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As a post grad student of archaeology and someone who has spent several years doing casual yet constant field work, I would have to say archaeology would be considered a relatively safe job.
This depends on where and when you work. As we work in all environments from out back Australia to the Mexican Jungle. I have a teacher who was once kidnapped in South America by local towns folk as they did not understand he was a professor of archaeology, they thought he was a thief :)
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What is the difference between archaeology and paleontology?

There is a good deal of confusion about this subject even in academic circles. Archaeology is the study of remains left by societies that came before the present day. It is a

What does a forensic pathologist do on archaeological sites?

In Archaeology Forensic Pathologist examine bodies or human remains found at the site, determine the cause of death and how, why they buried. This may explain the fate of the

What is archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of material remains related to the human  past. Such remains include monumental structures such as the  pyramids of Egypt, to microscopic plant frag

What is biblical archaeology?

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What does archaeological study?

Archaeologists study artifacts the past to develop a picture of how people lived in earlier cultures and societies.Also Old bones and rocks

What does archaeology mean?

Archaeology is the study of the past, particularly people, by looking at their material remains (skeletons, pottery, settlements etc). It is not fossils, it involves humans.

Archaeology has shown that ancient man?

was primitivelacked intelligencehad understanding of scientific principleshad understanding of mathematicsdeveloped technologies which somehow were lost

What is the history of archaeology?

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Archaeological anthropology (more simply, "archaeology")  reconstructs, describes, and interprets human behavior and cultural  patterns through material remains.    P

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make a complete reconstruction of a period determined detected material in a cultural layer and then follow the scientific work of site that exploits I think the final go

How do history and archaeology work together?

Well actually history not only works with archaeology, it also works with science. They are strongly connected. Archaeology uses science technologies to find out the facts i

What is commercial archaeology?

When a construction project is planned, the area first needs to be surveyed in case there is something there of archaeological importance that would be destroyed. These survey