How can you mend a broken relationship with your boyfriend?

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First off you have to be brutally honest with yourself and ask yourself what problems the 2 of you had and why the break-up. If you fought all the time, and either you or your boyfriend didn't want to share, then it's not a good relationship. If he cheated on you, flirted with your girlfriends, was out with his buddies too much and never kept dates with you, then consider yourself lucky and don't go back. If he's a nice guy, then I'd call him and ask if you could meet somewhere. Communication is everything and so tell him you still care about him and realize you both have to work at your relationship and you're willing to give it your best shot. Whether dating someone or marriage or even friendships we all have to work at each one of these to make them work. If he doesn't want to get back together please don't take it to heart, but realize there is someone else out there much better suited to you. Good luck Marcy
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How do you mend a broken relationship?

I am in this situation as we speak_ you have quite a few choices you become very good friends ; get back together : or talk it out & have no connections to each other

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