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How did child labor change a child's lifestyle?

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they could get SICK or die they lose a precious part of their childhood. They are not able to enjoy as other children do, which can also affect their character also let alone their future.
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How can a father who pays child support and whose name is on the birth certificate change the child's last name to his if he and the child's mother were not married?

Answer - In most states, if the parents of a child are not married, then the mother is the sole "legal" parent of the child. Paying child support gives you no legal rights. C

Will redirecting a child to a different activity change just the child's behavior or change the child?

In some ways those are one in the same: a "changed" child will demonstrate changed behavior. Redirecting a child from one dangerous activity to another less dangerous activity

How has child labor changed?

Child has changed by orginizations helping children and finding evidence and educating the kids that havent been educated

What is a lifestyle change?

A change in your lifestyle could be as simple as moving from an apartment to a house; changing who you live with; reducing your expenses so you can save more; taking up a spor
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Can a non custodial parent change a child's school if the child lives with him in Georgia?

First, the custody order must be modified if the child is not living with the custodial parent. The non-custodial parent does not have the legal authority to make legal decisi

Do you need to pay child support if you have no rights to the child and the mother has changed the child's last name?

A Judge in a court of law will determine if a parent needs to pay child support or not and how much. The judge will take into account if you have rights to the child or not. T

How did child labor impact or change society?

Child labour played an important role in the Industrial Revolution from its outset, often brought about by economic hardship, Charles Dickensfor example worked at the age of 1