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Has madelline mcann been kidnapped or killed or murdered by her parents or is it all a scam by her sick parents?

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most believe kidnapped and left alive but other people believe shes dead so hopefully shes ok
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Can a parent kidnap a child?

  If the non- custodial parent takes the child without permission it is considered kidnapping.

What constitutes parental child kidnapping if the parent has primary custody?

Missouri's RSMO 565.156-1(5) passed: 1. A person commits the crime of child abduction if he or she: (5) Having legal custody of the child pursuant to a valid court order,

Can an unwed parent be tried for parental kidnapping?

A single father has no legal rights to the child. see link ------------- Added: Yes. Dependent upon the circumstances, an unwed parent of either sex can be tried for this offe

Can a non-custodial parent report a kidnapping?

Yes, if the child has actually been kidnapped. However, if the non-custodial parent reports the custodial parentfor kidnapping, when in fact the custodial parent is simply in

Is parenting considered kidnapping?

How come! There is no correlation between them. A parent is a father or mother that gave birth to a child, while a kidnapper is someone who unlawfully seizes possession of a

Who killed the parents in Confessions of a Murder Suspect?

Parents need to know that plenty of lurid family secrets come to  light in Confessions of a Murder Suspect, the first volume of a  teen mystery series by James Patterson wit