How did the first case of the AIDS virus get contracted?

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answer There is not such a thing as an AIDS virus. It's the HIV virus, and the title AIDS is the high viral load level of HIV infection. The question has been the subject of quite a bit of discussion. Some claim that it was from sexual contact with other species, some of the more paranoid subscribers to conspiracy theories claim that it was from a government attempt to destroy homosexuals. Pick your theory, I don't think AIDS patient #1 is talking.
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Who was the first person to contract aids?

Researchers have not been able to identify exactly who was the first person to contract HIV. The best hypothesis is that the virus originated in Africa and has been spreading

What are the 3 hurry cases of first aid?

The 3 hurry cases of first aid are stopped breathing, serious bleeding, and ingested poisoning.

When can the AIDS virus not be contracted?

HIV will not be contracted if not exposed to the virus; in addition if it has no entry point or has insufficient quantity of the virus, it will not be contracted.
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Where were the first cases of HIV AIDS?

Genetic research has shown that the first cases of HIV/AIDS inhumans were in Africa in the late nineteenth or early 20th century.AIDS was first recognized by the Centers for D
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What are the four ways the AIDS virus is contracted?

Transfusion of blood from an infected person . From an HIV contaminated needle - (for example: sharing drugneedles or a health care worker getting stuck with a needleprevious