How can run java application on android?

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This depends on your handset.
Certain devices are java-enabled, older ones are not.
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What is a java application?

\na Java application is a program written with the very popular porgramming language (Java).\nthe Java programs can run on any operating system (windows,linux,mac...etc) and a

What are steps to run a java application?

You must have the Java Run-time Environment installed on your computer. Steps: 1. Open Command Prompt 2. Enter the command: javac 3. Enter the command: java (wi

Can you run java on your android G1?

\nthe Android platform using the Java programming language there is one application on market that converts to apk the name escapes me but just type java in market search and

How do you install android in java mobile?

No it is not possible to install android in java mobile. Its hardware is not compatible with android and also it does not enough memory to install android.

Do Android phones run java apps?

They cannot use Java apps themselves, though the programming language they run- Dalvik- is closely related to Java.
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How android is better than java?

This is not really a good comparison. It's like asking if a telephone is better than a TV. OK, well Android is an operating system, based on Linux (similar to Unix). Java is a
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What is different between Android and java?

Android is an Operating System that runs on specific devices and controls those devices' functions. Java is a general programming language that can run on many different devic