How did RIM come up with the name BlackBerry?

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Answer to the name BlackberryRIM settled on the name with Lexicon Branding Inc., one of the branding firms out of California. Lexicon was responsible for naming Apple's Powerbook as an example. One of the executives thought the buttons on the device looked like tiny seeds in a strawberry. A linguist at the firm thought "strawberry" wasn't quite the right fit. Someone else suggested blackberry and RIM went for it.

I think the explanation for the name Blackberry are connected with the keyboard (seems like a blackberry, doesn't it?).
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Where did the name blackberry come from?

The developers of the first model thought that the little keyslooked like the outside of a strawberry. They didn't like the namestrawberry so they went with Blackberry.

Why is the blackberry mobile named Blackberry?

It was originally suggested that the phones be called "StrawBerries" because the numerous buttons reminded the marketing dept of the little seeds on a strawberry. It was de

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