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How can you make sex more pleasurable for your man and make him do less work My boyfriend loves having sex but complaines i dont do enough of the work how can i do more of the work?

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How can you make more time to work out?

  Answer     The keywords in this question are that you have to "make time". We all have excuses as to why we don't want to work out. We may feel tired or just

Teenage girls have fun with sex i am one but i dont know how to make my boyfriend get turnded on or feel good he does all the work i need some tips. can you help?

don't show that your shy.... go with the flow but make sure your in the mood. try different possitions it doesnt have to always be missionary:-) you don't need to have se

Do condoms make sex less pleasurable?

  They don necessarily make a great deal of difference the feeling that you are safer from accidental pregnancy and disease would certainly make you feel a lot more relaxe

How do you make my boyfriend love me more?

if your boyfriend doesn't love you for who you are, he isn't worth keeping. make a date dedicated to him only just u and him together doing wat he wants and show that u care a

Will sex make you more or less clingy?

  it depends if your other half is good or bad   if they are then u will be more clingy because u will fall for them more   if they are not then less clingy because