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it depends on what league youre in
coach pitch 10 inches
minors 11 inches
majors 12 inch and so on Answer 10 and under is 11 inches 12 and under and all the way up is 12 inches. I have seen a 14 inch softball and I think they use that in slowpitch In adult recreational leagues, women use an 11 inch ball and men use a 12 inch ball. In colder climates (Chicago, in particular) has leagues that use a 16 inch ball and no gloves during the winter.
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What is the diameter of a softball?

In most 10 and under age groups, the circumference is 11 inches. That would make the diameter 3.5 inches. From 12 and under until college softball, the circumference is 12 i

Who invented softball?

 In 1887, George Hancock, a journalist for the Chicago Board of  Trade, invented softball. He designed the game as a form of indoor  baseball on a cold winter.    F

Why is softball called softball?

Although Softballs are hard, they used to be an alternative to baseball for those who wanted a softer ball. It was big, soft, and squishy. The softball was then changed to a h

Can you catch a softball of the fence in softball?

No if it is a foul ball or if it hits the fence and you catch it it does not matter you still can play it if it is not foul but if it is foul and you catch it when it hits the

What does a softball pitcher do?

They have to pitch the ball underhand in a windmill motion. If you are a pitcher you need to watch out for line drives and make sure to pay attention because the balls can com

Why do they call a softball a softball?

Well actually another name for baseball is hardball which are played by males. Softball is a name for what girls play. The name of the sport was actually named by the ball. So

What are Softball tips on softball lingos?

go one- throw to first go two- throw to second go three- throw to third go four- throw to home up up up- a pop up is in play and they are going to catch it good cut- good swin

How do you get out in softball?

1) You make fair contact with the ball, and either ground-out or fly-out.   2) You take your lead to early (before the ball is released from the pitchers hand) and the base

Why are softballs called softballs?

personally from a catcher as myself, softballs he are called softballs because of the size, color, and how hard it is, of course for womens softballl the ball is usually yello