How can a widower with two sons have one son who is his own uncle?

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If the son married his aunt
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If a mother and son co-own a home and one of the sons creditors puts a lien on it what is the mothers status This applies to the Province of Ontario Canada?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou are a part owner of a asset that has had an attachment put onto it in your sons name. Depending on how much is owed, they may start with dispersment of items with in home to satisfy debt or take into consideration the equity in the home and for payment that way. E (MORE)

Did Mary and Joseph have two sons?

Answer . Definitely two, but it can be more. Pls see the plural "ARE" on 12:48.. . Matthew 12:48 But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who "ARE" my brethren? 12:49 And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my bre (MORE)

Do you have a son?

Yes I do. One of the two most wonderful things that happened in my life.

How do you get a son?

If you're a girl, have unprotected sex with a guy. If you're a guy, have unprotected sex with a girl. That should do the trick! Only catch is you gotta wait around 9 months to get your son, and as luck might or might not have it, your "son" could turn out to be a daughter. That's genetics for ya!

Can a son impregnate his own mother?

It is possible, but very disgusting and indeed illegal, and the children may be born malformed because of the close connection between their mother and father's genes.

What is the relationship of your uncles son daughter to you?

First answer: that would be your second cousin. It is legal in the united states to marry them due to genetics Second answer: Your question is: "What is the relationship of your uncles son daughter to you?" If you are asking, "What is the relationship of your uncle's son and daughter to (MORE)

Which son in 'Oedipus Rex' killed his own son?

No son in 'Oedipus Rex' turned around and killed his own son. But Theban King Laius, cursed son of cursed Theban King Labadacus, thought that he had killed his own son, subsequent Theban King Oedipus. It was foretold that Laius would be killed by his own son. So Laius wanted his wife, Theban Queen (MORE)

Mother did not probate fathers will she then died and in her will left assets to one son and none to other diseased sons children or widow.?

You should consult with an attorney. Some states have strict requirements for disinheriting a child in a will. If it is not done properly the disinherited child can make a claim against the estate and receive a statutory share as though there was no will. If that is the case in your state, the grand (MORE)

If an uncle is a supervisor can he hire his nephew or son in law?

Usually it is not thought to be a good idea to hire or be a supervisor of a close relative. However, in small family owned business it is done all the time. It is forbidden by policy in some large companies, but is illegal only in certain government organizations where laws have been passed on the s (MORE)

What does widows son in freemasonry mean?

One of the central characters in Masonic legend is the man who was the chief architect at the building of The Temple of The Lord at Jerusalem by Solomon, the King of Israel. His name, according to the Bible, was Hiram, and he was recorded as having trained in Tyre, working for the King of Tyre, als (MORE)

Can you give the equity in a condo you own with your son to your son?

Yes. You can quitclaim your interest in the condo to your son and he would become the sole owner. . Especially if the equity is over @ $13,000...get some tax advice on gifts to children and the effect on eventual estate tax. It may be better to do it in steps over a few years ro not incur tax.

Can a women get pregnant from her own son?

It is theoretically possible, and a horrible possibility. There is a well-known curse phrase ( really a Noun clause) that describes the person who would do such a thing to their own mother. It can happen. I am not aware of any historical ( other than the fictional Oedipus) events happening. On the o (MORE)

Two fathers gave their two sons some money one gave his son 150 pesos and the other sons is 100 pesoswhen the two sons counted their money they found that all togethr they had 150 only how come?

because there are only three people in the story. Two fathers = One grandfather (father of the father) and One father (father of the son). Two sons = One son (son of the grandfather and father of the son) and One son (the son of the son and the grandson of the grandfather) So.. Grandfather (fathe (MORE)

Your sons partner trys to shut you and his own son out of their relationship?

so what you are trying to say is that his partner is trying to ruin your relationship with your son? this is a common thing girls can be quite catty or if his partner is of the opposite sex this is very immature either matter of the sex. and as far as his own kid your son should not be with this gir (MORE)

What was Joseph's two sons name?

We know about Joshua and James. There may have been other, less important brothers. The Greeks called Joshua Jesus the Christ.

What are sons of two brothers called?

basiclly there called brothers .-.-.-.-.-.-. basically* for one... and two no, they wouldn't be called brothers. If it was their parents sons then yeah, but if it's the sons of brothers then they'd be cousins. That's practically like saying one brother got married and had a son, then the other (MORE)

Who is Zeus two sons?

Zeus had alot more than 2 sons....if i am right he had about 140 sons and daughters

Should a widow of a son receive some of his family inheritance?

If I'm not mistaken, that would make you the widow of the decedent's son (i.e.: you are the decedent's daughter-in-law). Since state laws DO vary it MAY be possible however, as a general statement - since you are a non-blood relative you would inherit only if you are specifically named or otherwis (MORE)

Who were the two sons of David?

One thought: David had several literal sons. The ones born in Hebron were Amnon, Chileab , Absalom, Adonijah, Shephatiah and Ithream (2Samuel 3:2-5). Later Solomon, and many others were born in Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:13-16) (1Chronicles 3:1-9). In prophecy, the Messiah would also be called a 'son (MORE)

How do you get your son to sleep in his own bed?

First of all think about why he doesnt sleep in his own bed. Is he scared of the dark or doesn't feel safe? If he doesn't like the dark try hanging some fairy lights up so its not pitch black. Also tell him he is safe and that you will protect him if anything does happen. Try and make his bedroom a (MORE)