How can you find your birth mother if you have no information except her name on your birth certificate?

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She may not want to be found however, if you have your birth certificate try the names that is hers in the town you were born in and surrounding areas - its a start. Since she may also be looking for you, you can also try a mutual consent search. For California born adoptees, the free adoption registry is
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How can you find a birth certificate with only a first name and date of birth and village?

\n Answer \n. \nGo to you can get a lot of information about births in the USA and other countries.\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nAnswers to this quest

How do you find out who your biological father is when your mother won't tell you and his name is not on your birth certificate?

Answer . Well, this is going to take some detective work. First thing is to ask questions of those in the know how. Who was your mother close to at the time of your birth.

If you have a surrogate mother whos name is no the birth certificate?

It depends on what state you are in. In some states you can get a pre-birth order, allowing the intended parent's names to be placed on the birth certificate. I other states,

Can the mother name anyone she wants as the birth father on the birth certificate?

Here in the Philippines, a mother can not just name any person as the father of her child in the Birth Certificate. They will look for a marriage contract as their reference w

How can you find your birth time when it is not on your birth certificate?

every birth certificates should have the specific time that you were born, if your birth certificate don't have the time, you can go to the hospital where you were born or

What does informant mean on birth certificate?

It means you are signing over your child to the government so then you become the registered keeper the same as you register your car you are the registered keeper not the own

In Florida is it illegal for the birth mother to put the adoptive mother's name on the birth certificate?

Yes. It is illegal to falsify information on a legal document. The information you provide on the birth certificate must be accurate. An original birth certificate is issued