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How can the word ''perpetrator'' be used in a sentence?

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As a noun.
The perpetrator quietly stalked away under the cover of darkness.
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A sentence for perpetrate?

The 2 men decided to perpetrate a crime against the jewelry store.

Use the word omit in a sentence?

I omitted the hot chili peppers from the recipe so that it would not be too spicy for the children.

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How do you use the word word in a sentence?

A "word" is an element of speech that makes up a sentence. It is  most typically used as a noun. For example, "Bill was puzzled by  the unfamiliar word in the quotation." 

What is a sentence using the word us?

The firemen came to save us from the fire. You must tell us what happened last night. The principal saw us as we were leaving school.

How can you use the words used to in a sentence?

The phrase "used to" can be 1) an idiomatic phrase indicating a former action or condition, synonymous with "once" or "formerly" 2) a different idiomatic phrase meaning "accus

Can you use instigator and perpetrator in a sentence?

Hi you can use it in a sentence were you are explaining the person's stand or behavior.   Like   He is a man of cold heart, brutal tyrant.    If you want to use

What is a sentence using the word hope?

As long as the plane was simply missing, there was hope that the  passengers might still be alive.    I hope that it does not rain on our picnic tomorrow.    Th