How can you mend a broken relationship with your boyfriend?

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First off you have to be brutally honest with yourself and ask yourself what problems the 2 of you had and why the break-up. If you fought all the time, and either you or your boyfriend didn't want to share, then it's not a good relationship. If he cheated on you, flirted with your girlfriends, was out with his buddies too much and never kept dates with you, then consider yourself lucky and don't go back. If he's a nice guy, then I'd call him and ask if you could meet somewhere. Communication is everything and so tell him you still care about him and realize you both have to work at your relationship and you're willing to give it your best shot. Whether dating someone or marriage or even friendships we all have to work at each one of these to make them work. If he doesn't want to get back together please don't take it to heart, but realize there is someone else out there much better suited to you. Good luck Marcy
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How do you fix a broken relationship?

Answer . \nYou can't fix it. It could be mended possibly. Depends on the people involved.. Answer . You should write a specific question if you want a specific and thoughtful answer.

How do you mend a broken heart?

Its really hard having a broken heart. I know the feeling and i can't simply say to you to get over it. But if there are some unsolved problems you and the other person has, you guys need to fix it even though it might not bring you, but at least when you fixed the problems it'll help you a bit. Now, just because you guys broke up up doesn't that you guys can't be friends. So try telling that person that you still wanna be friends. Its okay to cry some times but don't do it everyday though (its bad for you), and it'll take few months/years to get over it, but it okay, at least your heart is now slowly recovering. I advise you not to get another boyfriend/girlfriend just to show him/her off to the other person, no, remember being together means you love each other and you have trust. Friends and a close family relative could help you. Talk to them, don't be shy, I mean you've been there when they needed you, now you need them. Just don't let that ruin your life, i know that this boy/girl might be important to you, but it only means that this boy/girl isn't the one for you. Now there's a lot of reason why you might be broken heart, so if i didn't get it right, just ask again, the might be like What do you do if you have a boy that you love and this boy loves you back but your so far away?.... ;)

How can you mend a broken glass Christmas ornament?

Answer . There are special glues for glass and they can be bought at any craft shop.

How can you mend a broken heart?

There is no known conventional medicine that can mend a broken heart, time can though

How do you mend a broken relationship?

I am in this situation as we speak_ you have quite a few choices you become very good friends ; get back together : or talk it out & have no connections to each other

What is a boyfriend relationship?

Answer . it's when a girl has a crush on a boy and he has a crush on her too and they decide to be friends, but since they really like each other and sometimes even love each other they decide to make it a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship.

What supplements can I give my dog to help mend his broken leg?

You should consult with a vet before changing an injured dog's diet. Healing dogs in general benefit from lots of fresh water and lots and lots of sleep, and a healthy, natural dog food that does not contain fillers. Healing dogs also benefit from affection and cuddling to soothe them. Supplements may or may not be necessary; ask your vet based on your dog's specific injury.

How do you mend a broken spirit?

The proceure may look complex but it is actually very simple, effective and light on the wallet.. First you need some support to reinforce the mental processes . We name this material as friends . We are actually looking to enthuse the said broken down spirit with positive powers of happiness and wellbeing. We need as many friends as possible. The more friends we have the better. Now surround the spirit with the support structures that I call friends in a circular fashion.. Next you need a special chemical with etherial properties which will act as a binding agent or glue. This chemical is not available in the market its every where and its free. We call it LOVE . Now give a thick coating of the LOVE chemical to the friends and the spirit arrangement. let this cast be there for some time. Depending on the kind of structures and the quality of chemicals used the broken spirit should heal within minutes to a year. In some case it may take even more.. This is the best way of mending broken spirits.

How do i mend a broken fuel gauge on a corsa?

You can fix a broken fuel gauge by using a brass hammer, brasspunch, and standard socket set. You will first need to remove thefuse.

How do you get over a broken relationship?

Simply not thinking anymore about it and going on with a new relation, if possible.

Broken bone mend?

Yes they do. It takes a while, depending on the bone, and it's important to make sure the fracture is "set" -- re-alligned to the bone heals in the correct way.. I don't completely understand what you're asking. Hope I got it right.

Can you mend your chickens broken wing at home?

