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How did the Nile River floods differ from those of Tigris and Euphrates?

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The Nile River wasn't higher that Tigris and Euphrates, so the Nile River didn't really flood anyting
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How are the Tigris and the nile river alike and different?

The nile is different from the Tigris and Euphrates river in some ways, such as their sizes because the nile is mighty and large also very long while the Tigris river and the (MORE)

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How did the flooding of the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers both help and hurt farmers?

It hurt the farmers by flooding their fields and the farmers never knew when to plant their crops............. it helped farmers by giving them a close irragation and transpor (MORE)

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Why are the Tigris and Euphrates exotic rivers?

They are exotic rivers because they flow through an area in which precipitation is not enough to support their flow. They are maintained through the flow of water from shallow (MORE)