How big is Bolivia?

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Bolivia comprises about 424,000 square miles on the South American continent. By comparison, the United States is 3.794 million square miles.
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Who is Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country, not a person. It was named after Simon Bolivar. well Bolivia is located in south America if you were wondering.

Is Bolivia communism?

No it is a democratic country but if you are thinking in travelling to Bolivia visit they have very nice adventures trip I recommend it

What does Bolivia mine?

Tin and silver are it's most valuable of the countries natural commodities. but they also mine gold and iron, tungsten and antimony have been excavated. Natural gas is also du
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What are the boundaries of Bolivia?

Bolivia is bordered to the North and East by Brazil, to the South by Paraguay and Argentina, and to the West by Chile and Peru. Because it is surrounded on all sides by these