You can try to repair a bird's wing yourself. You should probably clip the feathers first so that you will be able to wrap the wing up. You would need to make sure that the bone was back in the correct place first. Then, use braces like tongue depressors as a splint. Put one on top of the wing and one on the bottom, so that they will hold the broken place immobile. Then wrap it tightly with gause, but not so tightly that you will cut off the blood supply. Leave it in place for about six weeks.

How does a broken bone mend?

There are 3 phases shown below. 1. Reactive Phase After fracture, the first change seen by light and electron microscopy is the presence of blood cells within the tissues which are adjacent to the injury site. Soon after fracture, the blood vessels constrict, stopping any further bleeding. Within a few hours after fracture, the extravascular blood cells form a blood clot, known as a hematoma . All of the cells within the blood clot degenerate and die. Some of the cells outside of the blood clot, but adjacent to the injury site, also degenerate and die. Within this same area, the fibroblasts survive and replicate. They form a loose aggregate of cells, interspersed with small blood vessels, known as granulation tissue. 2. Reparative Phase Days after fracture, the cells of the periosteum replicate and transform. The periosteal cells proximal to the fracture gap develop into chondroblasts which form hyaline cartilage. The periosteal cells distal to the fracture gap develop into osteoblasts which form woven bone. The fibroblasts within the granulation tissue develop into chondroblasts which also form hyaline cartilage. These two new tissues grow in size until they unite with their counterparts from other parts of the fracture. These processes culminate in a new mass of heterogenous tissue which is known as the fracture callus . Eventually, the fracture gap is bridged by the hyaline cartilage and woven bone, restoring some of its original strength. The next phase is the replacement of the hyaline cartilage and woven bone with lamellar bone. The replacement process is known as endochondral ossification with respect to the hyaline cartilage and bony substitution with respect to the woven bone. Substitution of the woven bone with lamellar bone precedes the substitution of the hyaline cartilage with lamellar bone. The lamellar bone begins forming soon after the collagen matrix of either tissue becomes mineralized. At this point, the mineralized matrix is penetrated by channels, each containing a microvessel and numerous osteoblasts. The osteoblasts form new lamellar bone upon the recently exposed surface of the mineralized matrix. This new lamellar bone is in the form of trabecular bone. Eventually, all of the woven bone and cartilage of the original fracture callus is replaced by trabecular bone, restoring most of the bone's original strength. 3. Remodeling Phase The remodeling process substitutes the trabecular bone with compact bone. The trabecular bone is first resorbed by osteoclasts, creating a shallow resorption pit known as a "Howship's lacuna". Then osteoblasts deposit compact bone within the resorption pit. Eventually, the fracture callus is remodelled into a new shape which closely duplicates the bone's original shape and strength.

How broken bones mend?

They mend by having a plaster cast to keep the bones in place and then they fix themselves back into place

What mends a broken heart?

Time, acceptance of your situaiton and, if you mean literally, a 5-man cardio team :}

I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for five months and now we have broken up because he admitted that two years down the line he did not want to commit to marriage and I want him back?

Relationship Brokeup Because Boyfriend Won't Commit To Marriage In Two Years & You Want Him Back: . Five months isn't enough time to get to know each other. Couples should take things slow and easy and if you are in your teens then there should be no rush to get married. You have managed to scare the wits out of him because you cornered him and he was honest enough in saying he wouldn't be ready for marriage in two years. Give him a phone call (not an email) and ask him if he would meet you somewhere and talk things over. Admit that you had no right to corner him for a commitment so quickly and would like to get back together and take things slow and easy. Young people who are wise want to get their education, perhaps start on their career or travel before settling down. Also a lot can happen in two years and he may change his mind about at least thinking of setting a tentative date for marriage (don't harp at him.) One thing you can count on is he is honest! That's a good sign.

Why has your boyfriend broken up with you but wont let go of the relationship?

Most likely he is embarressed to be with you, his mates might not be to fond of you.

You are 14 and you think your boyfriend is cheating he is a country boy but in a relationship exercise were you dont talk for a few days he tells everyone were broken up is he cheating?

yes. or he just doesnt like you. simple as that. your supposed to talk to him every day, ther is NO SUCH thing as a "relationship exercise".

How can a broken relationship be mended with the girl you love?

Yes it can and iam a girl and it happened to me Call her tell her you luv her and see what is wrong in your relationship and try to work it out and see wat she want to make better and she how she feels

How can you mend a broken trust?

