How can you clean the soot off your wood burning stove and surrounding bricks?

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An easy way is to use a paint scraper. Any sharp edged object should be useful.
It is important that you do this regularly...soot can actually catch fire if left to build up, and can therefore be very dangerous.
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How do you get soot off of bricks?

I would try a stiff metal bristle brush and possibly some type of solvent.. Try Easy Off Oven Cleaner. Use it like you would in the oven.

How do you use a wood-burning stove?

A good book that probably will answer your questions is Woodstove Cookery:At Home on the Range by Jane Cooper. It tells you how to find, set up, fuel, take care of , cleaning and how to cook on it. The book includes recipies from soups to breads and everything in between. I am going to assume the o (MORE)

How do you clean paint off brick?

Maybe try paint thinner I am not positive. But, you can still try it. Or if that does not work you can always try to use dry ice blasting.. This is often compared to sandblasting, but it's very different. Dry ice blasting (or cryogenic cleaning) is a revolutionary cleaning method in which dry ic (MORE)

What can you burn in a wood-burning stove?

It is best to burn oak, maple, ash, or some other hardwood. What you are really after is something that has a lot of heat output and very little smoke. You can burn coal in a stove that is specifically designed for it - don't assume a wood stove is, because it can burn through the stove. Don't burn (MORE)

Is elm wood a good wood to burn in a wood stove?

Beech wood fires are bright and clear, If the logs are kept a year. Chestnut's only good, they say, If for long it's laid away. Birch and pine logs burn too fast, Blaze up bright and do not last. Elm wood burns like a church yard mold, Ev'n the very flames are cold. Poplar gives a bi (MORE)

Pecan wood in a wood burning stove?

Pecan is similar to hickory in that it's:. 1. Hardwood, which means high heat output when seasoned. 2. Smells good. 3. Splits moderately easy. 4. has good coaling qualities. 5. puts off few sparks. 6. dries fast when seasoning. Conclusion: it's an excellent firewood, but I wouldn't cut down a (MORE)

Can a wood burning stove be change to a wood burning fireplace?

Yes wood burning stove is an excellent way to heat our home and itis a good alternative of wood fireplaces. Wood burning stove ismore efficient than fireplace at heating a room or home with thesame amount of wood. The installation cost of wood burning stove ischeaper than open fireplaces. With wood (MORE)

How do you clean an old Sunfire wood stove?

Did you get any responses? I also have a SUNFIRE WOOD STOVE and I would like to know how to clean the draft system as it does not seem to get enough air unless I leave the dorr open ablut 1/4 inch. please e-mail any help to

How do you clean the inside of the glass in the door of a wood-burning stove that is blackened from the heat of the fire?

I am assuming that the stove is not in use at the moment? The answer is baking soda! Dampen a paper towel and sprinkle the baking soda on it and start rubbing on the soot. The soot will loosen immediately, and it is a simple matter to wash the baking soda off. An added advantage is that the baking s (MORE)

Can a wood burning stove put off carbon monoxide?

Yes and no. When wood burns, the first thing that happens is destructive distillation, and one of the products is carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide is normally burned into carbon dioxide, producing a flame, along with other products of destructive distillation. Then the products of combustion go (MORE)

What wood can be burnt in a wood-burning stove?

You CAN burn any wood in a wood-burning stove, however the BESTwood to burn is dry wood from a dead tree. *You want to considerany allergies when burning wood as the smoke can irritateallergies. Also, don't burn wood that has been painted or chemically treated.

Is tulip wood a good wood to burn in a wood stove?

Tulip wood (Poplar or Tulip Poplar) is the wood used in many wooden match sticks. When dry, it will burn very quickly. So quickly that you will stay warm running back and forth with wood. It is not harmful to burn- just poor firewood. A bit mixed in with hardwood is OK, but it will last about as lon (MORE)

How do you clean the outside of a wood-burning stove?

For normal cleaning of a cast iron stove, I would use stove black and follow the instructions. Stove black is available online or at hardware stores. If the stove is enameled, I would clean with a small amount of soap and water, and wipe with a sponge to remove soap residue. If the stove has someth (MORE)

How do you replace fire brick in wood stove?

i am at a lost. i know this is for answers. but i can not find what i need on internet. i have a Woodsman wood stove, it is meduim size, some of the brick need to be replaced but i don't know how to go about getting them out, i read some and it sounded simple but mine does not look that way. Mine at (MORE)

How do you install a wood burning stove?

Wood burning stove is an excellent choice of warmth your home andit is a renewable energy source. An installation process of woodburning stove is very simple you have to follow these steps. 1) Determine the location 2) Wood stoves get hot and require adequate clearances. 3) Place non-combustible flo (MORE)

What temperature does a wood burning stove burn at?

