattress. Folding a mattress can do damage to the border wire around the edges of the mattress and the wire could begin to poke through the fab

Who invented the mattress?

In ancient times, early man did not need or have a bedroom to go to sleep in. Instead, he would make his bed out of fallen leaves and cover himself over with an animal skin co

How do you get bedbugs out of mattress?

  Please be clear that you are asking aboutBedbugs and not about Dustmites as there seems to be a lot of confusion on Wiki and elsewhere on the Internet between the two. T

What kind of mattress is used in Go rooms at Flamingo LV?

The mattress is by Spring Air, called Suite Excellence and says made expressly for our guests comfort - so appears to be custom made. I know this because we stayed in a Go roo
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What size board should go under a twin trundle bed mattress?

If you are referring to something to serve as a foundation/boxspring, you need (likely) a Twin bunkie board; which is a 2"version of a box spring. You likely have about 6-7" o

Go to the mattress?

Hi, Mattress is the important part of furniture because it gives  comfort at the time of sleeping, sitting, etc.. I love all  furniture in my home because I always buy those