The first thing to always remember is that trust should be EARNED.Was the trust that was broken a trust that had been earned by thatperson's previous actions? Was it instead a trust that had beenfreely given and was thereby easy to use against you? (To get awaywith things until they were caught?) If you believe in your heart of hearts, not your emotions, thatyour trust had initially been earned, but there was a lapse ofjudgment on the other person's part, you need to talk about it. Ifthe person ADMITS their mistake and if you sense the person isHONESTLY remorseful about the mistake, then forgive and forget andmove on together. If you feel the person is being coy, or notREALLY remorseful, (except for getting caught), then learn YOURlesson, say good-bye and move on with your wonderful life as a muchwiser person.

What does glass and reputation are easily broken and never mended well mean?

When you drop a glass, vase, mirror etc it can break, and it is not easily fixed. Reputations, like glass, can be easily ruined by lies and gossip. To certain people such as the Japanese, honor and a good reputation are things worth dying for. Samurais are known to kill themselves rather than face capture. The answer to your question is " dont spread fallacy about people. It may ruin their reputation.

Who wrote how can you mend a broken heart?

The song was written by Barry and Robin Gibb (of the Bee Gees) in August 1970. It was a big hit for the Bee Gees. It was later released by Al Green in his January 31, 1972 album,"Let's stay Together".

How do you mend a broken heart when your crush is dating your best friend?

SWEAR the hell out of him or her quote: You mother %*#%#% *()&%$ what the *&^% is the $%^& wrong with you ya $%^@&

What do you do to mend a old relationship?

Tell them that you still have feelings for them and that you would like to start over and hope that they will give you another chance.

What does it mean when you have broken relationship with Christ?

A relationship with Christ is based on faith. If you have little or no faith in Him then you have a broken relationship, or no relationship with Him.

How do you mend a bird's broken wing?

Ff you find a bird with a broken wing, you have two options; 1.)take the bird to an area that you believe to be almost predatorless, and leave it there in a small area. 2.)take the bird and place it in a rabbit cage or something similar. Keep it warm and leave food and/or water near it. Then contact your closest pet help center or vet. You cant realy mend it as it is a natural thing.

How long does a broken wrist take to mend?

work it out on ur bf til it goes bk to normall,. hehe have fun :(

How do you mend a broken leg?

If a leg is broken, it will need a cast and medical condition.After the cast is put on, the leg will have to heal for weeks.

Mend a broken freindship after telling her your true feelings?

\nIf you tell someone your true feelings and they react badly, it isn't your fault. Honesty may hurt sometimes but its better to know the truth. Sometimes you just have to let the wounds mend themselves. It may be shock that tore you apart rather than anger. Its good that you spoke your mind and the other person will soon relieze this if not you have to speak to them. Honesty and trust are the main ingredants to a good friendship and both parties must know this. Get this person to sit down one-on-one with you and discuss their feelings and yours, only then can you sort things out.

How can you fix a broken relationships?

Think whether you both want to fix the relationship, if so then tryyour hardest to make it work. Think why you were together in thefirst place. well think that if you guys want to fix something you should talkabout it and see what went wrong and if so there is someone whomade a mistakes then i say you should plan and make a change intothe relationship but before you start to work things out make surethat the other person wants to go back whit you and if they don'tthen move on because they are many other people out there so don'teven trip.....

How do you mend a broken relationship with brother?

Meet face to face, and discuss the issue -- preferably with someone uninvolved as a referee, such as a counselor or therapist. Blood runs deep...and so do resentments of relatives. This will require determined work from both of you.

How can you mend a broken bone?

relax dont move dont play softball etc.... go to the doctor ask questions dont do much with the arm get your mom to masah ittt

How do you get your boyfriend of 2.5 yrs to forgive you for one mistake you made completely black out drunk plus i am traumatized and heart broken for both of us-how can i mend this?

If you really love each other , you both should try to survive it and talk heart to heart.

How long does a broken patella take to mend?

A broken patella can take up to eight weeks to mend depending onthe type of break. If there are complications associated with thebreak or if the break is a compound fracture, this can take alittle longer.

How do you mend a relationship?

from bree_bree: if u really love the person do what comes to ur heart tell them how u fell and if they dont love u bak then u have to let them go.. that is the best thing to do

Does a broken heart every really mend?