On One Hand: Burning Basics Wood burning stoves are built to harness the heat needed to burn and effectively heat a home. Getting it to the temperature that causes combustion is based on several factors including: the type of stove, the wood used, the flue size, the temperature outside and amount o (MORE)

Do you still have wood burning cook stove?

Wood burning cookstoves are still made. They are rather expensive, but still available. One source (one of many possible sources) is Lehman's. This is a company in Kidron OH that sells various non-electric products. You can find them in an internet search. Used wood cookstoves may sometimes be found (MORE)

Can you burn tanilised off cuts on your wood burning stove?

NO!!! Tanilised wood is another term for lumber that has been chemically treated to resist rot and insects. The chemical used are CCA- copper, chrome, and arsenic. Chrome and Arsenic are especially toxic, and this wood is no longer sold in the US for "Consumer contact" lumber, such as decks, handrai (MORE)

How do you enamel a wood burning stove?

Some wood burning stoves are made of enameled steel, but the enamel is applied at the factory. The enamel is actually a form of glass, which is applied to the steel as a powder and then melted and fused on in an oven or kiln at a very high temperature. It is not the kind of thing that can be done in (MORE)

Can you burn rhododendron in your wood stove?

That is one of the few woods that may NOT be a good idea to burn in quantity. They contain a natural toxin, known as Grayanotoxin. It has a potential to cause health problems, including hallucinations. I know of no actual cases of harm caused by burning the wood- it is usually from honey derived f (MORE)

What kind of wood can you burn in a wood burning stove?

The ideal firewood ? DRY hardwood- such as oak, hickory, ash, that has been cut and allowed to dry for 12 months. Green wood, and pine/spruce/fir will produce a lot of creosote- which coats the inside of the chimney and smoke pipes- creating a fire hazard. The worst would be a toxic wood- such as po (MORE)

Can you burn green wood in your wood stove?

If by green you mean undried, unseasoned- yes- but it will not burn as well, as will produce more creosote than dry wood. More chimney cleaning. HOWEVER, if by green you mean treated lumber, no. Much as that was treated with arsenic and chrome to preserve it from rot and insects, and the smoke fro (MORE)

Can you burn wood in a coal burning stove?

Yes. The reverse is not always true (no coal in a wood stove) If you burn wood in a coal burning stove, it is not advisable to burn coal in that same stove. The problem is that the wood puts creosote into the chimney, which has to be cleaned out. When you switch back to coal, the gas from the coal (MORE)

Can you burn coal in a wood stove?

SOME stoves are rated as wood AND coal. Coal burns much hotter than wood. If used in a stove designed for wood ONLY, it will cause the stove to be damaged- parts will warp, break, or melt. Not good.

What is the hottest burning wood for a wood stove?

In my view, the wood pellets which are made from the differentagro-wastes and forestry wastes are the hottest wood all over theworld. And owning one pellet machine is a best choice. I have found pellets to be so expensive as to be more costly thangas, especially when you add the extra most insurance (MORE)

What wood can you not burn in wood stove?

Hardwood (oak, maple, cherry) that has been dried for at least a year is about the only kinds one should burn. Even with seasoned firewood, your chimney should be cleaned at the end of the season and the beginning. This also will inspect it to make sure it is okay. Always have a fire department chec (MORE)

How about wood burning stove value?

Depends on the stove, age, and condition. Sort of like asking the value of a car- a LOT more information is needed. A cheap steel stove may be $100. An airtight soapstove stone may be closer to $1000. A cast iron kitchen range in excellent condition could be $1500.

Can you burn wood pellets in a wood stove?

Yes, but do not expect them to do well. Pellets are intended for use in a pellet stove- spacing, surface area, and air movement are wrong for a standard wood stove- and they are a bit pricey.

What if all the bricks not in the wood burner stove?

The bricks are fire bricks that isolate the flame from the surrounding metal of the stove. Missing bricks will cause hot spots in the firebox. Over time the excessive heat will start to break down the metal and may eventually lead to a burn through. This will render your wood stove unusable as combu (MORE)

Does burning dead poison oak in wood stove put off a poison gas?

Burning poison oak (or poison ivy or poison sumac) can release the urushiol , which is the oily substance in poisonoak that many (but not all) people have strong reactions to. Worse,the urushiol will be carried in the smoke from the fire, and itwill get into the lungs of anyone who breathes in the s (MORE)

Why are wood burning stoves popular?

I'm trying to decide which is the best stove to install in my newhome and I can't settle on which to choose - a wood burning ormulti-fuel stove. From some research I've done online, wood burningstoves seem to be very popular, can anyone tell me why they are? Has anyone got a wood burning stove here? (MORE)