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How can you see the sun during daylight?

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Without the Sun, there would be nothing to see
The sun is so hot and yellow that it stands out against the blue sky.
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How can we see the moon during daylight?

 The Earth rotates around it's own axis every 24 hours.   The side of the Earth which faces the Sun is considered day.    The moon roughly revolves around the Ea

Is daylight hours shorter for the hemisphere tilted toward the sun during solstice?

There are two solstice's every year one in winter and one in summer. The hemisphere tilted away from the sun will be having its winter solstice and will have its shortest dayl

Why can you not see stars during daylight?

We cant see stars during day light because as we known that the definition of the star is that a body which do not have its own light.So,during the day the light of the sun is

How does the sun set and rise during daylight savings?

The sun doesn't know or care what we call time, how we set our clocks, how many pieces we cut up our day, what "time" it is anywhere on earth, or even whether we have cloc

Can you see the sun or the moon during an eclipse?

If it is a total eclipse you can't see the Sun.   That's except for the very thin atmosphere called the "corona"  which you don't see unless there is a total solar eclips