How did the American Revolution change people's attitudes toward their rulers?

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It convinced them to declare their independence from the king and set up new republics in all the states.

What was people's attitude towards Hitler as a leader?

People in Germany liked Hitler because he promised things he couldn't really give and people believed him. The German people were locked into a lose-lose situation the day Hit

How did the American revolution change many womens attitude?

As women participated in the war, they began to think differently about their rights. Those women who had taken charge of farms or their husband's businesses became more confi

People's attitude toward Cockney?

Cockney has been looked down as inferior by many, being percieved as less friendly and trustworthy, less intelligent and less hardworking. However in a survey of 2000 cockney

What are the Americans view about attitude toward change?

I think Americans are open to change and are very much receptive to it. They adopt with the change very well, the reason why they are now holds the position of supreme power a

How has people's attitude to music changed?

It seems that people often say that all music today is crap, but I suspect people have always been saying that. Crap music was made in the past, and crap music is made now; gr

What were ordinary people's attitudes towards highwaymen?

Firstly you have to forget the romanticised idea of a highwayman. They did not rob only from the rich. The real highwayman was simply an armed thug and the common people woul