I don't think it ever really mends, but time will heal the hurt. Abroken heart means that you took the chance at love. Perhaps itwill make you more particular in choosing the next person. Ascarred heart tunes your senses to be alert to questionablepatterns of behavior next time. A scarred heart makes you a betterperson in some ways. You can be empethetic to other peoples pains.You can gain strength from having gone through it and survive tolove truer, better and longer next time. You must realize thatyou're not the first person, nor the last person, ever to have hadyour heart broken. Go ahead and shed those tears but put a limit onthe amount of time you are going to allow this other person tocontrol your life. Then find strength in the experience, show theother person and yourself, that you control your own life. Insteadof choosing to wallowing in self pity for another day or a lifetime(over someone who probably wasn't worth your time anyway) put on asmile and face a new and exciting tomorrow.

How long is it before a broken bone starts to mend?

A broken bone starts to mend immediately. Unless of course it is displaced then it has to be re-set then the healing starts

How do you rebuild relationship that are broken?

First step is to try to talk through it.. If that doesnt work, Second step is couples counceling.. If that fails, then its probably not meant to be fixed.. Good luck to you...

Best way to mend a broken tree trunk?

i would say that the best way to mend a broken tree trunk is to apply mud , mud next to a river would be better.

How do you heal your boyfriends broken heart?

Still be his friend until he's feeling better but make it clear that you don't want to get back together

Who needs to mend your broken heart after discovering your husband's affair?

Time mends a broken heart when a wife is broken hearted over her husband's affair. It is a grieving process much like losing a loved one to death. Once the husband cheats he has broken that bond of trust with his wife which is devastating to her and it will take time for him to earn her trust back. The wife must go down her own road of life alone to decide what she wants from her husband; how to handle the situation after the affair and if she wants to remain in the marriage or seek out marriage counseling. If the wife feels by cheating on her husband she will either get even with him or mend her broken heart it will not and proves nothing leaving her feeling used and guilty for lowering herself to her husband's level.

How can you fix a broken relationship with a friend?

It depends on the situation. If you hurt a friends feelings, apologize and do something nice for that person. If you have a argument, apologize. If you were best-friends and have grown apart, think of something you know she/he likes(that you like too) and do that thing with that person. Apologies aren't always excepted. If you apologize and it's not excepted, move on. You can find someone else you relate to.

How to mend relationship with mother?

Tell her she has a big bottom, bigger than texas. Im sure she'll love that, i know i would! Leave me alone world! i am not your piggy! I am not a WIZARD! Joke! Avadakadavra! i lied, Remember kids liars go to hell. Love Tina Turner

How do you mend a trust between two male best friends after it was broken?

Without knowing the particulars, it's hard to say. Both have to want to mend the relationship. If one caused the problem, he has to admit to it and ask to be forgiven. Promise never to do the same thing again and then stand by that. He might get a second chance, but there can't be a third. Trust is earned and once it is broken, it might never be as strong again. True friends are few, so you need to be a little more aware about what you do and say when it comes to them. We all make mistakes, but admitting to them is a big part of getting past them.

How do you mend a broken marriage when trust was broken?

Well, you are going to have to tell that person that they will have to earn their trust. If they are willing to wait and mend the marriage, they truly love you, but if not, watch out, you may want to start thinking about divorce.

How do you mend a friends broken heart that you've been done?

This question is very ambiguous, so I will offer an ambiguous answer. Most people suffer broken hearts because they expected more from their crush than was reciprocated. A broken heart can usually be mended when the person finds someone who loves them back.

What can really be mended if an iPod is broken?

Most of the common mishaps that can happen with an iPod can be fixed. The touch screen is replaceable, there are methods for drying wet devices and the backlight can be replaced or repaired. Most of these are fixes that can be done at home, either with common household items or in some cases using parts easily obtained on sites like eBay.

How do you mend a broken foot on bird?

Your local zoo will have phone numbers and contacts to licensed wildlife rehabbers who know the best ways to care for the bird. Fright, infections and the right sort of food to feed a bird are beyond the skills of most people.

How does one mend a broken collarbone?

There are many steps that one needs to take when mending a broken collarbone. The bone needs to be reset and then held in one place for it to mend. It is suggested that one go to a doctor for help.

How can I fix a broken relationship?

There is a few ways you can fix a broken relationship. You can dowhat the other person likes and talk about what you do not like andwhat you do like.