How can i see an image of my house using a satellite?

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Where do you go for aerial or satellite images so you CAN see your house?

Best bet would be to use Google Maps or Google Earth . Just type in an address from either and it will fly-to that location showing best available aerial or satellite im

How do geographers use satellite images?

They use satellite images to see what a area looks like from above earth they also collect information that we cannot see from the planets surface.

Can you use a satellite to see Pluto?

The Hubble Space Telescope is a satellite that can see Pluto, but if you know where to look, you can see it with an ordinary telescope.
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How do ecologists use satellite images?

In New Zealand after a particularly bad cyclone, satellite photos were used to quantify the area of land that had been subject to slips. Therefore the amount of deforestation.

Where to go to see your house images on a map?

You can see many houses and properties sometimes in high-resolution imagery from Google Map s, Google Earth, or Bing Maps. After you type in your address and jump to y

Is there a website where you can view an updated satellite image of your house?

Best website would be to use Google Maps or Bing Maps , but realize that the satellite imagery is on average 3 years old. Just type in an address from either and it will
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How come you can not see people in the google satellite images or maps?

The satellite and aerial imagery seen in Google Earth and GoogleMaps are from such a high altitude that you can see cars but peopleare too small to see clearly. However, Goog