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How can you get hot water when the water is cold?

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It's easy.Boil it. You will need to have the particles gain kinetic energy so they move around faster, and that will make the liquid warmer.
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Why does the cold water work but not the hot water?

There is a valve on top of most Water Heaters, maybe it's shut off. bob... 1- The piping coming out of the tank if ferrous metal connected to non ferrous metal causing ele

Why is cold water denser then hot water?

It's because the water molecules in hot water are charged with thermal energy, making them fly about all over the place. The molecules move slower in cold water, because they

How do you get cold water and hot water?

Water steams up by the weather. water doesn't steam up and go hot in countries like Antarctica and other cold countries. Like with human bodies, in horrendous weather you are

Is hot water heavier then cold water?

Given an identical volume of both to begin with (say, one gallon hot water, and one gallon cold water) they will be identical in weight.

What is better hot water or cold water?

well it depends about the situation but mainly hot water is better because you use hot water more than cold water you use hot water for melting, heating etc however cold water

Why is the water hot when you turn on the cold water?

Hot water backfeeds from water heater into cold water lines due to expansion of hot water. Usually occurs when a faucet hasn't been opened for awhile, letting hot water backfe
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How can hot water flaot on cold water?

hot water has a lower density because since it is hot, all the particles repel from each other. therefore, cold water has a greater density that hot water which results in the
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Can you breathe in hot water or cold water?

You can breathe in either. Given a normal environment both hot and cold water will evaporate and become water vapour (change from a liquid to a gas). All else being equal th
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How does cold water turn in to hot water?

Heat it. Place a 300ml sample of the cold water in a 500ml beaker and place the beaker on a retort stand about six inches above a standard laboratory Bunsen burner. Turn on t