HOW do I hook up speakers to my 52in. flat screen HD TV?

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If there are no speaker connections on the back of the TV, then you need to buy a sound system. The 5.1 is popular and many programs are recorded with a Surround 5.1 audio track. This system will have its own amplifier and sometimes speakers. Something with about 100 watts per channel would be good. Then connect AUDIO OUT from the TV to AUDIO IN on the sound system. Go into the audio menu and set the Audio output to FIXED.
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Do you have to hook up a ps3 to HD tv?

You can connect the PS3 to any kind of television that has A/V inputs. In some cases it may require purchase of optional connection cables but those are mainly to allow connec

Is there a flat screen TV that is not HD?

The world of domestic television moves fast. In 2009, there were several standard definition flat screen televisions. In 2010, as this answer is being written, they are rare.

Can you hook up a HD satellite receiver to an older TV?

Yes, as long as you have AV output jacks on the back of your HD satellite receiver. However, if you are going to use an older TV, expect that you either cannot watch HD movies

How do you hook up a PS3 to a HD tv?

Two options: For true HD you need an hdmi cable that runs from the ps3 to the television's hdmi input. Alternatively, you can use the video adaptor cable (av or yellow,

Can you hook up your computer speakers to a tv?

You can if they provide their own power(you have to plug them into the wall) and they have a audio plug that will plug into you tv like a headphone jack. but usually a tv's sp

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i THINK there are two ways for different kinds of ways.(I might be wrong so dont hate and try lol) First look in the back of the TV you can find a place to plug the HD cables

Do you have to have a HD tv to hook up a bluray?

Having a high-definition television is not required to attach a Blu-ray to your television, assuming that your television has the appropriate connections. For example, if both
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Do Bose satellite speakers hook up to HD televisions?

Yes, Bose carries a home theater speaker system that is called the CineMate Series II home theater system. It is designed to work with HD TVs and there are instructions provid

How do you hook up a hd tv wirelessly to your computer network?

You do not have too many options here. Basically there are only two. First one is if to purchase a wireless adapter for your TV if it supports it. Second one is to use your co

Can you hook up a computer to a Phillips flat screen tv?

Almost any computer that has a DVI or HDMI port will connect to a modern television with an HDMI port. DVI is compatible with HDMI although it carries no sound. A DVI to HDMI
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Where can one purchase flat screen HD TVs?

One can purchase flat screen HD TV's at any number of locations. Electronics stores such as Best Buy have a great selection. Flat screen HD TV's can also be purchased at Sea