History of banking in India?

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There were many indigenous bankers even during ancient times like the Shroffs, Mahajans, etc. The first bank was The Bank of Hindus than started in 1770 at Calcutta. In 1786, The General Bank of India was started. Three Presidency banks were also started as quasi central banks. The Bank of Calcutta was established in 1806. The Allahabad Bank which exists even today was started in 1865. It is also one of the earliest Joint Stock Bank of India. The first commercial bank in India was the Central Bank of India in 1911.

What is the history and functions of Exim Bank of India and how it functions?

The Export-Import (EXIM) Bank of India is the principal financial institution in India for coordinating the working of institutions engaged in financing export and import trad

History of e-banking in India?

E-banking in India dates back to the 1980s and was established toallow people to access a banking system using a telephone line. Itstarted with basic services and grew from th

How many bank branches of State bank of India in India?

SBI is the largest bank in India and is also the largest public sector bank in India. It has more than 16,000 branches in India which is the largest banking branch network in

Is Indian bank and bank of India merged?

No. Bank of India and Indian Bank are two totally different government owned banks in India. Bank of India is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Mr. Alok Kumar Mishra

How many bank branches does bank of India have?

Bank of India is the 4 th largest government bank in India. It has 3358 branches include 27 branches outside India. The only government or nationalized banks larger than Bank

Is reserve bank of India a commercial bank?

No. Reserve Bank of India is the central bank of India. It is not a regular commercial bank. It supervises and regulates the working and operations of all commercial banks in

Which bank is known as APEX bank of india?

Reserve Bank of India is the Apex bank in India that governs and controls banking operations in India. In terms of large banks in India that provide Retail Banking facilities
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What banks are there in India?

There are many banks in India, located throughout each major city. One of the major ones is the National bank of India. Each country has a national bank.
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What is the history of India?

India was Britain and so was Bangladesh and Pakistan, then Indiawas a place made up of a bunch of dynasties (kinda like China), italso used to have Bangladesh and Pakistan at